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The Ukraine has been totally disrupted and has this powerful opportunity to show the world that “GREEN WORKS”.

Ukraine, manmade or Natural Disasters, use GREEN recovery !!!
Powerful Opportunity for us all!

With a
“Symbol of Hope”
from Nature….

Ukraine is already involved in the GREEN movement !
>> So important to work on GREEN Recovery, cleaning up after each Catastrophe.

(The first post is here: GREEN Tools To Recover From Disasters! The second post with reminders for the Ukraine is HERE. THIS POST is the last in this series and offers more reminders.

In this post:

Feature Image above:Valley” by

Ukraine is rebuilding as fast as russia is destroying- REBUILD GREEN! – GREEN Tools to Recover!


Do you see it? Recovery Thinking

Do you see the opportunity now in front of you?
Disruptions can be opportunities….. even horrible disruptions like this War.

This Horrible Powerful Opportunity offers Ukraine the chance to join the The Achieved Club at the UN and become the largest nation to get closer to Zero Waste – Net Zero!

Take a look at what
new technologies can help you rebuild GREEN today!!!!!

The investigations of mine suggest many potential businesses, jobs, projects that can restore Ukraine in a sustainable way. It has been proven that the GREEN WAY supplies better return-on-investment than the old way. Investors are eager to invest in GREEN businesses and projects.
…………………Maybe one fits YOU!

These are presented here as ideas. They are what people are doing around the world, today. But planet Earth is showing us that even though we can ship something anywhere in the whole world, LOCAL INDUSTRY is actually much better for our planet. Maybe there are people locally in Ukraine, who have good ideas for these same needs…………………


Urban Energy Retrofits For Existing Buildings

There is a GREAT DEMAND for contractors to do this work!
I have seen in the destroyed apartment buildings, that many people in the Ukraine already use heat pumps. Heat Pumps are very important for cleaning city air and cutting electric use says the

Big Demand !

city of NYC- Urban Energy Retrofits for existing buildings < Clean Air- REBUILD GREEN! – GREEN Tools to Recover!
Climate Energy Retrofits, cleaner heating and cooling for existing buildings and also for new buildings, where it is possible to arrange the heat pumps all on the top of the building and each apartment can control the heat and cold as they like. SEE HOW THEY DO IT IN NEW YORK CITY

“Urban Retrofits with Heat Pumps” is one solution that every community, worldwide needs, to help us harmonize with planet Earth and cut emissions. Can your business get on-board?

If you are ready to get into the Heat Pump business, start to look for technicians that can save heat pumps that have been busted. Increase your inventory….Ukraine will need many new ones.

For a whole building!

Heat pumps- REBUILD GREEN! – GREEN Tools to Recover!
Improve Health and Comfort, Lower your Operating Costs, Increase Your Building’s Value

Planet and People-friendly heating and cooling

International Energy Agency (IEA) – Heat Pumps are a proven way to provide secure and sustainable heating and cooling.
Heat pumps, powered by low‐emissions electricity, are the central technology in the global transition to secure and sustainable heating. Heat pumps currently available on the market are three‐to‐five times more energy efficient than natural gas boilers. They reduce households’ exposure to fossil fuel price spikes, which has been made all the more urgent by the ongoing global energy crisis.

Gradient – Welcome to the great indoors –
Comfortable ALL YEAR ROUND.
Until now, advanced heat pump technology has required professional installation with hefty price tags. Gradient brings it to you in a beautiful, easy-to-install package.
Our heat pump technology is the first of its kind. It’s powerful, efficient and planet-friendly — made for people who are not willing to compromise their values or aesthetics.

Installation Guide
Four easy steps to ‘ahhhh’. Our installation bracket enables you to install Gradient safely and securely without fear of dropping or breaking it — no tools required. It is designed to be installed by two ordinary people — not professionals. Our do-it-yourself (DIY) installation approach generally takes about 15 minutes.

BEYOND FIRE: how to achieve electric cooking

logo for Beyond Fire- REBUILD GREEN! – GREEN Tools to Recover!

May 28, 2019 – Achieving “sustainable cooking” is one of the great challenges of our time.
Cooking with charcoal, firewood or natural gas sources still accounts for 4 million premature deaths due to indoor air pollution or gas leaks, puts significant strain on already stressed forest resources, and it is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).

Cooking with renewable electricity is now well within the range of cost-competitiveness of other cooking alternatives, concludes a new report called Beyond Fire: How to achieve electric cooking by Hivos and World Future Council. This is a significant improvement from three years ago when the two organizations studied this for the first time.


