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Where to find Recycling Grants for Waste Plastic projects
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some Funding and Grant Sources directories,
from Africa,Australia, Canada, EU, India, UK, USA, World Wide,Maybe a Crowdfunder?
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Waste; our Assurance of future Resources, more posts listed at the bottom

above image: Plastic Collage, Precious Plastic: A Global Community of Recycling Entrepreneurs

Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic

Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic  poster- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

Some of these Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic, etc. have reached their deadline already. I include them to show where to look for Waste Plastic funding in the future. Read carefully to find closing dates and deadlines.

First some directories of Funding and Grant sources:

logo- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

This is a free service
What We Do
fundsforNGOs is a social enterprise established with the purpose of increasing the strength of NGOs across the world. We accomplish this by providing online resources for NGOs to increase their awareness and access to donors, resources, and skills.

fundsforNGOs is not a funding organization. We do not provide grants. We also do not fundraise or write proposals but provide the resources NGOs need to learn how to provide these services themselves.

Take a look at: Latest Funds for NGOs A list of latest grant funding opportunities for NGOs and individuals including call for proposals, call for applications, request for proposals and expression of interest.
You might find Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic that you can try for.

WasteSorted Grants Infrastructure and Community Education 2021–22 (Australia)
Deadline: 13-Sep-21
Go to The official page:

logo- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

This service costs  $199 per year   or possibly more

fundsforNGOs Premium is a membership-based service for NGOs, Development Practitioners, and Fundraisers seeking to find New Donors, receive regular Grant Updates, develop New Skills for Resource Mobilisation, and more!

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The Terra Viva Grants Directory is an information service about international grant funding for agriculture, energy, environment, and natural resources in the developing world.
Grant makers included in the Terra Viva Grants Directory range from funders of community projects to funders of science and research. Visitors to our website are found at both ends of this spectrum, and in the middle of it.

  • Most users of our information are grant seekers – people searching for financial support of their work as individuals or as organizations.
  • We take a cross-institutional view of grant making to include international organizations, national government organizations, and foundations and NGOs.
  • We take a regional view to recognize funding needs and opportunities in eight world regions:  Southeast Asia and Pacific; East Asia; South Asia; Eurasia and Central Asia; Eastern Europe and Russia; Middle East and North Africa; Sub-Saharan Africa; and Latin America and the Caribbean.

logo- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

Resource Recycling highlights recent industry related grant awards and opportunities. If your company or organization has a funding opportunity to share, contact [email protected] to be included here. From Grant watch: >>>There is a whole new set of projects for 2022. These can include: Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic

June 21, 2021: The U.S. EPA is accepting applications for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grants to fund sustainable materials management-related technologies. The 2021-22 SBIR Phase I solicitation is aimed at small businesses that seek funding to demonstrate the feasibility of developing and commercializing an innovative technology on a particular topic. In this case, one of those topics is sustainable materials management, covering food waste, the recycling system in general, alternatives to low-value plastics, and low-impact construction materials. Applications are due Aug. 3, 2021. 

June 8, 2021: The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) and The Recycling Partnership announced $575,000 is available in grants to improve residential recycling. All Michigan community recycling programs are eligible to apply for the funds, which pay for projects to fight contamination through curbside or drop-off programs, according to an EGLE press release. Communities can receive up to $4 per household for curbside programs and $3 per household for drop-off programs. Applications are due Aug. 20, 2021.

May 27, 2021: The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment announced it is accepting the third round of applications for funding under the Front Range Waste Diversion enterprise and grant program. About $3.5 million total is available for grants to help communities boost recycling, composting and waste reduction. Applications are due at 3 p.m. Mountain time on July 13, 2021.

There were lots. Take a look in a month or so!

Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

Waste Prevention Grant Opportunities
StopWaste accepts applications annually for a range of grant opportunities with total funding up to $475k available to both nonprofits and businesses, aimed at increasing individual, business, and community involvement in the prevention of waste in Alameda County. Areas of focus can be on waste prevention, reuse, and recovery of goods and materials, as well as development, marketing, and use of recovered products.

