MicroGrids – The Surprising Electric Gate to Clean Energy

It is all very well and good for me to publish a post about:

How To Get More Electricity For Your Community
BUT what if you can’t hook it up to your Utility Grid?

MicroGrids will upgrate the Big Grids

Renewables lead to Electricity.
The Gate to use this Clean Energy is the “Electricity Power Grid“.
BUT it needs a big infrastructure facelift / upgrade.
The whole world of electric grids are old or do not exist!
How do we fix this?

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How to get More Electricity for your community – worldwide

You are sitting next to it!

Clean up the Climate and make Electricity!
Solve 2 problems with 1 action!

Every community worldwide has a pile of Solid Waste.

Within a year that Waste pile will start to make Gas/Methane.

What is your community going to do about the Methane?

>> Capture the Methane from your Garbage Dump. Get More Electricity.

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Trash to Treasure Video Theater and Youtube Channel

For those looking beyond their Waste at home…………


above image: “Pollution is nothing but Resources we are not harvesting.” R. Buckminster Fuller

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SMALL Landfills – Capture the Methane And Make Energy, too.

How much Municipal Solid Waste is considered the size of
SMALL Landfills / Garbage Dumps?

It used to be I million – 3 million tons of Municipal Solid Waste-in-place.

slide 5 of the presentation

Now-a-days there appears to be no limit to the size of a “Landfill project to produce energy” as long as the people who own it can find
1. an end user for the gas or electricity
2. Funding for the project.

The Landfills/Garbage Dumps discussed in this post range from 360,000 tons to 2.8 million tons of waste-in-place.

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CH4 Investments >>Urgent! >>Today! ——– Landfill Gas (LFG)

One of the quickest ways to reduce Methane in our skies is with such CH4 Investments.

CH4 is Methane!
Methane is half of the GHG in Landfill Gas (RNG).
Saving the planet, at least 1 Landfill a day, every day!

We take the Value from Waste and the Climate Cleans Up!


above image: Methane plume from a landfill collected from airborne remote sensing survey using AVRIS-NG. Provided by Carbon Mapper.

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Cleaner Energy Investments! Time to invest in your Landfill!

Capture Landfill Gas – to Reduce Methane in the atmosphere, contain MSWaste and make cleaner Fuel on the Spot!

We have some very important investments to make
to USE the GAS in the World’s Garbage Dumps
described as a “Bridge Gas”- much cleaner than fossil:
Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

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Mycelium Packaging – How To Make It A Business In 2023


27 Sept. 2023 look for EXCITING NEWS!!!

It is already a Business! And Growing!
We are talking about:

mycelium-composite material packaging
MycoComposite packaging inserts

Mycelium Packaging is all about the “inserts” that are put inside a box to protect a product during shipment. That is what this is all about.

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America! Clean Cool Air!! – Back To The Year 1800!!!

A Review: Ezra Klein interviews a Climate Clean-up Expert

America!!! Make it happen in the USofA!
The $370 billion Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) offers oodles of money to get back to Cool Clean Air for YOUR everyday life including tax credits, discounts, and rebates.

BUT, what is the big picture, which of these benefits should YOU use? What will the future bring? Things have already changed, Technology is improving things all the time!

If you have the time and like podcasts….Ezra Klein had a discussion with a climate expert about where we are with the big picture. ….. HOWEVER, I have some comments to make about what has changed since they talked in September.

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We CAN deal with the #1 Mistake: fossil fuel – Today



This is so simple!

fuel from OLD BIOMASS: Fossil Fuel is a MISTAKE!
It has been a MISTAKE for years!!

For some time now, it has been possible to

in this post

charts above can be found at: https://www.statista.com/

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The “Relief” of phasing out Fossil Fuel! …Now!

“Fix it action” is possible, Now!
The posts* below, offer real actions we can take, Today.

Maybe we should really start calling them “mistakes” for they surely are!

