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Let us start with the Paper you print on….. NO EXCUSES!
If you are a print shop or a packaging company.

In this post:
Pioneers in Eco-Friendly Printing- Print The Change eG,
Are you printing on Paper? What kind of Paper?,
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What are you printing on? Where is your supplier? Where are you?
Is it difficult to get Eco supplies?

I think it depends on what kind of a printing operation you have, but, May I remind you that one of the benefits of business today, is that you can be located almost anywhere and suppliers will ship the stock you print on directly to you. Makers of sustainable supplies are the most motivated to get their products to you. It is possible to be a totally Circular Economy printer in the middle of almost no where………….Like 2 of these companies….

Passionate Pioneers in Eco-Friendly Printing

Print The Change eG is a pan-European cooperative of printing companies that produce in accordance with the Cradle to Cradle ™ principles. They are looking for new partners to join them. As total Cradle to Cradle ™ printers, they are in a position to assist and advise other printing companies, almost anywhere, about how to “go Green” and become Cradle to Cradle ™ Certified.

Currently over 20 certified components and years of experience are available to members of Print The Change eG. The cooperative companies work with a group of suppliers in the European region. “We are eager to work with printing companies around the world so that they can benefit from our experience and help you find the necessary suppliers for your operations as close to you as possible.”
If there is not yet a Print The Change eG partner in your country, you can suggest to the printing company you use that they consider becoming a member. Or we will find a printer within the cooperative for you. Send your inquiry to us at: [email protected] .

Consider becoming a “friend of the cooperative” to Start
If you do not want to become a full member right away, but would just like to see the reaction in the market you have the option of starting as a “friend” of the cooperative. Have individual orders printed in Cradle to Cradle quality with customer protection, by gugler* or one of the other cooperative partners, as a subcontractor. When you see that what you offer your customers is accepted/demanded by your market, joining the cooperative is a good investment. It couldn’t be easier to join the flagship companies of eco-friendly printing.

Print the Chainge eG founding members- ECO Paper - The Future is All GREEN Paper Suppliers Now

Two of
Print The Change eG ‘s
founding companies are located in just such “middle of nowhere” locations:

Austria & Germany

gugler * is convinced that strong brands have the power to change things for the better. Our services to do this are: branding, campaigning and publishing.

gugler * pure print was the first provider of Cradle to Cradle-certified print products in 2011.

Print the change! We set the benchmarks for ecological printing: books & publications, mailings & 3D specials, print classics and fine corporate gifts.
In 2018, gugler * pure print was certified with gold for the first time in four of five cradle to cradle criteria. Another category was re-certified with silver. This leads to an overall rating in silver. A total of 24 components from the Melk print shop are thus honored to bear the Cradle to Cradle ™ seal, as a symbol of the world’s highest ecological quality.  Because these materials are proven to be harmless to health and the environment. It couldn’t be greener.

“With the Print the Change cooperative we are saying goodbye to competitive thinking in favour of cooperation – a principle for the future.”
Ernst Gugler, gugler*, Austria

location gugler*- ECO Paper - The Future is All GREEN Paper Suppliers Now
gugler * pure print is located in Melk on the Danube river in the Wachau Valley in Austria. It is at least an hour’s drive to the city of Vienna. ALMOST THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE!

Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Greenland

KLS PurePrint wants to be the world’s greenest printing house based on sustainable values.
*In 1946, Preben Larsen operated his first manual printing machine in his parents’ kitchen. He and his father Knud printed business cards and stationery.
*Through the early 1960s, the shop expanded to 22 men, 600 m2 space and a number of printing machines. Since then, it evolved into a modern industrial company.
*In the 1990s, work began to prepare the company for the future. It was certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and with the Nordic Swan ecolabel. The seeds of the green strategy were planted…. That continues as a never ending process.
*In 2015, KLS PurePrint was already able to be Cradle to Cradle certified at the BRONZE level, based on their use of materials, recycling, renewable energy, protection of water resources and CSR. In just one more year, KLS PurePrint became certified at the SILVER level. Also in 2016, the name changed to KLS PurePrint emphasizing our commitment to sustainability.

