How To Finance Your Own “Green” Recovery – 8 Tips for Small Businesses

as of 2.7.2020

This is not going to happen overnight! Worth looking into every angle!
There are lots of people worldwide worrying about Small Businesses.
The foundation of World Economy!

In this post:
Community Development Financial Institution – CDFI
2020 Construction Startup Competition, 26 July 2020 deadline
Fintechs and How Can They Help Small Business?
Green Investment Banks
Seed-funded rapid business incubation
Building a business and/or recovery as a Latino entrepreneur
…More Jobs & Money posts listed at the bottom of this one…….

Above image: Green Finance Austria

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another 14+ Green Companies To Work For – Job Vacancies NOW

as of 22.6.2020

Yes! Green Recovery #8 ……. I am going through all my posts to check for Green Jobs. These will give you ideas of where else to look for work.

In this post:
Vacancies at Green Companies To Work For by how Green the company
New York City, 6 global locations, Paris, Hamburg, Around the World, California, USA locations and Beijing, USA, Canada, UK, Onsite or Remote Possibilities, Oregon, Belgium, Austria, India, New Jersey
…More Job Vacancies in other posts listed at the bottom of this post.

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Solstice, 21 June, 2020

Another long Day to think about the Whole Thing – Solstice

In this post:
What it means to be in the Anthropocene.
Humans are the most adaptable animal on planet Earth
this is not a war – this is not Nature against humans
How Ironic, the USA started changes 50 years ago
Humans can reverse what needs to be changed.
Our Urbanizing planet.
We have 2 BIG things to change.

image above: Anthropocene – the Human Epoch  Official U.S. Trailer

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horrific disruptive – Economic Opportunity!

Recovery Thinking

In this post:
Do you see the opportunity now in front of you?,
In the present pandemic moment, there’s plenty to learn from standing still.,
Not Everyone sees this as the end of ends.
Use your Fintech to start working toward recovery.,
Companies already see this as an Economic Opportunity to switch to Circular!
Let me tell you a story
…More Job Vacancies in other posts also listed at the bottom of this post …a list at the bottom of other posts on urgent issues

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Our Link to COVID 19 = Shrinking Bio-Diversity

In this post:
Why are all these viruses connected to Animals?,
5 years ago: Bill Gates said this would happen!,
The link between the coronavirus pandemic and biodiversity loss,
2 years ago: The Next Plague Is Coming. Is America Ready?,
Who is working to preserve Bio Diversity?
…a list at the bottom of other posts on important issues

Above image: Israel Lockdown: Jackals Are Taking Over Tel Aviv’s Main Park; Haaretz photographer Ofer Vaknin (see below)

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with clear helpful information

In this post:
Every Minute UP-TO-DATE information about COVID-19
How does COVID-19 enter the body?
Graph: Social Distancing is So Important
There is an end to this……..
It is a Person/Human Being, that brings something that you need.
Consider some kind of “thank you”
the Loop – sustainable delivery

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ECO Paper

Let us start with the Paper you print on….. FULL of ideas…………

In this post:
Passionate Pioneers in Eco-Friendly Printing- Print The Change eG,
Are you printing on Paper? What kind of Paper?,
…a list at the bottom of other posts about the Printing & Packaging Industry

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Too much Methane !

You want to know why Australia has been burning up?
this is how I put 2+2 together…….

In this post:
I believe I have made a big mistake.
How did the Permafrost Heat up so much?
Where has this extra methane heat come from?
no doubt, still leaking……..
The USA is not the only country that continues to ignore it

Above Aminmation: A reduction in global burned area in the 2000s had an unexpectedly large impact on methane emissions. (It looks like it is more complicated than that!) JANUARY 2, 2018 Find the full animation here. Credit: NASA/GSFC/SVS.** What’s Important: increase in methane

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Path to Cradle to Cradle Certified™ #2 – the Homework

In this post:
The principles/standards of the Home Work….
Case studies

There is one post, before this one:
1. How do you “Do the Homework”? You start by finding help……
There is another post, after this one:
3. Cost
Private Label Trademark License with C2C Certification
…a list at the bottom of other posts the talk about Cradle to Cradle Certified™

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