Proposed projects must be located in and/or serve the residents and/or businesses of Alameda County, Oakland, CA, USA. The next application window will open in February 2022.

recycling grants for Recycling
For North America, Canada and the United States

recycling solution company- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

Here is a list we’ve compiled of available recycling grant programs in North America.  If there’s anything we missed, let us know by calling us at 1-866-490-2585 or email [email protected].[this list includes grants in almost every state in the USA and Canada provinces. It is based on WASTE and CLEANUP, almost no plastic. But there are so many!]

Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic

for Africa:

At WasteAid, we work with communities and policy makers in lower and middle income countries to implement waste management and recycling programmes. WasteAid’s supporters with matched funds from are helping to stop plastic pollution in the Cameroon estuary.

Aug 11, 2021 – We’re now halfway through implementing the plastic recycling programme in Douala, Cameroon. Working with local partners, WasteAid is training 164 people to collect and recycle plastic waste in the coastal city of Douala, Cameroon.
Over two years,WasteAid will train unemployed people in the safe and sustainable collection and processing of waste plastics from the Bonaberi district of the city. Each has the opportunity to choose their preferred field of specialism: plastic collection, tile fabrication, waste related community behaviour change, or marketing and sales. After training, these interns will be offered long-term employment with WasteAid’s local business partner REDPLAST and help to expand plastic waste collections to other parts of the city and country.

Partner with WasteAid – by way ofour supporters & matched funds from
WasteAid works in partnership with a wide range of organisations. If you would like to partner with WasteAid on a recycling and waste management initiative, please complete the form on this page. So that we can understand more about your organisation and your needs. Thank you.

recycling grants and an example from the results!

logo- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

Through our grants and risk capital, The Global Innovation Fund (GIF) supports breakthrough solutions from for-profit firms, non-profit organisations, researchers, and government agencies to maximise their impact and catalyse meaningful change. This Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic project is a successful one.

Through grants, loans (including convertible debt) and equity investments ranging from $50,000 to $15 million, we back innovations with the potential for social impact at a large scale, whether they are new technologies, business models, policy practices, technologies or behavioural insights.
We support innovators at all stages of their life cycle, from start-up and pilot-testing through to larger scale implementation. The innovations we fund can be located in any developing country and can focus on any sector relevant to international development, provided they improve the lives of those living on less than $5 a day.
Applying for Funding
GIF accepts applications on a rolling basis – our window is always open with no deadlines or rounds of funding. Please carefully review the guidance before deciding whether to invest time in preparing an application. Doing so will increase your chances of success. Like: Mr. Green

When I was putting together posts on Africa, the first one was Africa – Please Stay Harmonised With Planet Earth. And I found Mr. Green to mention there.Mr. Green is doing just as I would have hoped. They are developing a system to recycle plastic and other waste all across Africa with the Grant money from GIF and others.

Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic reciever- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

Mr. Green is a recycling business in Kenya that integrates marginalised waste collectors into a fair-trade system. Their advancement has encouraged connections with organizations like Dow Chemicals, EREMA machinery, and they are a member of SolarImpulse’s 1000 solutions!

Updated: Aug 25, 2020
Since 2019 Mr. Green Africa is a member of the Global Innovation Fund portfolio. GIF has recently released its Impact report for 2019 presenting insights and figures of its USD 73 Mio. invested funds into 35 innovative companies & organisations.

Together, GIF and Unilever are learning how to build a tangible channel for replication of the Mr. Green Africa model of inclusivity and productive jobs across companies that rely on sourcing agents in the recycled plastic business. As a result, it is anticipated that these lessons learned in the developing world can be applied in developed markets. [who are struggling with their waste systems.]

Mr. Green offers an in-house end-to-end process for recycling, purchasing directly from their “sourcing agents”; who are waste pickers – some of society’s most marginalised people. Mr Green owns and operates a series of trading hubs across Nairobi where they transact with their “sourcing agents” directly to purchase their collected plastic for onward transfer to the MrGreen manufacturing plant. Here, the collected plastics are processed and sold as post-consumer recycled PCR plastics to plastics manufacturers for use by large fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies, such as Unilever.

Alix Zwane, Global Innovation Fund CEO, said “This is a great investment for GIF – an innovative business with demonstrable returns in terms of financial and social impact. ”
Justin Apsey, Unilever East Africa CEO, said: “Our strategic partnership with Mr. Green Africa has opened new frontiers in confronting the plastic challenge in a more collaborative and sustainable way.”

