Healthy Bowel Movements – How to Simplify Your Life!


Confessions of a lazy information blogger who did not take her own advice. How a “makeshift squat step” changed MY life!

For those with a sit-on-toilet…….

the Squat Step Up – The #1 way to #2

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ISO knows the Value of WASTE! >>> Break-thru

………Essential for Industry!

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
at the heart and soul of industrial processes worldwide.

ISO knows the Value of WASTE and Closing-the-Loop

The idea for the ISO Circular Economy committee began with a seminar held by AFNOR, ISO’s member for France. What followed was a French standard, XP X30-901, Circular economy, published in 2018. The response was so positive that an international committee was proposed and ISO/TC 323 began to get to work.
The standards for ISO/TC 323 are to be published in 2024.

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America! Clean Cool Air!! – Back To The Year 1800!!!

A Review: Ezra Klein interviews a Climate Clean-up Expert

America!!! Make it happen in the USofA!
The $370 billion Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) offers oodles of money to get back to Cool Clean Air for YOUR everyday life including tax credits, discounts, and rebates.

BUT, what is the big picture, which of these benefits should YOU use? What will the future bring? Things have already changed, Technology is improving things all the time!

If you have the time and like podcasts….Ezra Klein had a discussion with a climate expert about where we are with the big picture. ….. HOWEVER, I have some comments to make about what has changed since they talked in September.

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ReManufacturing – One of the Most Important Contributions

> Saving the World’s Resources

REMAN DAY 13 April, 2023

Along with RIC in the USA, there are the following collaborators:

>> Remanufactured <<

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REBUILD GREEN! – GREEN Tools to Recover!

The Ukraine has been totally disrupted and has this powerful opportunity to show the world that “GREEN WORKS”.

Ukraine, manmade or Natural Disasters, use GREEN recovery !!!
Powerful Opportunity for us all!

With a
“Symbol of Hope”
from Nature….

Ukraine is already involved in the GREEN movement !
>> So important to work on GREEN Recovery, cleaning up after each Catastrophe.

(The first post is here: GREEN Tools To Recover From Disasters! The second post with reminders for the Ukraine is HERE. THIS POST is the last in this series and offers more reminders.

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Feature Image above:Valley” by

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In the mood to phase out fossil fuel? People-Civic

Yes! Society, People, Civic! One of the ESGs.
Things we can do, NOW, to phase them out.
– Grass Roots Efforts

Hard to talk to China. So let’s talk to USA! ………………….and Europe

This blog,, looks for the encouraging things that we humans can do to harmonize with planet Earth.  The problem that stands out and never seems to stop is fossil fuel. Here too, there are ways to work on phasing them out. Now!

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Photo by Callum Shaw on Unsplash

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Climate Retrofits – The Need to Focus on Green Energy

Climate Retrofits with Heat Pumps =  
Modify, change, remodel to a better way for planet Earth
To Change to a system that does not require fossil fuel

There is a Huge Demand to upgrade every home worldwide with Heat Pumps, the declared leader in Heating and Cooling our places of Shelter.

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Huge Worldwide Demand !
Reversing Climate, One Home / Building At A TimeBloc Power

My Crazy Idea
Wait a minute! Let’s back up….and at Sea?
This OPT Buoy might work in a moon pool to retrofit ships?
Why ships of the future will run on electricity
…a list at the bottom of other posts about wind and waves and Retrofits.

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Reman Day – “Remanufacturing for Africa” – Waste to New

Reman Day celebratesREmanufacturing – one of the most important industries for the Circular Economy and our Future!

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Urban Energy Retrofits – Heat Pumps are Better, Sustainable

Huge World Wide Demand for Urban Energy Retrofits!
Lots of room for small businesses in Heat Pumps.
Can your business be part of this?

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Better Buildings, Block by Block,
Reversing Climate Change, One Building At A Time – Bloc Power
Retrofit cuts energy use by 36 percent at Lisbon’s Historic City Hall
Theres lots to think about when setting up a retrofit business.
A Closer Look at Energy Retrofit Financing,
City Energy Project Resource Library
Heat pumps could satisfy 90% of global heating needs
What to do with your old boiler? Do not waste WASTE revenue.

above image: My Zero Energy Retrofit Beats my 401(k) “The return on investment is over double the return on my retirement investments this year.”

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#1 Leaky Toilets are Everyone’s Business ! Keep the Drinkable Water!

A problem that no one wants to fix?

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ReManufacture, Reman, ReNewed – Basis of the Circular Economy

ReManufacture, Reman, ReNewed – Foundation of the Circular Economy 66

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ReManufacture = Big Reuse Resources Business,
Our planet Earth is just 9% circular!,
if you have not eaten it or exploded it…you can ReManufacture it!,
Impacts of Remanufacturing,
Finding a ReManufacturer,
Reman Industry troubled by Need for MORE Skilled Technicians
…Remember that at the bottom, more posts on the Africa and ReManufacturing

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