10+ more green companies to work for with job vacancies NOW

Yes! Green Recovery #7

as of 15.6.2020

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Vacancies by how Green the company: UK, New Jersey, Switzerland, USA, California, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, France, Germany, Colorado, remote, Ireland, EU, Stockholm, New York, Washington DC, Beijing, EU, Eastern Europe, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Virginia, World Wide
…More Job Vacancies in other posts listed at the bottom of this post.

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Our Link to COVID 19 = Shrinking Bio-Diversity

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Why are all these viruses connected to Animals?,
5 years ago: Bill Gates said this would happen!,
The link between the coronavirus pandemic and biodiversity loss,
2 years ago: The Next Plague Is Coming. Is America Ready?,
Who is working to preserve Bio Diversity?
…a list at the bottom of other posts on important issues

Above image: Israel Lockdown: Jackals Are Taking Over Tel Aviv’s Main Park; Haaretz photographer Ofer Vaknin (see below)

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with clear helpful information

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Every Minute UP-TO-DATE information about COVID-19
How does COVID-19 enter the body?
Graph: Social Distancing is So Important
There is an end to this……..
It is a Person/Human Being, that brings something that you need.
Consider some kind of “thank you”
the Loop – sustainable delivery

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Harvesting Waste Ideas. Waste Rushes? NOW!

In this post: some real clean-ups!
Energy from a Cheese by-product,
Local Rubbish Removal with Recycling – an excellent small business,
Municipal WASTE to resource – UBQ,
Sewage WASTE to a resource – Ingelia,
WASTE Glass in polymer concrete,
factory WASTE into new food and drink – Practical Innovation & O. Vine
WASTED SPACE – Growing Underground
A Waste Lab

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Cont. Mycelium in Industry; Construction, Packaging, Textile, Furniture, +

In this post:
Updates on Mycelium in Industries; Construction, Packaging, Textile, Furniture,
and other areas of interest…..research on phenomena such as fire safety, Mycelium in the Food Industry,
Mycelium and Oil,
Mycelium in Soil = CO2 absorption (use the links to learn more about each subject)
…at the bottom other posts & MycoComposite Material suppliers

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#4 We have 12 years to cool off planet Earth?

Using all the waste…   Using everything.  How can Toilets help?

In this post:
What is that?  …..Desertification,
Can Animals and Land Management reverse climate change?
Using natural nutrients – manures, etc., so that the ground absorbs more CO2.
Cost Comparison | Organic Vs Chemical 
…a list at the bottom of 7 posts on the subject of water-sanitation-toilets
photo above: David Law on Unsplash

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