ReManufacturing – One of the Most Important Contributions

> Saving the World’s Resources

REMAN DAY 13 April, 2023

Along with RIC in the USA, there are the following collaborators:

>> Remanufactured <<

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GREEN Clean Up – Broken Flat Window Glass

Broken Flat Window Glass to collect and recycle.
Special collecting issues. Every little bit counts !
Glass can be Recycled endlessly and Other Uses!

Ukraine, manmade or Natural Disasters,
use GREEN Recovery Methods !

GREEN Clean Up – Broken Flat Window Glass – Recycle ALL of it!

Ukraine is progressing in the Circular Economy movement!
Sustainability, Closing-the-loop
>> So many are already working on the New Green Ukraine!

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…Remember-bottom is a list of other posts on WASTE WEALTH

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Color Your Work GREEN!

Go for the Green Jobs in your profession!

Are you worried that if you look for a job in the Green Companies, you might be going off the deep end? Your skills do not have to be Green! Too hard to find? Too strange? Not enough opportunities yet?


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The “Relief” of phasing out Fossil Fuel! …Now!

“Fix it action” is possible, Now!
The posts* below, offer real actions we can take, Today.

Maybe we should really start calling them “mistakes” for they surely are!

Photo above by Naassom Azevedo on Unsplash    

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Finally in the mood to phase out fossil fuel? – Governance

Yes, Governance! One of the ESGs.
WOW! So much is already happening, TODAY, to phase them out.*
– Solutions through the law

“The rules of our world are laws, and they can be changed. Laws can restrict or they can enable. What matters is what they serve. Many of the laws in our world serve property – they are based on ownership. But imagine a law that has a higher moral authority… a law that puts people and planet first. Imagine a law that starts from first “do no harm”, that stops this dangerous game and takes us to a place of safety….” Polly Higgins, 2015

“We need to change the rules.”
Greta Thunberg, 2019

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The TOTALLY GREEDY EYE of fossil fuel
YOUR VOTE is their “buy” is their VOTE!
YOUR “BUY” IS YOUR VOTE!  – Do The Math! 2012
Actions we humans can achieve through the law
The Year to stop listening to their misinformation
The year we must stop oil&gas at COP 27!
…Remember a list at the bottom of other posts about WASTE to energy

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash 

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Finally in the mood to phase out fossil fuel? People-Civic

Yes! Society, People, Civic! One of the ESGs.
Things we can do, NOW, to phase them out.
– Grass Roots Efforts

Hard to talk to China. So let’s talk to USA! ………………….and Europe

This blog,, looks for the encouraging things that we humans can do to harmonize with planet Earth.  The problem that stands out and never seems to stop is fossil fuel. Here too, there are ways to work on phasing them out. Now!

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Photo by Callum Shaw on Unsplash

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EMF accelerating the Circular Economy Transition

Ellen MacArthur Foundation – wants to put as much as possible of the last part of “Nature’s Life Cycle” back into industry. The part that we humans have to re-evaluate.

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The WasteRUSH of the 2020’s
Still not focused enough on Closing-the-Loop
Humans have moved outside Earth’s planetary boundaries.
Inspire your children to think differently
…..Remember a list at the bottom of other posts about the EMF

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What makes an economy Circular? Decompose to New Life !

Let’s review.

>>In Nature, After Use:Dead tissues break down and are converted into simple organic forms;food for new life.
>>In Industry, After Use: Break-it-up, dismantle it, separate materials, disassemble it, take it apart into its various materialsand ready them as new feed-stocks for new production.

Recycling and Reuse!
Closing the Loop – The Life Cycle of ALL things

The part that makes it a Circular Economy

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Without decay, we would overflow with plant & animal “remains”
Decomposition is the first stage = recycling
Recycling business is beginning to turn profitable
There really is an urgent need to accelerate recycling.
…Remember, a list at the bottom of other posts about Waste.

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Bhutan – ESG & the little Kingdom of Bhutan

This is the story of
ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) and
the little Kingdom of Bhutan

This is a cautionary story of success and urgency…………..
Bhutan is a “Carbon Sink”! They have already reached 2050 !
They continue to further their efforts. But they are part of planet Earth, so they suffer from the mistakes of others.

