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ReLondon – The City of London continues the UK’s successful efforts to clean up their Climate; waste less and reuse, repair, share and recycle more. ….Are other cities doing this?

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Going Back to pre-Industrial Revolution CO2 levels

- ReLondon - Empower Consumer Behavior - Better Life for Stuff

The United Kingdom is where the Industrial Revolution began in the 1800’s, by using fossil fuel – coal, that since then has caused our Climate Crisis. They are waking up….

On a Per Capita Basis (total emissions divided by population), you can see in the chart here that The UK has almost returned to 1850 levels of CO2. In Fact, UK’s Share of total global CO2 is no more that maybe 1% of the total.

- ReLondon - Empower Consumer Behavior - Better Life for Stuff

There is a lot of Methane in our Waste, that can be turned into Energy / Electricity.

The UK is doing even better in the Methane sector, having reduced their seepage from Waste substantially! Per capita Methane emissions are measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalents’ per person per year. The rest of us need to clean up the Methane in our own skies.

And Now in London!
the Bright Future
that a Circular Economy Promises
is happening!

- ReLondon - Empower Consumer Behavior - Better Life for Stuff

What ReLondon is doing

Revolutionising our behavior with stuff
as consumers and producers
the Stuff Revolution

How do we keep our cities clean?
Here you will find the latest opportunities to get on board and help the greatest city in the world to waste less and reuse, repair and recycle more. We are changing our policies, practices and behaviours, to revolutionize the way we use stuff.

Can we Inspire Londoners to save the world, one behavior at a time?
We are changing deep-seated habits and behaviours with regard to their relationship with stuff. Together we can change the world.

We’re on a mission to transform Londoners from ‘consumers’ to ‘users, and to help citizens reduce waste through the way we buy, use and dispose of our stuff. To find out more about looking after and repairing your stuff, swapping and sharing, buying second-hand, searching out items made with recycled materials or renting things rather than buying them, take a look at our citizen and community engagement work.

How do we approach behavioral change of Stuff in the City?
We work on a range of behaviourally-led projects and pilots. We always begin with listening and insights – and wherever possible, ethnographic research. We then take these findings to stakeholder groups to work up options for behavioural interventions.  Contact us to find out more about “how we can make it normal” for customers, residents and stakeholders to recycle more, waste less and find better ways of buying, using and disposing of stuff.


ReLondon’s mission is
to revolutionise our relationship
with stuff.

Some case studies.

ReLondon Project – Use ALL of the food we buy, less to throw-away.

4:29 – Reducing Waste – Food Wave, Re:London & Young Film Academy
Oct 11, 2021 – As part of the Food Wave project (, ReLondon commissioned the Young Film Academy (YFA – to collaborate with a group of young people to make a film about food Waste.

Aloor Bhorta | Bangladeshi Mashed Potatoes
1 lb yukon gold potatoes +1 tbsp salt for boiling or baking
3-6 dry red chilis +mustard/veg oil for frying
1/2 small red onion/shallots about 1/4 cup
1 tbsp mustard oil or ghee or if unavailable use any other oil and a dash of vinegar
1/2 tsp salt or to taste

1. First, boil or bake your potatoes. Check with a fork to see if it is tender
2. Peel off the skins or scoop out the potato from the baked potato, while they’re still warm. And save the potato skins!
3. In a small pan, heat some oil on medium high. Add in your red chilis.
4. Fry for about a minute or two until they darken a bit. Set aside and let them cool until they get crispy. Then once they are hard, mash the chilis into small pieces. Use gloves!
5. Add in your red onions, mustard oil, and salt, and mix everything together very well.
6. Then throw in your boiled potatoes and mash everything together.
7. Taste and adjust salt if needed. And that’s it. Enjoy!

The Benefits of Eating Potato Skins
If you eat only the skin of your baked potato, you benefit from more protein and fiber than eating the whole potato. It will cost you a few more calories, just the potato skin, but the overall nutritional profit may be worth the difference. There are millions of recipes for potato skins.

Rolled Cheese Sandwiches OR Cheese Rolls
The “ends” of your loaf of bread or Slices of bread with their crusts cut off
Your favorite Slices of Cheese
Butter or Oil for Frying
tooth picks for holding the rolls together, if needed

1. If slices, Cut off the crusts of the bread and save them for later use or use loaf ends.
2. place a slice of cheese on the “end side” OR each slice of bread and roll them up. Use tooth picks to hold them together if needed.
3. Fry the rolls in butter or oil on all sides, but only until held together, NOT if cheese begins to melt out of the rolls.
4. If tooth picks are used, pull them out and throw the away with other paper products. Then serve the Cheese Rolls.

Bread Crust Fries
Crusts of Bread
1 egg – beaten
canola oil
salt for sprinkling

1. Save the bread crusts from slices of bread in a plastic bag in your refrigerator, until you have enough. Put them in a bowl.
2. Pour the beaten egg over the crusts until they are all soaked up by the crusts.
3. Spread waxed or parchment paper over a baking sheet and coat it with oil.
4. Bake in a 150 C or 300 F oven until the crusts are brown on their edges
5. When finished baking, sprinkle with salt to taste and pile them on a plate.
6. Serve them with your favorite condiment.