The demand for Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic
is far outgrowing the supply. Learn whatMr. Green wants to do.
below 3:05 minutes…..

Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic reciever- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

logo- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

Scholarship, grants: International college scholarships, grants and fellowships for study at home & international study abroad. Grants, scholarships, and fellowships awarded throughout the year. … 2021 Scholarships & Grants FAQ | Application for Scholarship | How to Apply for a Scholarship | Scholarship Applications 2021-2022

Small Grants in Liberia for
Plastic Recycling and Waste Composting

Apply by 15th October, 2021
Call for Proposals in Liberia – Water Reuse (Turning Trash to Treasure) Small Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic and Organic Waste to Composting (Liberia).
UNOPS has announced a call for Proposals to award small grants in support of well formulated projects aimed at Delivering Climate-Resilient Solid Waste Management Services in Greater Monrovia, Liberia.
The Cities Alliance Liberia Country Programme through the European Union funded 4-year Solid Waste Management Project entitled “Delivering Climate Resilient Solid Waste Management Service in Greater Monrovia through Community Based Enterprises” supports primary waste collection services within the Greater Monrovia Metropolitan region.
The project is complementary to the Cheesemanburg Landfill and Urban Sanitation project implemented through the World Bank.

Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic

from Australia

recycling grants

Funding for short-term, industry-led research collaborations

logo- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

CRC-P Round 11 is now closed

Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews MP and Minister for Decentralisation and Regional Education, the Hon Andrew Gee MP, announced the opening of CRC-P Round 11 on 11 February 2021.
Round 11 was open to all industry sectors and had a focus on supporting projects that align with the National Manufacturing Priorities. As part of the Australian Government’s Regionalisation and Decentralisation Policy framework, Round 11 also includes dedicated funding for projects that support research and development activities in regional areas. The round closed on 25 March 2021. Outcomes are expected mid 2021.

WasteSorted grants open

logo- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?
  • $1.15 million in grants available for infrastructure and educational programs to reduce waste and increase material recovery
  • Funding builds on $6 million provided through the program since 2017
  • Applications close at noon on Monday, 13 September , 2021
  • Grants of up to $250,000 per project are available for infrastructure development and up to $50,000 per project for waste avoidance and resource recovery education programs.

Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic

from Canada

New projects funded by the Zero Plastic Waste Initiative – 2020

logo- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

Many addresses to approach in Canada to look for funding of different kinds……………..

From: Environment and Climate Change Canada
Environment and Climate Change Canada informs Canadians about protecting and conserving our natural heritage, and ensuring a clean, safe and sustainable environment for present and future generations. Pollution and waste management

EcoAction Community Funding Program
The application period for EcoAction funding beginning in 2021-22 is now closed.
– now closed, but included
Zero Plastic Waste Initiative – Funds local projects that mobilize Canadians and communities to develop and test solutions to prevent plastics from entering the environment.
Environment and Climate Change Canada funding programs

Environmental funding
Financial support for environmental projects and for participation in impact assessments.  
Plastic waste and pollution reduction
It is time to take action! We need to change the way we design, produce, use and dispose of plastics. By working with all levels of government, industry and all Canadians, we can have a zero plastic waste future. Together, we can keep plastics in the economy and out of the environment. including:
Zero plastic waste: get involved and find resources
Join us in reducing plastic pollution and reaching our vision of a zero plastic waste future. By making simple changes, you can make an impact. Here are some ideas:
See recent funding initiatives and find Government of Canada funding opportunities to help support your innovations, business ideas, Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic projects and research related to plastics:

Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic

from the EU

logo- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

Paving the way to an increased share of recycled plastics
in added value products (RIA)

recycle plastic grant- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?
Closing Date: 23 September 2021, 17:00h Brussels

Expected Outcome:
Circularity and the increase of the content of recycled plastics in value added products are central to the European Strategy for Plastics.

