Every Print Shop can “Go ECO”! NOW!

In this post:
NO ONE can use the excuse that there are “no alternatives”,
How does a Small Business local Print Shop “Go Eco”?,
Is yours a Screen Printing Shop?,
Are you trying to decide what changes to make to “Go ECO”?,
Your first time considering Offset?
How about starting with a used machine?
What do you do with any Build-up of “waste”?
…and Remember there are 8 more posts about printing& packaging at the bottom of this post!

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Path to Cradle to Cradle Certified™ #2 – the Homework

In this post:
The principles/standards of the Home Work….
Case studies

There is one post, before this one:
1. How do you “Do the Homework”? You start by finding help……
There is another post, after this one:
3. Cost
Private Label Trademark License with C2C Certification
…a list at the bottom of other posts the talk about Cradle to Cradle Certified™

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Harvesting Waste Ideas. Waste Rushes? NOW!

In this post: some real clean-ups!
Energy from a Cheese by-product,
Local Rubbish Removal with Recycling – an excellent small business,
Municipal WASTE to resource – UBQ,
Sewage WASTE to a resource – Ingelia,
WASTE Glass in polymer concrete,
factory WASTE into new food and drink – Practical Innovation & O. Vine
WASTED SPACE – Growing Underground
A Waste Lab

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For Hire – Ilan Katz – Environmental Processes Engineering

Ilan Katz is one of the Israeli researchers who developed technology producing water from air – Water for Everyone

In this post:
FOR HIRE: Mr. Ilan Katz, Consulting and Environmental Engineering, Entrepreneur Support and Assistance,
Personal: Directions, Education, Experience, Skills, Services, Associations ………..WasteExpo

above image: Ilan Katz as part of the team that developed Israeli ‘Direct Cooling’ Solar Tech Produces Water from Dry Air

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#5 Dry Toilet sanitation systems for our growing population

In this post:
Human Waste,
So, where are we with human manure,
OK, how about dry toilets in high-rise buildings? multiple family complexes?
Experts say the solution is not flush toilets and centralized sewage systems ,
Doing it NOW!
Container Based Sanitation
…a list at the bottom of 7 posts on the subject of water-sanitation-toilets

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