Anaerobic digestion

1:10 minutes – Application of the biogas part of electricity generation

As popular as Gas Cooking is, too much is dangerous to health and planet Earth. Natural Gas is Methane!

Or use cleaner Bio Gas if you must! Bio Gas is also Methane, but it burns cleaner as Bio Gas.

Bio Gas is so easy and quick to make from almost any Organic Waste…………

गोबर से सोना Gobar gas plant  #shorts #science #experiment BLUE BOX
DIY Video

(How to Turn on/off and adjust your caption settings on YouTube. If closed captions (CC) are available,  will be Bright on the bottom right of the video player.)

It takes very little money and time to make an Organic Digester……

9:50 minutes – Creative idea to use free gas from garbage
DIY video

More DIY videos here

5:17 minutes – How to use Free Lpg Gas at home | Cow dung Into Gas | Use free gas from garbage | Biogas plant
DIY video

And there is more than one way to make one…….
2:10 minutes – Converting food waste into cooking gas | Sustainable Energy

Or you can buy one already made and simple to set up….all the way to the kitchen cooking.

to Electricity

But, I ask:
Is it possible to take a russian tank engine and turn it into a Bio Gas electricity generator?

1:22 minutes – 5kw biogas generator
3/30 minutes – How we run our 4K Generator on biogas at Rosebud


>>>World Bank estimated $60bn+ in physical damage in Ukraine – The World Bank has estimated that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused $60bn+ in damage to buildings and infrastructure across Ukraine so far. This figure as already increased a number of times over this last 6 months.

Satellite Leak Detection technology

An Entire City at Once to be sure that all repairs are made….
ASTERRA – satellite-based leak detection

water pipe work- REBUILD GREEN! – GREEN Tools to Recover!

ASTERRA Recover locates and analyzes moisture leaking from underground pipes so that repairs can be planned and expedited using hard data.

With Recover, entire city-wide systems for drinking water and wastewater can be viewed and analyzed at once. Even leaks that have left no surface evidence at all are easily located. Ground crews can then be used with maximum efficiency, digging to repair the leaks that Recover has found rather than digging to look.

satelite radar- REBUILD GREEN! – GREEN Tools to Recover!

Behind every ASTERRA product is satellite-based synthetic aperture radar (SAR) technology, detecting subterranean soil moisture with Utilis-patented algorithms. It’s this technology that lets us see and analyze the actual moisture itself as it accumulates below ground, a capability unique to ASTERRA. The radar’s “eye-print” of over 1,300 sq miles (3,500 sq km) is larger than most cities and will revisit the same location every 14 days.

Water strategy of WHO- REBUILD GREEN! – GREEN Tools to Recover!

AND 7 WasteRush posts on the subject of water-sanitation-toilets, starting here:
#1 Leaky toilets are everyone’s business!



Mycelium in RE-Construction!

critical concrete logo- - REBUILD GREEN! – GREEN Tools to Recover!

Critical Concrete  Our aim is to explore natural solutions that could replace conventional materials while being equally efficient, more ecologically responsible and cost competitive.



critical concrete project Mycelium in Industry, cont.;- Mycelium in Industry, cont.; < from earlier posts- REBUILD GREEN! – GREEN Tools to Recover!

The summary of the knowledge we developed for Mycelium has two aims :
Submit a DIY (Do It Yourself) protocol to produce mycelium insulation panels, measuring the technology’s costs, main disadvantages and benefits.
Define Critical Concrete’s own recipe to produce cheap and ecological mycelium insulation through the bricks experiment.

Interested in the power of Myceliium?
Check out our new online course to learn more about this wonder material and make your own prototype!

Mycelium in RE-Construction!

Mushroom mycelium:
how fungus could help rebuild derelict Cleveland or M, or K

cleveland, Ohio- REBUILD GREEN! – GREEN Tools to Recover!

“I like to refer to Cleveland as ‘ground zero’ for biocycling,” says Christopher Maurer.

Biocycling combines construction waste and debris with “biobinders” (a natural glue or cement) like fungi, plant materials and microbes to create new building materials. In practice this means that on-site “construction waste” is ground up into a pulp and mixed with plant materials, which are allowed to grow in place. The resulting “bio-materials” are then pressed and treated to make suitable bricks and insulation wall board. “The ultimate goal,” says Maurer, “is to reduce the carbon footprint, to be able to make new buildings entirely out of old ones.