Projects are expected to contribute to several of the following outcomes:

  • Establish EU broadly accepted definition of recyclate and develop relevant verification methods for recycled content in products.
  • Establish EU broadly accepted procedures to control the consistent quality of recyclates; characterise their suitability for specific applications and trace the recyclates back to their origin;
  • Deliver a clear approach to prevent some potentially hazardous substances to enter the recycled plastics system;
  • Enhancing ownership and engagement of the society through active collaboration and empowering people and communities as actors of the circular plastic transition. At medium term, to fulfil the growing demand for recycled plastic content in market products;
  • At a longer term, to pave the way toward recyclable-by-design plastics.

Innovative solutions to over-packaging and single-use plastics,
and related microplastic pollution

single use plastic Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?
Deadline/Closing Date:
6 October, 2021, 17:00h Brussels Time

Expected Outcome:
A successful proposal will contribute to all impacts in this destination related to consumers and industry, in particular to European industrial sustainability, competitiveness and resource independence by lowering the environmental footprint, enabling climate-neutrality and higher resource efficiency, through increased circularity and a resulting reduction in GHG and air pollution emissions.
Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic Project results are expected to contribute to at least three of the following outcomes:

  • Increased deployment and market uptake of innovative solutions, through better design, alternative materials, business models promoting reuse, deposit systems, smart labelling in support of and complying with the current relevant legal framework and, when scope would cover the food chain, the future EU framework for sustainability labelling, etc.
  • Increased reuse, recyclability and upcycling of packaging and single-use plastics
  • Significant reduction in over-packaging and single-use plastics in consumer goods, food packaging and humanitarian relief items
  • Significant reduction in packaging waste and single-use plastic waste
  • Significant reduction in management costs for the respective waste streams
  • Significant reduction in the release of microplastics from packaging and single-use plastics into the environment

Cleantech startup? Where to look for EU grants and
how to win a proposal (Sponsored)

logo and also for Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

April 2020 …However for many cleantech startups, considering the current pandemic climate, looking for private funding may prove difficult. Luckily there are plenty of public funding opportunities available from large supranational bodies like the European Commission, which are certainly not being cancelled or postponed. To get your hands on this precious funding, you just need to know where to look and how to get through some of the necessary paperwork.
>>The largest funding programme for European startups
>>The one-off  “green deal” opportunity
>>Where to look for Free EIC Accelerator templates – the Sponsor – Typewiser – This Gran Canaria-based startup, founded in 2019, has developed a free software platform to democratise proposal writing services. Its easy-to-use SaaS platform lets any startup write expert-level EIC Accelerator proposals for free, with no need to hire expensive grant writing consultancies.

logo- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

TYPEWISER IS YOUR CHIEF GROWTH HACKER that helps you create compelling public grant proposals, business plans, financial plans, pitch decks, agreements, contracts and many other business documents quicker so you can scale up. Quicker. If you need help getting ready for Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic, check this out.


logo- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

Your gateway to funding in the EU Macro-Regions
EuroAccess is a free online search tool to support the use of existing funding opportunities to improve economic, social and territorial cohesion in the European Union and its Macro-Regions. Macro-Regional Strategies were initiated by the various EU Member States as a unique integrated framework to strengthen cooperation in geographic areas that face common challenges and to benefit from common opportunities facing the region. From theEuroAccess search engine:

Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic

from the UK:

A catalyst for positive change

logo Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) is a not-for-profit company.
WRAP is one of the globe’s leading sustainability charities. Based in the UK and with projects around the world we work with businesses, governments, citizens and charities to make the planet a healthier, safer place.
Grants and investments
We manage grants, loans and investments to help increase the use of recycled materials, growing recycling capacity or overcoming specific market failures by acting as a catalyst to encourage other funders to invest.
We are the delivery partner of choice for governments and grant-awarding bodies due to our track record in awarding public money where it can make the greatest impact. INCLUDING: Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic

logo- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

WRAP is proud to be partnering with The Royal Foundation in the launch and delivery of
The Earthshot Prize.
(like the “MoonShot” >> The Earthshot)

Just closed: Reducing plastic waste in the environment: apply for funding

logo- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

Businesses can apply for a share of £4 million to support innovative ideas that reduce persistent plastic waste in the environment through new alternatives.
Below another Example of: 16 >>now 21 competitions