We provide expert, practical, one-to-one support and consultancy to SMEs, helping you to grow by translating circular principles into business opportunities. Whether you’re new to circularity or a circular pro, join our mission and help us transform London into a “circular city”.

Bread to Beer

30 seconds – Here’s to a beer with more taste and a world without waste. Cheers.
Aug 13, 2020 – Food production is the biggest contributor to climate change but one third of all food is wasted. We’re here to change that. We brew planet-saving beer with surplus fresh bread. All our profits go to charities fixing the food system. Raise a Toast! Save the world! Cheers!

Did you know some of the earliest beers were made using wild yeast to ferment baked grains – very similar to bread! Nowadays us humans produce a lot of bread, using land, water and energy, but about 44% is wasted. There’s a similar story for all food – food production is the biggest contributor to Climate Change.
Since 2016, Toast Brewing has saved so many slices of bread that stacked up together, they’d be nearly 5 times the height of Mount Everest! We’re on a mission; fighting food waste, advocating for nature, and giving all our profits to charities protecting the natural world we love.

Rent and Buy Children’s Clothes

1:52 min – thelittleloop
Dec 18, 2023 – Why only the option to buy when you can borrow and swap whenever you want?
The simple, sustainable solution for fast growing kids and busy parents.

Join the No.1 Clothing Rental Club for kids!

It’s like a library for clothes! Become a member and choose clothes you love from the best quality sustainable brands. Then swap anytime – when the kids grow, the seasons change or you fancy something new. How it works at thelittleloop

Team Repair – Teach Children to Tackle the e-waste crisis

1:57 min – Introducing Team Repair
Mar 11, 2022 – We’re proud to introduce Team Repair to the world, as we move through testing and into early production! Follow us to stay up to date as we prepare to launch Autumn 2022
Team Repair project for ReLondon- ReLondon - Empower Consumer Behavior - Better Life for Stuff

Hi, we are Team Repair! We are an award-winning company founded by a team of Design Engineers from Imperial College London. We are on a mission to increase STEM uptake and tackle the e-waste crisis, using the magic of repair.
Our kits let students get hands-on with real products, developing an intrinsic interest in how things work and exploring the KS2/KS3 STEM curriculum in a unique way. They are designed to inspire students who don’t engage with traditional STEM education, and to nurture sustainability mindsets through repair.

Restart Parties & Repair Cafes & more ways to fix electric stuff……

The Restart Project is a people-powered social enterprise that believes every product should be repairable and reuse should be accessible and affordable for everyone. We call our London events Restart Parties because they have a fun, ad-hoc spirit where all are welcome to meet, mingle, and share in the fun of repair. Or find a Repair Shop in London.

Very Important to Listen and Find Ways to Encourage Citizen behavior Changes to recycle our stuff.

2:37 min – Making recycling work for people in Flats = Apartments
Jan 28, 2020 – A new report published today by Resource London shows that actions such as cleaning up dirty, dark bin areas, making sure bins are emptied regularly, and ensuring bins can take a full bag of recyclables, improve recycling behaviour in flats.
Over a nine-month intervention period, there was a 22% increase in capture rates (from 38.2% to 46.8%) and a 26% increase in recycling rates (from 10.7% to 13.4%).
There was also an improvement in the contamination rate which decreased by 24% (from 30.7% to 23.4%) Resource London is now working with councils and housing associations in London to get the Flats Recycling Package introduced.


ReLondon  CEweek2024 exhibtion- ReLondon - Empower Consumer Behavior - Better Life for Stuff

Join us for our 7th annual circular economy showcase –
Monday 30 September to
Sunday 6 October 2024.

ReLondon  CEweek2024 exhibtion- ReLondon - Empower Consumer Behavior - Better Life for Stuff

#CEweek2024 is a week of inspiration and celebration to showcase and accelerate the stuff revolution. It is hosted by ReLondon, our circular economy partner.

ReLondon is an off-shoot of the City of London Waste and Recycling Board, the statutory body for London’s local and regional government to improve London’s waste management.

After the interruptions of the past few years, the ReLondon impact report 2022-23 is their first report on the positive difference, achieving a powerful presentation of evidence of the revolutionary impact they have had during the 2022-23 financial year, for London and beyond.
Wayne Hubbard, CEO of ReLondon, “In the pages that follow, we examine ReLondon’s impact through the lens of three main audiences, all supported by evidence: London’s local authorities; its businesses; and its citizens. It comprises an assessment of 32 projects – some of them award-winning – all of them substantiated by surveys, interviews and enriched with a selection of case studies. We hope that it makes inspiring reading.

Jobs and tenders
Do you want to see a change in the world – help revolutionise our relationship with stuff?


Eco-Ethical User Experience (UX) posts

This is a series of posts about promoting Eco-Ethical USER EXPERIENCE (UX) to ward off the “temperature ticking time-bomb”. Can we make it easier for us all to master the art of “climate conscious buying”?
The Words
The Eco-Anxiety
Product Design Review – Form should still follow Function

The APPs – The different kinds
>Transportation APPs
>Clothing, etc. APPs
>Food APPs
>Carbon Footprint and more kinds of APPs
The Gases
We Need To USE THE CO2! …..For Industry – Big Market!

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