Shipping’s Carbon Footprint and your Small Business >> Your Vote

….You can vote your influence on sea, air and land shipping by how much you use it.

In this post:
Climate News,
Marine Shipping is in-between countries,
local versus long distance suppliers,
Air Shipping has no boarders,
Who is responsible for the CO2 emissions from planes and ships?
…a list at the bottom of this series on Carbon Footprint

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ReManufacturing Win-Win for Africa

………………to say nothing of the rest of the developing areas of planet Earth.

In this post:
ReManufacturing units in Africa is a fantastic opportunity to add jobs,
Africa is ready to grow big with ReManufacturing,
ReManufacturing in Africa of some kind, in 27 for her countries,
ReManufacturing Industry – seriously in need of skilled workers,
Probe Corp. auto-electrical workshop – remanufacturing and innovative repair
…and a list at the bottom of posts in the Africa and ReManufacturing series.

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