  • Innovate UK Smart Grants: August 2021
    >>> Opens: 26 August 2021, Closes: 6 October 2021
    UK registered organisations can apply for a share of up to £25 million for game-changing and commercially viable R&D innovation that can significantly impact the UK economy. This funding is from Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation.EligibilityThis competition is open to single applicants and collaborations.To lead a project your organisation must be a UK registered:
    • business of any size
    • research and technology organisation (RTO)
    • carry out your research and development (R&D) project activity in the UK
    • intend to commercially exploit the project results from the UK
    • be or involve at least one micro, small or medium-sized enterprise (SME)

The UK’s ‘biggest ever’ funding for plastic innovators: ‘We’re looking for projects that can make a big impact’

The UK Government is making its ‘biggest ever’ intervention to advance the sustainability of plastic packaging by opening its ‘largest scale’ grants to researchers and innovators across the country.

logo- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

Developing sustainable plastic packaging: – 2020
Businesses could apply for a share of up to £37 million to support projects that look at ways to radically reduce waste from plastic packaging.

Smart sustainable plastic packaging challenge
Two Funding Opportunities are openting:

logo- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

>>SSPP demonstrator round 2 (open from February 2021) can provide funding of up to £12 million per project for large-scale commercial demonstrator projects, including first of a kind infrastructure or large-scale commercial trials of new packaging technology or systems.
>>SSPP business-led research and development competition will provide funding of up to £4 million per project.

logo- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

The UK Circular Plastics Network (UKCPN) is an activity supported by KTN & UK Research and Innovation, and forms part of the Plastics Research Innovation Fund (PRIF), which is engaging Britain’s best scientists and innovators to help move the country towards more circular economic and sustainable approaches to plastics.
Funding Round-Up Take a look at the latest funding competitions of relevance to organisations and academics working within the field of plastics, that include those for Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic. 

Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic

From the USA:

Plastics Innovation Challenge at the DOE

logo- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

>>The date on this information is December, 2019, HOWEVER, they are open to continued ideas!

U.S. Department of Energy Announces $27 Million in Plastics Recycling Research and Development
Plastics Innovation Challenge Funding Opportunity Announcements
Funding Opportunity for BOTTLE:
Funding Opportunity for Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer Program Phase 1
Contact us with feedback, ideas for future topics, or to volunteer to review future proposals. DOE developed Technology Transfer Opportunity subtopics as a way for small businesses to partner with National Laboratories on research and development needed to accelerate the commercialization of National Laboratory inventions.

Notice of Intent for Joint Funding Opportunity to Advance DOE’s Plastics Innovation Challenge
The Plastics Innovation Challenge is managed by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), with funding from EERE’s Bioenergy Technologies Office and Advanced Manufacturing Office.

1:35 minute – Plastics Innovation Challenge

Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic

World Wide

Alliance to end plastic waste 

We look for impactful and scalable solutions that generate value and move us up the waste hierarchy, helping us to achieve a future free of plastic waste—from the collection and containment of waste, to packaging designs that increase opportunities for circularity, to community action and educational programmes.

Currently we don’t have any Requests-for-Proposals (RFPs) for Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic. Stay tuned for the next RFP launching in the near future.

Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic  examples- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic

Maybe a Crowdfunder?

Precious Plastic Melb: Creative Plastic Recycling
Wastebase – Crowd Monitoring of Plastic Waste
Arugam Bay Beach Cleanup

logo- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

StartSomeGood is where people get together to change their world. We’re the leading home of cause-driven crowdfundinginnovative partnerships and social entrepreneur education. Whether big or smallif you have an idea to change your world, or want to support people who do, we can help.
Here, you’re a person, not a number. Every project, including Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic, is different so every project receives individual support and feedback. Even better, you become part of a community of cool people doing good, in big and small ways, all around the world. You should know that for us this isn’t just a job. Your success is our purpose. Welcome to the tribe. Start a Project

4:24 minutes –

Maybe a new way to find what you are looking for.

logo- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

Get 1:1 introductions to high-growth entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders, in 3 steps:
1. Apply to join CoffeeMug – presently FREE
2. Share your Professional Objectives
3. A new Member Connect every Wednesday – live video meetings

help in the search for Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic- Recycling Grants-Waste Plastic - Want To Look for Money?

Feel Free to contact me, if you would like me to search for Grants in your region!

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