Photo above by Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash    

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In the mood to phase out fossil fuel? – Governance

Yes, Governance! One of the ESGs.
WOW! So much is already happening, TODAY, to phase them out.*
– Solutions through the law

“The rules of our world are laws, and they can be changed. Laws can restrict or they can enable. What matters is what they serve. Many of the laws in our world serve property – they are based on ownership. But imagine a law that has a higher moral authority… a law that puts people and planet first. Imagine a law that starts from first “do no harm”, that stops this dangerous game and takes us to a place of safety….” Polly Higgins, 2015

“We need to change the rules.”
Greta Thunberg, 2019

In this post:

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash 

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In the mood to phase out fossil fuel? People-Civic

Yes! Society, People, Civic! One of the ESGs.
Things we can do, NOW, to phase them out.
– Grass Roots Efforts

Hard to talk to China. So let’s talk to USA! ………………….and Europe

This blog, wasterush.info, looks for the encouraging things that we humans can do to harmonize with planet Earth.  The problem that stands out and never seems to stop is fossil fuel. Here too, there are ways to work on phasing them out. Now!

in this post

Photo by Callum Shaw on Unsplash

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Bhutan – ESG & the little Kingdom of Bhutan

This is the story of
ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) and
the little Kingdom of Bhutan

This is a cautionary story of success and urgency…………..
Bhutan is a “Carbon Sink”! They have already reached 2050 !
They continue to further their efforts. But they are part of planet Earth, so they suffer from the mistakes of others.

If all the World would make changes like Bhutan has……we would save Bhutan and the rest of us Humans!

In this post:
Bhutan is a Carbon Sink.
How have they Reversed Climate Change? (REALLY!),
Bhutan for Life,
AgainA reminder about all that Bhutan has been doing
Come together at COP 26 and dance!

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Mycelium Momentum; World is waking up.

Mycelium Congress 2021
Entirely virtual conferences   ON LINE

4 days of conferences and networking
Every Thursday in September! 2,9 & 16 Sept, 2021 and 23 Sept, 2021

An international scientific event from Quebec, Canada, dedicated to fungal innovation and edible forest products. The conference includes seminars, workshops and networking activities aiming at bringing together. Regional, national and international experts in mycology and mycotechnology to showcase mycological innovation successes from the past 5 years. In order to allow optimal functioning of the virtual platform, please note that registrations will close at noon the day before each conference day.

In this post:
Mycelium is “in Industry”, says the news and growing demand
a game called Mycelium,
…Mycelium in Industry, the entire list at the end, my other Mycelium posts

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Recycling Grants/Funding for Waste Plastic

Another post in the series:
Waste Plastic Upcycle Businesses – Opportunities, Opportunities!

In this post:
some Funding and Grant Sources directories,
from Africa,ASEAN countries,Australia, Canada, EU, India, UK, USA, World Wide,Maybe a Crowdfunder?
Maybe a new way to find assistance – CoffeeMug?
Waste; our Assurance of future Resources, more posts listed at the bottom

above image: Plastic Collage, Precious Plastic: A Global Community of Recycling Entrepreneurs

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Confidence & Peace of Mind tools for Small Businesses and Start-ups who have joined the Circular Economy
Light is at the end of the tunnel, ahead

In this post:
In this pandemic moment, there’s plenty to learn from standing still.
Top Sustainable Business Trends for 2021,
Different methods to RE-THINK
Past crises teach us to put people and planet first
Some practical helpers – website fixes and/or Google things
…Remember list at the bottom of posts about Crises, Jobs and Recovery

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WIND POWER back down to Earth – VAWT Money!

Momentum is building! There is room for lots of VAWT solutions!

Bringing the use of WIND back down to Earth!

In this post:
Outlook for electricity 2020 -2030
Does it still make sense to review other ways of thinking?
More R&D
….VAWT posts on Wasterush.info

Above image: https://windharvest.com/projects_and_sales/simpson-ridge-wind-farm/

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Urban Energy Retrofits for existing buildings

Huge World Wide Demand!
Lots of room for small businesses.
Can your business be part of this?