“Our Print The Change eG cooperative means we can develop new products much faster than we could on our own. The members have become our most important strategic partners for a greener future.”
Kasper Larsen, KLS PurePrint, Denmark

Profit and sustainability in new association – Steen Hildebrandt  10 June, 2018
…You cannot legislate for sustainability, but legislation is important and necessary. Private companies must have a framework to act within. …
The new and very concrete definition of sustainability is the 17 dimensions and themes of the UN objectives set the directions for how future decisions should and will be made in more and more companies, private as well as public, worldwide. That is the reality before us …
A fantastic Danish example is the company KLS PurePrint in Hvidovre. It is a pattern example. The company was in deep crisis a few years ago, and while sustainability was only nice to have , the company went all out to become a leading sustainable company.  It is now. The company is developing into one of the most interesting medium-sized Danish companies in this field. 

location KLS- ECO Paper - The Future is All GREEN Paper Suppliers Now
KLS PurePrint is 15 min. for the Copenhagen Airport, 20 min. from Downtown Copenhagen and 45 minutes from the city of Malmö, Sweden, by car.


Vögeli is a printing company that has expanded to add a few 21st Century tools to make their services to their company customers more streamlined and fulfill more of the functions of a “corporate level communications / advertising agency”. Besides printing products they have expanded to assist companies in 1: 1 cross media communication. Their internal portal “typo” allows their customers to create and/or change existing print templates / or other marketing projects of the customer’s choice. The customer can follow all details of all projects in the pipe-line from conception to completion.     
For the last 3+ years, Vögeli has accomplished and fine-tuned all of this with the Circular Economy in mind.   They are fully Cradle to Cradle oriented in their printing processes (including ink, paper and equipment) and follow many other sustainable directions in the other parts of their business.

Vögeli has found that their changes have not only harmonized their efforts to those of planet Earth, they are experiencing accelerated sales expansion. “Sustainability and innovation are the drivers of our sales growth today.” said Renato Vögeli, Sales, Vögeli AG, Switzerland

location  vögeli - ECO Paper - The Future is All GREEN Paper Suppliers Now
Langnau im Emmental is halfway between Bern and Lucerne, in the the upper Emmental of Switzerland. It is about a 45 minute drive to the city of Bern. 

Even the box that the 100% C2C Certified shirt is in, is 100% C2C Certified

Renato Vögeli, director of Vögeli AG
Will be presenting at Swiss Plastics Expo, 21 to 23 January 2020
Messe Luzern on “Packaging made from 100% healthy materials

ECO Paper

Are sustainable businesses more profitable? 8 JANUARY, 2019 BY THE MINDFUL COLLECTIVE
The trick, it appears, is to think smart and start small… sustainability can increase the profitability of your business, from both a financial and ethical perspective. Try to position this thinking at the heart of your strategy and the rewards will come.  

Sustainable Materials = Good Business John Papiewski, 6 September 2019
Many customers seek out businesses that use sustainable materials. If your business uses sustainable materials, it pays to mention it on your website and in ads and social media.

My point is….
Location, also, is no longer an excuse!
Join the fast expanding Circular Printing and Packaging industry………………..

Just do a google search, with the words “Eco Paper” and I am 99% sure you will find a supplier near you!


Suppliers have you covered! – Big time! – There are now thousands of paper, packaging, plastics, textile suppliers out there with sustainable products for your to print on! They want to get their products to YOU!

Let’s get going Gals – Guys!

