GREEN Clean Up – Broken Flat Window Glass

Broken Flat Window Glass to collect and recycle.
Special collecting issues. Every little bit counts !
Glass can be Recycled endlessly and Other Uses!

Ukraine, manmade or Natural Disasters,
use GREEN Recovery Methods !

Ukraine is progressing in the Circular Economy movement!
Sustainability, Closing-the-loop
>> So many are already working on the New Green Ukraine!

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…Remember-bottom is a list of other posts on WASTE WEALTH

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REBUILD GREEN! – GREEN Tools to Recover!

The Ukraine has been totally disrupted and has this powerful opportunity to show the world that “GREEN WORKS”.

Ukraine, manmade or Natural Disasters, use GREEN recovery !!!
Powerful Opportunity for us all!

With a
“Symbol of Hope”
from Nature….

Ukraine is already involved in the GREEN movement !
>> So important to work on GREEN Recovery, cleaning up after each Catastrophe.

(The first post is here: GREEN Tools To Recover From Disasters! The second post with reminders for the Ukraine is HERE. THIS POST is the last in this series and offers more reminders.

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Feature Image above:Valley” by

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How to join the Circular Economy – Close-the-Loop

Ellen MacArthur Foundation – wants to put the last part of “Nature’s Life Cycle” back into industry. The part that we humans have to re-evaluate. Save our resources!

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What makes an economy Circular? Decompose to New Life !

Let’s review.

>>In Nature, After Use:Dead tissues break down and are converted into simple organic forms;food for new life.
>>In Industry, After Use: Break-it-up, dismantle it, separate materials, disassemble it, take it apart into its various materialsand ready them as new feed-stocks for new production.

Recycling and Reuse!
Closing the Loop – The Life Cycle of ALL things

The part that makes it a Circular Economy

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Without decay, we would overflow with plant & animal “remains”
Decomposition is the first stage = recycling
Recycling business is beginning to turn profitable
There really is an urgent need to accelerate recycling.
…Remember, a list at the bottom of other posts about Waste.

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Waste Online Tools! There are more of them!

an Update !

More online tools where you can sell your production waste.
Landfills, must be shrinking !?!

Wow, Your Company’s Muck Is Their Company’s Raw Material?

….. First Search in a “Waste to Resource” Online Exchange when you are looking for a feed stock!

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the first two
now there are more online tools
Regional – Waste Exchanges
…Remember, a list at the bottom of posts aboutWaste

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Recycling Grants/Funding for Waste Plastic

Another post in the series:
Waste Plastic Upcycle Businesses – Opportunities, Opportunities!

In this post:
some Funding and Grant Sources directories,
from Africa,ASEAN countries,Australia, Canada, EU, India, UK, USA, World Wide,Maybe a Crowdfunder?
Maybe a new way to find assistance – CoffeeMug?
Waste; our Assurance of future Resources, more posts listed at the bottom

above image: Plastic Collage, Precious Plastic: A Global Community of Recycling Entrepreneurs

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Cigarette Butts: Pick them Up Off The Street!

The most littered item on planet Earth!
Or Recycle them!!!!!!!!
Make a business and provide some 50 other people with work from their homes.

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The most littered PLASTIC item
CODE Effort Pvt. Ltd. on facebook,
Their recycling process,
How they started their marketing,
Is this a project that you would like to do?
…Remember a list at the bottom of other posts about using Waste

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Vetiver System Proven I say, “Heal the Land with Vetiver”

Vetiver System < (C. zizanioides)

Do you live near one of these scars?

Vancouver Island copper mine that has been recovered
Vancouver Island Copper Mine

Heal the Scars,
Put back BioDiversity.
Capture and pull down CO2.
Rid the land and water of contaminants.
Slow down water velocity.
Attract native species to return and Heal.
Not invasive
Strong Organic Stablization of land
Much Cheaper than ridged contruction!
>>>>>All with the Vetiver Grass System

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Vetiver Grass can do it ALL!
an illustrative Story,
Let’s “Heal the Scars”– Reclaim the land,
Positive Healing Results from Planting Vetiver,
Using Vetiver to restore, heal dry lands, deserts in Vietnam
A unique Bioengineering Tool
Where can you find Vetiver- Chrysopogon zizanioides?

above image: Abandoned Illegal Gold Mine destruction in the Amazon

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Urban Mining ! – More important than ever

= Capture Critical Minerals & Elements in recycling

I say the future needs to be Urban Mining = Total Materials Recycling.
Waste is not only Wealth. Waste is our Warranty of Resources.
Clean Energy Demand for Critical Minerals is set to skyrocket!
They call it Urban Mining = Recycling Materials
Huge amounts of Critical Minerals in our Waste!

