UKRAINE! REBUILD GREEN! – Powerful Opportunity for us all!

So many in the world are scared to disrupt their business to go GREEN. The Ukraine has been totally disrupted and has this powerful opportunity to show the world that “GREEN WORKS”.

For Ukrainians! Switch here to Ukrainian language!- or English?

With a “Symbol of Hope” from Nature….

Ukraine is already involved in the GREEN movement !
>> So important to work on this as you clean up after each Strike.

(The first post is here: Ukraine Can Win The Race To Net Zero!) The second post with reminders for the Ukraine is HERE. “This post” is the last in this series and offers more reminders.

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…Remember-at the bottom a list of posts on WASTE WEALTH

Feature Image above:Valley” by

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Myco-Remediation – Decompose and Remedy – a Care-Giver

Most Mycelium businesses pull down CO2

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The SERVICE of Myco-Remedying
Do you have any idea how much Fungus helps pull down Carbon?
Official! Mycorrhizal fungal networks; a major global “carbon sink”
Industrial Messes
Mycoremediation is like a care-giver
Environmental Remediation Jobs
If Mycoremediation has triggered your interest…..
…Remember, a list at the bottom of other posts about Mycelium in Industry

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Mycelium Momentum; World is waking up.

Mycelium Congress 2021
Entirely virtual conferences   ON LINE

4 days of conferences and networking
Every Thursday in September! 2,9 & 16 Sept, 2021 and 23 Sept, 2021

An international scientific event from Quebec, Canada, dedicated to fungal innovation and edible forest products. The conference includes seminars, workshops and networking activities aiming at bringing together. Regional, national and international experts in mycology and mycotechnology to showcase mycological innovation successes from the past 5 years. In order to allow optimal functioning of the virtual platform, please note that registrations will close at noon the day before each conference day.

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Mycelium is “in Industry”, says the news and growing demand
a game called Mycelium,
…Mycelium in Industry, the entire list at the end, my other Mycelium posts

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Construction Mycelium, Industry..wait a minute

review, rehash, rethink and then onward

I am taking my own advice.
In this pandemic moment, there’s plenty to learn from standing still.
The pandemic is an opportunity to review, rethink, rehash.
I have followed the development of Mycelium in Industry for the last few years and thought it would be good to stand back and review ………..

In this post:
Growing a circular economy with fungal biotechnology: a white paper
Rethinking….MycoComposite Construction is par with WOOD?
Rethinking….Growing Myceliated Facades
Some related projects: 3-D printing, research, , video
…Myco-Composite Suppliers and other posts listed at the bottom

above image:

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What about the Bees? Back to Biodiversty. Urgent!

Lots of simple things to do for Green Recovery

Bees, The Most Important Beings On planet Earth

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Why Are Bees Important?
1. Protect Bee habitat
2. For Bee Emergencies
3. Create a Bee Bath
4. Build homes for Bees
5. Plant a Bee-friendly garden of flowers and Trees
6. Support Beekeepers
…a list at the bottom of other posts about Simple things to do for Green Recovery

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Mycelium is IN Textile/Fashion – 2020 NOW!

Not 5 Years! >>>> Only 2 years and already we have at least 3 functioning Mycelium Leather suppliers gearing up to scale – NOW!

In this post:
What Is Vegan Leather?,
Designers are getting on board!
Mycelium Leathers for the 2020 Fashion industry:
Reishi by MycoWorks,
Bolt Threads’ Mylo

Mylea™ by MYCL Mycotech Lab
MycoFlex™ by Ecovative Design
Mogu, Italy

.…Myco-Composite Suppliers and other posts listed at the bottom

above table from: Leather-like material biofabrication using fungi

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“Mycelium in Industry” Where can you get information, help?

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It depends upon where you are with your idea
…and where you are in the world:  Africa, Australia, Belgium, Serbia, Thailand, India
New One Online – Exactly MycoComposite Material workshop
…Myco-Composite Suppliers and other posts listed at the bottom

the above photo: Haeckels – For outer packaging of our glass containers in both retail and during transit, mushroom derived mycelium was adopted.  An incredibly versatile, all-natural & 100% bio-degradable material that is mouldable to any silhouette and not only houses seeds of wild flora in its rigid walls, but fertilises them when the outer packaging is discarded after use; a more eco-conscious unboxing experience.

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Mycelium in Construction >>> Mycotecture? MORE

  “Mycotecture”, “the idea that mushroom tissue grows into structural forms through biological system engineering.”  Philip Ross

In this post:
Mycelium workings,
Tips and Troubleshooting,
Insulation made from mycelium,
Mycelium Bricks – more research as a building material,
Architecture and Mycelium = “Mycotecture”?
…Myco-Composite Suppliers and other posts listed at the bottom

wait a minute – now during the pandemic – Maybe this is the time to review, rehash, rethink and then onward. take a look an update, Maybe time to stop and think.

above photo: carlo ratti associati: The Circular Garden, Milan 2019

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What will Mycelium in the Textile Industry be like?

Not 5 years, NOW, there is an update!

In this post:
Acceptance by consumers? eco-fashion apps,
Mycelium in the Textile Industry?, …. Mycelium leather?,
Bio-Leather retailer – examples,
The Vegan Leather business is already in a “waste rush”,
The 3rd largest industrial polluter?
…Myco-Composite Suppliers and other posts listed at the bottom

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Mycelium in Construction >>> Grow Construction Materials

In this post:
Properties and Benefits of Mycelium in Construction,
Companies that are working in this area
……and there is further construction information in the May 2019 Mycelium in Industry, this October 2019 Mycotecture update and in March 2020: some tangible progress and more information sources around the world
…Myco-Composite Suppliers and other posts listed at the bottom

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