The World is too small for ….Pox?

Infections that pass from animals to humans are known as zoonotic diseases. Some of these also have the ability to pass from human to human once they make the jump across species.
In that respect, monkeypox has some similarities to Covid-19. But it’s been around a lot longer than the coronavirus behind the recent pandemic.

In this post:
How Population Growth and Human Activity
Increase the Risk of Zoonosis
What is monkeypox and why is it spreading? – comprehensive!!
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above photo: Photo by NCI on Unsplash

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Myco-Remediation – Decompose and Remedy – a Care-Giver

Most Mycelium businesses pull down CO2

In this post:
The SERVICE of Myco-Remedying
Do you have any idea how much Fungus helps pull down Carbon?
Official! Mycorrhizal fungal networks; a major global “carbon sink”
Industrial Messes
Mycoremediation is like a care-giver
Environmental Remediation Jobs
If Mycoremediation has triggered your interest…..
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Practical, Efficient way to Heal Ocean Habitat

Time to #3

The more companies that look for their business solutions in Nature, the closer we will all come to harmony with planet Earth!

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Biomimicry is the practice of copying Nature
Ray of Hope Prize Program Winner – ECOncrete
ECOncrete is also in the Solar Impulse 1000 solutions
Other ideas to Heal Ocean Habitat
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above image: econcrete’s ecomat

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Vetiver System Proven I say, “Heal the Land with Vetiver”

Vetiver System < (C. zizanioides)

Do you live near one of these scars?

Vancouver Island copper mine that has been recovered
Vancouver Island Copper Mine

Heal the Scars,
Put back BioDiversity.
Capture and pull down CO2.
Rid the land and water of contaminants.
Slow down water velocity.
Attract native species to return and Heal.
Not invasive
Strong Organic Stablization of land
Much Cheaper than ridged contruction!
>>>>>All with the Vetiver Grass System

In this post:
Vetiver Grass can do it ALL!
an illustrative Story,
Let’s “Heal the Scars”– Reclaim the land,
Positive Healing Results from Planting Vetiver,
Using Vetiver to restore, heal dry lands, deserts in Vietnam
A unique Bioengineering Tool
Where can you find Vetiver- Chrysopogon zizanioides?

above image: Abandoned Illegal Gold Mine destruction in the Amazon

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What about the Bees? The Urgent Need for Biodiversity.

Lots of simple things to do for Green Recovery

Bees, The Most Important Beings On planet Earth

In this post:
Why Are Bees Important?
1. Protect Bee habitat
2. For Bee Emergencies
3. Create a Bee Bath
4. Build homes for Bees
5. Plant a Bee-friendly garden of flowers and Trees
6. Support Beekeepers
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Bio-Diversity – The Foundation of Life and How to Save It

I think you know.
I am NOT one of the doom sayers that constantly talks about disasters, but Bio-Diversity is one thing that we need to understand, before we can work to keep ours safe. So let’s look into what happened and empower ourselves to fix this.

In this post:
Why are all these viruses connected to Animals?,
5 years ago: Bill Gates said this would happen!,
The scientific link between the pandemic and biodiversity,
2 years ago: The Next Plague Is Coming. Is America Ready?,
Who is working to save Bio Diversity?
In very clear detail some examples of what this means to Humans!
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Above image: Israel Lockdown: Jackals Are Taking Over Tel Aviv’s Main Park; Haaretz photographer Ofer Vaknin (see below)

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#4 We have how many years to save planet Earth?

Using all the waste…   Using everything.  How can Toilets help?

In this post:
What is that?  …..Desertification,
Can Animals and Land Management reverse climate change?
Using natural nutrients – manures, etc., so that the ground absorbs more CO2.
Cost Comparison | Organic Vs Chemical 
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photo above: David Law on Unsplash

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