“This work is hard,” admits Maurer. “We’re asking our collaborators to be farmers, architects, engineers, and biologists, and we’re asking microorganisms to help us construct buildings.

mycelium construction grow process- REBUILD GREEN! – GREEN Tools to Recover!
- Mycelium >> Grow Construction Materials- REBUILD GREEN! – GREEN Tools to Recover!

Biocycler/Bioterials™ produced from mycelium as a binder show results better than the compression of wood framing, the bend resistance of concrete, better insulator than fiberglass batts and has strong fire resistance. These and other biomaterials may have the capacity to revolutionize the building industry with better qualified materials while they lower carbon footprints.

download- REBUILD GREEN! – GREEN Tools to Recover!
DOWNLOAD biocycler

Biocycler will be exactly what we need to rebuild after disasters, both natural and manmade as in the case of Putin’s war in Ukraine. Clearing debris is one the biggest tasks in order to rebuild. Instead of millions of tons of debris going to landfills, imagine being able to use that material to rebuild. This could limit having to buy new construction materials.

Beyond resource management, the environmental impact of recycling materials can be huge. New construction emits 50-75% more carbon than renovation does. 84% of the embodied carbon of building materials comes from the raw material extraction. Using waste material like building debris minimizes both new resource extraction and the carbon related to extraction. Thanks, Chris

Christopher Maurer  | principal architect | redhouse studio llc. 
1455 W 29th st Cleveland, Ohio  44113      ph.+1-216-534-1225
e: [email protected]      w: 

Exploded View

UKRAINE! REBUILD GREEN! contruction- REBUILD GREEN! – GREEN Tools to Recover!

The Exploded View stands for a radical new look at the realization of a home: pulling apart and dissecting the endless number of applications found in a house, in order to rebuild them using circular methods and biobased materials. The materials and applications of today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.


The Exploded View is showcasing the endless, potential material streams available that are not yet being used in the construction world. For example, material streams from food, textiles, sewage water, buildings or even from our own living environment. Through this experimental design, we share our research towards materials that can keep the production circle as small and as efficient as possible.

MATERIALS >>Check out all the biobased building materials that we’re showing.

METHODS >>Discover the 5 innovative building methods we’ve applied.


1000+ innovators
Solar Impulse Foundation

1000+ profitable solutions to protect the environment

“Solutions exist that are logical more than just ecological, that can create jobs and generate profit while also reducing polluting emissions and preserving natural resources.”

Bertrand Piccard

1000+ profitable solutions to protect the environment
Present Number of Solutions by Sectors:

  • Buildings & Shelters – 362
  • Industry & Consumer Goods – 359
  • Waste & Pollution – 328
  • Energy – 293
  • Water – 190
  • Food & Agriculture 172
  • Infrastructures 148
  • Mobility 136
  • Freight 104
1:35 minutes – The Solutions Explorer
and more videos of the Solutions!

1000+ profitable solutions to protect our environment

The Solar Impulse Foundation have identified already 1424+ clean and profitable solutions.
Including many sustainable solutions for REBUILDING!

  • Hydromedia RoofTop Duo A permeable concrete roof system with enhanced functionalities
  • Airium™ Mineral foam technology for low-cost insulation of floor, wall and roof systems
  • Gramitherm A bio-based insulation batt made from grass, for positive impact and high energy efficiency in buildings
  • Durabric Low carbon earth and cement brick solution for affordable housing
  • ECOPact Green Concrete Broad range of green concrete for high-performing, sustainable and circular construction
  • Ambuja Kawach Fly ash-based cement that repels and prevents penetration of water in concrete
  • PolyAl sustainable building material Constructional building material made from tetra pak waste



>>> US House of Representatives passes bill to help rebuild Ukraine – The US House of Representatives has passed a bipartisan bill that would encourage the use of sanctioned Russian assets to help rebuild Ukraine.
>>> Russia should pay to rebuild Ukraine: Slovakia Deputy PM – Slovakia’s deputy prime minister has said Russian aggressors have destroyed entire cities and the lives of millions of people in Ukraine, and when the war is over Moscow should pay to rebuild the country and restore its cultural heritage

Sustainable Ideas worth considering

  • Second-hand materials
    The fact is that the process of using recyclable materials is only now getting the attention it deserves. And the best thing about this idea is that it’s so practical, useful, and versatile. Such materials include recycled bricks, timber, and steel, as well as glass and other materials that can be used over and over again. This minimizes the need for buying new resources.
  • Modular construction
    Check out / consider modular construction. Instead of doing everything on-site, you complete a section of your building process off-site. Then put everything together on-site.
    This process comes with a rich history behind it and it has been around for ages. If you’re looking for ways to minimize construction time and your costs and add of the sustainability factor of your construction business. Modular building is another opportunity to use second-hand materials, help you reduce waste, become more efficient, and conserve time, energy, money, and resources.