>>>Are you printing on eco-Paper?
What kind of eco-Paper?

logo- ECO Paper - The Future is All GREEN Paper Suppliers Now
Growing Paper
Near Cape Town, South Africa

Growing Paper We make our handmade seed paper sheets from post-consumer waste paper and process it to make our lovely range of environmentally responsible products. Since the papermaking process uses large amounts of water, we reuse our wastewater for farming activities on the farm where our factory is located.

logo- ECO Paper - The Future is All GREEN Paper Suppliers Now
Porridge Papers
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Porridge Papers has been making paper by hand since 1993.
From scented paper to paper made from old gym towels, we have built this business on the idea that we will try everything once. With low minimums and 26 years of doing things a little different, we are here to help. Color, Seeds, weights, embellishments and sizes.
Porridge Papers is more than willing to work with you to create custom sheets — projects in the past have included beer paper (omg), bacon scented paper (yes, please), and plantable seed papers.

ECO Paper  logo- ECO Paper - The Future is All GREEN Paper Suppliers Now
Botanical PaperWorks
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The plantable seed paper products from Botanical PaperWorks are shipped around the world. We can ship to any destination in North America, the European Union, Australia and many other countries worldwide.
Seed paper and Seed Packaging are made of eco paper from “post-consumer materials”. When you plant the paper in a pot of soil or outside in a garden, the seeds in the paper germinate and grow into plants. The paper itself will biodegrade. Take a look at all of the options for seed types & blends

logo- ECO Paper - The Future is All GREEN Paper Suppliers Now
Devraaj Group
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Welcome to the wonderful world of Traditional handmade paper. Devraaj Group is committed to provide the quality products as per the world standards with best competitive prices, appropriate processes and technology. The company supports the service channel for the skilled home-bound and small producers to elevate their income and living condition.
The history of Handmade Paper in India is as old as 4th century B.C.Devraaj Group’s range of papers is very wide. Cotton Fabric Rags, Banana fibre, jute are used to make the pulp this makes it 100% eco-friendly and 100% natural.  Their range also includes Seed Paper.

KLS PurePrint carries a very loooong! list of seed papers.. Seed paper is not just a whimsical touch letting you make a lasting impression on the recipient. It is good for the environment because the paper does not end up as waste.
Give your marketing and your message a really long life. Your printed materials create new life. Literally. Plant seeds are inside the biodegradable paper. That means your printed messages turns into flowers, trees, herbs, or vegetables after their first use is finished.
SEED PAPER – Paper for printing and then planting

STONE PAPER >>>>>> ECO Paper? sort of………………….

Taiwan Lung Meng Advanced Composite Materials Co., Ltd.

ECO Paper- ECO Paper - The Future is All GREEN Paper Suppliers Now
Certificates ECO processing Manufacturing Process

Commercial Printers!
>>If B2B customers want to request paper for trials on their equipment, they may be able to negotiate the paper free from TLM or through TLM’s local distributors. Please Note: There may be freight charges associated which TLM or TLM’s distributors are not able to cover. However, should the trial test result in an actual order, the associated freight charges can usually be credited through the order.
>>If B2B consumers are interested only in seeing the Stone Paper in their hands, they are welcome to order something from this LMstone website.

1:33 minutes Waterproof Test
Warning: Stone paper Is for commercial printing only, where NO hot drums, NO water-based inks, or photocopiers, laser printers or any other such multi-function printers are to be used. 

On Sun, Jan 5, 2020 at 3:14 PM Greg Barber [email protected] wrote:

I buy Stone Paper for labels/stickers.
A lot of suppliers seem to be supplying Stone Paper these days. Just have to look for them.
It is better than Vinyl Labels and I have a few accounts that want to ban the use of plastic/vinyl in their labels.
There are labels that are uncoated and made from 100% PCW, but are not waterproof.
Bathroom labels, cosmetic labels, outdoor labels, need water resistant qualities.
– Greg Barber, Manager and Owner of EcoFriendly Printer