Who is collecting and recycling e-waste? Another post about these companies, HERE!

In this post:
What do you want to know first?
The Demand
The Supply
The Work needed to Supply the Demand
More Urban Mining ! versus Raw Material Mining?
…a list at the bottom of other posts about Waste.

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Time to – Ray of Hope* Finalist

The more companies that search for their business solutions in Nature, the closer we will all get to harmony with planet Earth!
Optical Colors

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Biomimicry is the practice of copying Nature
Ray of Hope Prize Program Finalist –
Congratulations to the Ray of Hope Prize 2020 Winner ECOncrete!
Look at these ideas! From Alexandre Magnin
…Remember at the bottom a list of other posts about Nature

above image: Rachel Ford James, from flicker

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Reman Day – “Remanufacturing for Africa” – Waste to New

REmanufacturing is one of the most important industries for the Circular Economy.

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Mycelium is IN Textile/Fashion – 2020 NOW!

Not 5 Years! >>>> Only 2 years and already we have at least 3 functioning Mycelium Leather suppliers gearing up to scale – NOW!

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above table from: Leather-like material biofabrication using fungi

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Mycelium in Construction?…some tangible progress

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above image: from the FUNGAR project, at the end of this post

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Mycelium in Industry – Where to find out in the World?

Update….see course in September 2023!

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the above photo: Haeckels – For outer packaging of our glass containers in both retail and during transit, mushroom derived mycelium was adopted.  An incredibly versatile, all-natural & 100% bio-degradable material that is mouldable to any silhouette and not only houses seeds of wild flora in its rigid walls, but fertilises them when the outer packaging is discarded after use; a more eco-conscious unboxing experience.

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Circular Trends in PRINTING & PACKAGING

Circular Trend Leaders in building a Sustainable Industry

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Some growth forecasts for Printing and Packaging,
The Healthy Printing network

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Every Print Shop can “Go ECO”! NOW!

In this post:
NO ONE can use the excuse that there are “no alternatives”,
How does a Small Business local Print Shop “Go Eco”?,
Is yours a Screen Printing Shop?,
Are you trying to decide what changes to make to “Go ECO”?,
Your first time considering Offset?
How about starting with a used machine?
What do you do with any Build-up of “waste”?
…and Remember there are 8 more posts about printing& packaging at the bottom of this post!

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There is only one good thing about that idiot in the White house, exiting the Paris Agreement….

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US citizens have to work all that much harder ,
Trump administration begins Paris climate pact exit,
Do you want to run an Interceptor™ Operation??
The Rush for Gold> Waste is on!  I have a number of posts on the subject of Waste and what we can do with it, down below.

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Path Cradle to Cradle Certified™/3 The Cost

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Costs involved with the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ process
Private Label Trademark License with C2C Certification

There are two posts, before this one:
1. How do you “Do the Homework”? You start by finding help……
2. Work with your Assessor to collect the Data = the Homework
…a list at the bottom of other posts the talk about Cradle to Cradle Certified™

picture above: Vidar Clay Shingles from Komproment ApS, after construction project, decided to go completely Cradle to Cradle Certified™

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Path to Cradle to Cradle Certified™/2 – the Homework

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picture above: Bauwerk Parkett, Cleverpark Silente parquet

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Mycelium in Construction >>> Mycotecture? MORE

  “Mycotecture”, “the idea that mushroom tissue grows into structural forms through biological system engineering.”  Philip Ross

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many projects mentioned in this post!

wait a minute – now during the pandemic – Maybe this is the time to review, rehash, rethink and then onward. take a look an update, Maybe time to stop and think.

above photo: carlo ratti associati: The Circular Garden, Milan 2019

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Still time to Circulate – Networking in Sustainability

Network at a Circular Economy event – 2 events updated 2023

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