It is the information that LEED can give Ukraine that is important here. How to re-construct buildings in a Circular Economy

LEED for sustainable construction- REBUILD GREEN! – GREEN Tools to Recover!

What is LEED?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a voluntary program meant to objectively measure how sustainable a building is.
LEED is one of the most widely used green building rating system in the world. The European one is BREEAM. Available for virtually all building types, LEED provides a framework for healthy, efficient, and cost-saving green buildings. Certification from LEED is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership.
This framework informs all building types including new construction, interiors, operations and maintenance, and core and shell. Unsure of which rating system to use? Learn more about how to select the appropriate rating system for your need.
Millions of people are living, working and learning in LEED-certified buildings around the world. Learn more about the value of the LEE
D certification.  

The list of Green Building materials from LEED….

  • Earthen Materials
  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Structural insulated panels (SIPs)
  • Insulated Concrete Forms
  • Cordwood
  • Straw Bale
  • Earth Bags
  • Slate/ Stone Roofing
  • Steel
  • Thatch
  • Composites
  • Natural Fiber
  • Polyurethane
  • Fiber Glass
  • Cellulose
  • Cork
  • Polystyrene and isocyanurate
  • Natural Clay
  • Non- VOC paints
  • Natural Fiber Floor
  • Fiber Cement
  • Stone

3D printed buildings are developing fast – this one with local mud.

1:56 minutes – Eco-sustainable 3D printed house – Tecla

TECLA will be the first house to be entirely 3D printed using locally sourced clay

  • A new circular housing model, created using entirely reusable, recyclable materials taken from the local terrain.
  • TECLA can be synthesized in: 200 hours of printing, 7000 machine codes (G-code), 350 layers of 12 mm, 150 km of extrusion, 60 cubic meters of natural materials for an average consumption of less than 6 kW.
  • The project TECLA (which takes its name from Technology and Clay) was made in Massa Lombarda (Ravenna – Italy) with Crane WASP – WASP’s brand new 3D printer in the construction sector – it represented a real challenge for 3D printing, maximizing the performance of a material among the oldest and at the same time among the most stimulating for the future of the green economy: the raw earth.

On the market since 2021, WASP produces 3D-printed houses in the shortest possible time and in the most sustainable way with the first multi-printer Crane WASP system, the company’s flagship of the construction line and the newco WASP On Site the company’s benchmark in architecture. WASP Academy

UKRAINE! REBUILD GREEN!  with 3D printing- REBUILD GREEN! – GREEN Tools to Recover!

We redefine construction
CyBe ConstructionMachines, Training and Buildings

2:03 minutes – CyBe CHYSEL 7 promo
Oct 8, 2020 – New release of our slicing software CHYSEL!
Designing and Executing a 3D wall.
3Dprinting is not just hardware and material – just as important is the software to control the 3Dprinter and to translate the 3Dmodels into printcode. We started developing this software early on and are already releasing the 7th version of CHYSEL for slicing.

You can’t revolutionize an entire industry on your own. At CyBe, we work together.

At CyBe Construction, we believe that collaboration breeds innovation. We’re proud to work with communities and companies from around the globe — and to use those experiences to further cultivate our industry knowledge.

UKRAINE! REBUILD GREEN!  with 3D printing- REBUILD GREEN! – GREEN Tools to Recover!

Training & Education – Learning by doing

In order to secure the correct way of using this advanced technique, CyBe Construction developed several educational programs to provide more insight in the use of hardware, software and materials. Together, we keep learning continuously and accomplish amazing results. Academy, Courses, Webinars,

Recycled Plastic? to 3D Print Prefabricated Homes

A Startup Is Using Recycled Plastic to 3D Print Tiny Homes in LA

Azure is reshaping the way we build Homes, ADUs and Backyard Studios by bringing 3D printing technology and recycled materials together to create truly sustainable living in a modern and beautiful design.

IN a fraction of the time. With a positive environmental impact. At a lower cost.

These people are using the “tesla” approach, starting big and expensive.
They can certainly do similar on a smaller scale.

3 minutes – Lennar, Icon can complete one 3D-printed house every two weeks
100 Home 3D-printed Community in Texas Hill Country
Designed to Withstand Extreme Weather

Meet Vulcan Our Home-Sized 3D Printer
Designed and engineered from the ground up for volume 3D printing of homes with precision and speed.


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