In this post:
Better Buildings, Block by Block,
Reversing Climate Change, One Building At A Time – Bloc Power
Retrofit cuts energy use by 36 percent at Lisbon’s Historic City Hall
Theres lots to think about when setting up a retrofit business.
A Closer Look at Energy Retrofit Financing,
City Energy Project Resource Library
Heat pumps could satisfy 90% of global heating needs
What to do with your old boiler? Do not waste WASTE revenue.

above image: My Zero Energy Retrofit Beats my 401(k) “The return on investment is over double the return on my retirement investments this year.”

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17+ More Green Companies To Work For

Yes! Green Recovery more job opportunities, – #10/12

updated: 30.6.2021

In this post:
Vacancies in Green, Yellow & Blue companies: USA, Canada, UK, EU, Asia Pacific, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Indiana, Germany, Austria, Poland, Chicago & St. Louis,  Global, Berlin, New York City, San Fransisco, Tel Aviv, Dallas, Sweden/Israel, Australia
…More Job Vacancies in other posts listed at the bottom.

Above image: https://tomorrowmovement.com/climate-jobs-guarantee/

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Finance Your Own Green Recovery – 8 Tips for Small Business

This is not going to happen overnight! Worth looking into every angle!
There are lots of people worldwide worrying about Small Businesses Financing Your Own Green Recovery.
The foundation of World Economy!

In this post:
Community Development Financial Institution – CDFI
2020 Construction Startup Competition, 26 July 2020 deadline
Fintechs and How Can They Help Small Business?
Green Investment Banks
Seed-funded rapid business incubation
Building a business and/or recovery as a Latino entrepreneur
…More Jobs & Money posts listed at the bottom of this one…….

Above image: among other activities Captivating Sponsors Micro-Finance loans in Nepal, Philippines & China

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Green Companies To Work For – Job Vacancies NOW

updated: 22.3.2021

Yes! Green Recovery……. I am going through all my posts to check for Green Jobs. These will also give you ideas of where else to look for work. They include many different types of jobs. #8/12

In this post:
Vacancies at Green Companies To Work For by how Green the company
New York City, 6 global locations, Paris, Hamburg, Around the World, California, USA locations and Beijing, USA, Canada, UK, Onsite or Remote Possibilities, Oregon, Belgium, Austria, India, New Jersey
…More Job Vacancies in other posts listed at the bottom of this post.

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10+ more green companies to work with job vacancies NOW

Yes! Green Recovery – #7/12

update: 7.3.2023

In this post:
Vacancies by how Green the company: UK, New Jersey, Switzerland, USA, California, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, France, Germany, Colorado, remote, Ireland, EU, Stockholm, New York, Washington DC, Beijing, EU, Eastern Europe, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Virginia, World Wide
…More Job Vacancies in other posts listed at the bottom of this post.

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Jobs at eco Companies: 12+, MORE Vacancies Now

Green, Yellow & Blue – #4/12
updated: 20.3.2021

In this post:
Vacancies by how Green the company: New York, California, New Jersey, India, Global, Australia, UK, Madagascar, Kenya, Guatemala, Washington DC, San Francisco, Uganda, Around the World, Michigan, Vermont, Remote, Switzerland
…More Job Vacancies in other posts listed at the bottom of this post.

above image: A Time for Transformation: Building a More Sustainable, Resilient, and Inclusive Asia-Pacific after COVID-19, The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), https://www.iges.or.jp/en/projects/covid19

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Green Jobs and Recovery Money – where? how? when?

updated: 23.3.2021

There is money out thereGreen Jobs & Recovery Money

In this post:
Green Jobs websites
Checking the websites on my posts for Green Jobs & Money
Green Job and/or Money: Switzerland, UK, The Netherlands, USA, Brazil, Germany, NY, California, EU, Africa, Japan
…More Job Vacancies in other posts listed at the bottom of this post.

These posts will be updated, as more information comes in

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