Lesley, To clarify !
Our product is not biodegradable. However, stone composite material (Stone paper) can be repurposed into making more corrugated stone board [or paper].  
As our products get more and more demand, we can get in a better and better position to do major recycling in terms of having the material bought back to TLM for repurposing.
As you know, we have distributors in many countries worldwide. 
Stone Paper can be:
1) Recycled along with number 2 plastics. 
2) Recycled along with number 7 plastics. 
3) Recycled in house at TLM. (we already do this for internal trimmings etc). 
With the introduction of Stone Corrugated Board, which is very high volume business, we now have more opportunities for collection and arrange that waste is returned to TLM factory for it to be repurpose into stone corrugated board. 
Cindy Liang
Email: [email protected]

ECO Paper

More and more traditional paper companies have joined the Circular Economy! Make sure you have asked your supplier about their eco-papers!
11 DEC.2019
PRESS RELEASE: The European paper industry is ready to rise to the climate challenge

The European paper industry has already delivered a successful decoupling of carbon emissions from economic growth while reducing carbon emissions by 27% from 2005 to date, having product volumes increased and proved the climate friendliness of its products thanks to certified raw materials and a world class performance in recycling. We have delivered climate benefits for society.

1:44 minutes – The Paper Recycling Process

MAKE PAPER A KEY PART OF YOUR COMPANY’S SUSTAINABILITY POLICY There are four tenets of any paper-related sustainability policy. Following these guidelines can reduce your organization’s environmental impact and protect valuable natural resources.
Follow the Law
Understand Recycled Fiber
EARTHCHOICE® Office Paper Cougar 60% Recycled content, 80% recycled content, 100% recycled content
Choose Certified Products
Go Back to the Source – Domtar’s The Paper Trail®

100% recycled or NO Tree content multi-purpose eco papers -Eco Paper

logo - product- ECO Paper - The Future is All GREEN Paper Suppliers Now

TreeZero Inc. is an Atlanta, GA USA based clean-tech company that supplies and distributes, 100 percent, carbon neutral paper products made from recycled sugarcane waste fiber.
Emissions from the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of TreeZero’s multipurpose paper have been offset by VCS Standard verified carbon credits purchased from Wildlife Works Carbon projects operating under the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards.
The clean-tech paper solution: TreeZero
*100% tree free multipurpose paper.
*Made from recycled sugarcane waste fiber, an RRF (rapidly renewable fiber) that was traditionally burned or landfilled.
*Partnered with Wildlife Works to neutralize carbon emissions. [based on carbon offsetting requirements of 1:1 per ton of paper produced] 100% Carbon neutral.
*Completely recyclable within existing recycling systems.
*Qualifies for LEED and Stars Credits

TreeZero Paper is available through online retailers and at major office supply distributors, including Office Depot/Office Max, Staples, Veritiv, W.B. Mason, and Here is further purchase information for TreeZero.
TreeZero paper has been extensively tested by commercial printing companies and runs seamlessly through laser, inkjet and color printers and copiers. Here are the TreeZero Specs.

logo- ECO Paper - The Future is All GREEN Paper Suppliers Now

Boise ASPEN® papers are engineered to exceed your expectations with a 99.99% Jam-Free Guarantee. Trusted results in all copiers and printers.
Boise® ASPEN® 100 Multi-Use Recycled Copy Paper
Features & Benefits
*Engineered for consistent performance and excellent runnability
*100% post-consumer fiber content
*Performance certified by Buyers Laboratory Inc.
*Laser guaranteed
*Green Seal® Certified as a GS-7 certified printing/writing paper
*Supports building urban parks through Project UP
*Boise ASPEN is America’s Top Selling Recycled Paper Brand

>>>Are you printing on boxes? …or other types of packaging? Thats in the next post. >>>


If you are a print shop or a packaging company. YOU CAN BE GREEN! NOW!

ECO Paper

f I can be of any help finding suppliers for your location… feel free to ask me.

The Winners!
The first Industry that can go completely Circular…NOW!
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