Reman Day — 14 April, 2022

REmanufacturing is one of the most important industries for the Circular Economy.


How to keep within planetary boundaries.

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Remanufacturing is getting more organized
What is Global Reman Day?
There is a lot to do in Remanufacturing!
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Remanufacturing is getting more organized:

Remanufacturing Definition and the Reman Standard:
a comprehensive and rigorous industrial process by which a previously sold, leased, used, worn or non-functional product or part is returned to a “like-new” or “better-than-new” condition, from both a quality and performance perspective, through a controlled, reproducible and sustainable process

Remanufacturing is getting more organized:

Reman in the marketplace

Use the symbol, below, along with the label, to mark your remanufactured products and spread the image of REMAN.

The revised reman standard, published in 2021, introduced a mark that companies can use to identify that their process complies with RIC001.2-2021: Specifications for the Process of Remanufacturing.

Look for this symbol (below), along with the label, identifying products that are remanufactured using a certified remanufacturing process.

REMAN LABEL- Reman Day -- 14 April, 2022

Remanufactured by ABC Company, Inc.
(any company with Remanufacturing services in compliance with and)
in conformance with ANSI/RIC001.2-2021

and more organization:

A Slide Deck:
Remanufacturing: a Journey from American to International Standard

Remanufacturing Industries Council (RIC) took the first step in the standardization effort with an ANSI standard for remanufacturing that was published in 2017. The published ANSI standard has since been well received across industries and an effort to globalize the standards effort is underway.
What’s Next?
Now that the 2021 revision has been published, RIC’s Trade & Policy Committee is discussing the next steps, including the possibility of an international remanufacturing standard.

This: slide deck starts with a discussion of the ANSI standard that has been completed, what worked, lessons learned and in 2021 was further revised. Then starting at slide 12 it dives into how RIC is working to develop a global standard for remanufacturing, including challenges and opportunities. This is slide 17:

remanufacturing standard benefits- Reman Day -- 14 April, 2022

Reman Day 2022
14 April, 2022

Months to plan an event!
more Reman exposure

What is Global Reman Day?

It is the day designated to advance the Remanufacturing Industry through Remanufacturer-hosted and workforce development events.

RIC – The Remanufacturing Industries Council would like you to:
Register your Event
Use their Reman Day Resources to plan your event
Find a Reman Day event near you

remanufacturing poster- Reman Day -- 14 April, 2022

Event Ideas for Reman Day….
Your could use the Reman Day Event Planning page to plan an event to host.
If you click on that page you will find some ideas to get you started. 

Internal events
External events

From Reman Day 2018

38 seconds – Reman Day 2018

From Reman Day 2019

56 seconds – International remanufacturing day 2019 – SKF Group

From Reman Day 2020

2:12 minutes – SDG Celebrates Reman Day 2020
1:41 minutes – Reman Day – Getting the Word Out about Remanufacturing | KY3 – SRC Holdings Corp.

From Reman Day 2021

3:00 minutes – Reman Day 2021 – Remanufacturing Industries Council

Recover all the material we can
and keep it out of the Junk Yard.

There is a lot that can be REmanufactured!

Remanufacturing is Blue Companies, Indirect Circular Sector

Green type Companies, Direct Circular Sector.

Dedicated Circular

started Green
>Use WASTE as a Resource
>Prioritise Regenerative
>Start-ups in every industry
>New Industries!
>Renewable Energy
>Clean Transportation
>Sustainable Food

moved to Green
>Close Life Cycle Design
>Rethink to Sustainable Business Model
>Team up to Create Joint Value
>eco Supply Chains
>Industrial, Product Design &Architecture
>Rethink Production
>Renting or Leasing
>use co.’s WASTE

have green divisions
Business as usual, but with the following:
>Sustain & Preserve
what’s Already made
>Assess Life Cycle
>Use WASTE as a Resource
>Switch to sustainable business model
>sell / recycle unusable WASTE
>Renting or Leasing

So many things
that can be re-manufactured!

limited list of the Range of products being remanufactured

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive Parts
  • Air-conditioning units
  • Batteries NiMH/LIO
  • Bakery Equipment
  • Carpet tiles
  • Compressors
  • Computer and telecom. equipment.
  • Defense equipment
  • Electrical motors and apparatus
  • Excavation equipment
  • Fashion apparel and accessories
  • Gaming Machines
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Industrial food processing equipment
  • Machine tools
  • Medical Equipment
  • Musical Instruments
  • Office furniture
  • Office photocopiers (laser toner cartridges)
  • Power bearings
  • Pumps
  • Robots
  • Rolling stock (railway vehicles)
  • Surgical Medical Tables
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Toner Cartridges
  • Vehicular Parts
  • Vending Machines

Here is a series of posts about Africa and one of the business areas that I believe Africa could take on in a big way: Remanufacturing, to re-use all the old imported products on the continent:
Africa – Please Stay Harmonised with planet Earth.
Africa for Small Businesses
– Opportunities, Opportunities!

ReManufacture, Reman, ReNewed
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Reman Day — 14 April, 2022
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There are more posts that mention Africa in some way, here

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