UKRAINE! REBUILD GREEN! – Powerful Opportunity for us all!

So many in the world are scared to disrupt their business to go GREEN. The Ukraine has been totally disrupted and has this powerful opportunity to show the world that “GREEN WORKS”.

For Ukrainians! Switch here to Ukrainian language!- or English?

With a “Symbol of Hope” from Nature….

Ukraine is already involved in the GREEN movement !
>> So important to work on this as you clean up after each Strike.

(The first post is here: Ukraine Can Win The Race To Net Zero!) The second post with reminders for the Ukraine is HERE. “This post” is the last in this series and offers more reminders.

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…Remember-at the bottom a list of posts on WASTE WEALTH

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Finally in the mood to phase out fossil fuel? People-Civic

Yes! Society, People, Civic! One of the ESGs.
Things we can do, NOW, to phase them out.
– Grass Roots Efforts

Hard to talk to China. So let’s talk to USA! ………………….and Europe

This blog,, looks for the encouraging things that we humans can do to harmonize with planet Earth.  The problem that stands out and never seems to stop is fossil fuel. Here too, there are ways to work on phasing them out. Now!

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Let’s look at the Climate refugees IN the USA.
“Internal displacement”
Adaption OR solution?
Solutions rather than adapting?
Your neighbors talking – climate change?
Solutions, Solutions
Kicking oil companies out of schools
Fossil Fuel Phaseout–From Below
How shareholders are pushing big banks for climate action 
Why I’m Capping a Leaking Gas Well for My Birthday!
Playing my part
These Groups Want Disruptive Climate Protests. Oil Heirs Are Funding Them.
The Financial Times Climate Game – investors
links to actually do it. Just Do It!
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Photo by Callum Shaw on Unsplash

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Climate Retrofits on Land or at Sea >> Big Demand

Retrofit =  
to modify, change, remodel to a new purpose or need,
to modify equipment, to replace existing parts, etc., with updated parts or systems.

A fix to reduce Fossil Fuel worldwide!
Electric-powered heat pumps that both heat and cool to replace oil&gas. Use renewable electricity to power the electric-powered heat pumps.

In this post:
Huge Worldwide Demand !
Reversing Climate, One Home / Building At A TimeBloc Power

My Crazy Idea
Wait a minute! Let’s back up….and at Sea?
This OPT Buoy might work in a moon pool to retrofit ships?
Why ships of the future will run on electricity
…a list at the bottom of other posts about wind and waves and Retrofits.

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Urban Energy Retrofits for existing buildings

Huge World Wide Demand!
Lots of room for small businesses.
Can your business be part of this?

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Better Buildings, Block by Block,
Reversing Climate Change, One Building At A Time – Bloc Power
Retrofit cuts energy use by 36 percent at Lisbon’s Historic City Hall
Theres lots to think about when setting up a retrofit business.
A Closer Look at Energy Retrofit Financing,
City Energy Project Resource Library
Heat pumps could satisfy 90% of global heating needs
What to do with your old boiler? Do not waste WASTE revenue.

above image: My Zero Energy Retrofit Beats my 401(k) “The return on investment is over double the return on my retirement investments this year.”

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