If all the World would make changes like Bhutan has……we would save Bhutan and the rest of us Humans!

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Bhutan is a Carbon Sink.
How have they Reversed Climate Change? (REALLY!),
Bhutan for Life,
AgainA reminder about all that Bhutan has been doing
Come together at COP 26 and dance!

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Confidence & Peace of Mind tools for Small Businesses and Start-ups who have joined the Circular Economy
Light is at the end of the tunnel, ahead

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In this pandemic moment, there’s plenty to learn from standing still.
Top Sustainable Business Trends for 2021,
Different methods to RE-THINK
Past crises teach us to put people and planet first
Some practical helpers – website fixes and/or Google things
…Remember list at the bottom of posts about Crises, Jobs and Recovery

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Wipes – Human Behavior & False Advertising – a Crisis!

It is the solution that matters. Do you have one?

The Person who can Solve this Problem – could save the world!*

WE are the Dominant Risk To Our Survival

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If you can influence Humans…..,
False advertising & Human Laziness,
It is not just the clogged sewers.
All because of false Advertising
People have tried for years to solve this problem,
Change our behavior as fast as we can.
…Remember more posts listed at the bottom about
the UX of eco-ethical APPs and water-sanitation-toilets

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Waste Plastic BUSINESSES – There is UpCycle Training

more business/project examples
Plus some market reminders

Hands on workshops to get on board?

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Not all bio-plastics decompose in any situation!,
The Unexpected Boom In Startups!!!
Precious Plastic businesses populating the world – Map
Such a great variety of products and production models
Plastic 3D printing – demo?
…a list at the bottom of other posts about Waste Plastic

above image: Ruben Thier

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Green Jobs and Recovery Money – where? how? when?

updated: 23.3.2021

There is money out thereGreen Jobs & Recovery Money

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Green Jobs websites
Checking the websites on my posts for Green Jobs & Money
Green Job and/or Money: Switzerland, UK, The Netherlands, USA, Brazil, Germany, NY, California, EU, Africa, Japan
…More Job Vacancies in other posts listed at the bottom of this post.

These posts will be updated, as more information comes in

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“Mycelium in Industry” Where can you get information, help?

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It depends upon where you are with your idea
…and where you are in the world:  Africa, Australia, Belgium, Serbia, Thailand, India
New One Online – Exactly MycoComposite Material workshop
…Myco-Composite Suppliers and other posts listed at the bottom

the above photo: Haeckels – For outer packaging of our glass containers in both retail and during transit, mushroom derived mycelium was adopted.  An incredibly versatile, all-natural & 100% bio-degradable material that is mouldable to any silhouette and not only houses seeds of wild flora in its rigid walls, but fertilises them when the outer packaging is discarded after use; a more eco-conscious unboxing experience.

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Too much Methane! NOW! GHG!

You want to know why Australia has been burning up?
this is how I put 2+2 together…….

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I believe I have made a big mistake.
How did the Permafrost Heat up so much?
Where has this extra methane heat come from?
no doubt, still leaking……..
The USA is not the only country that continues to ignore it

Above Aminmation: A reduction in global burned area in the 2000s had an unexpectedly large impact on methane emissions. (It looks like it is more complicated than that!) JANUARY 2, 2018 Find the full animation here. Credit: NASA/GSFC/SVS.** What’s Important: increase in methane

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INKs All squshy and new

INK for the thriving Circular Print & Packaging industry
Retailers are looking for Sustainable Circular Print & Package Suppliers

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Project Gigaton  [ gig-uh-tuhn ] – Walmart,
circular economy Ink businesses,
Older Ink companies find their way,
Inks with Cradle to Cradle certification, from the printer’s point of view, And then there is Algae Ink™ ,
BUSINESSES are working together, for Digital Printing, DIY Refill Kit / Bulk Ink
…a list at the bottom of other posts about the Printing & Packaging Industry

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Circular Trends in PRINTING & PACKAGING

Circular Trend Leaders in building a Sustainable Industry

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Some growth forecasts for Printing and Packaging,
The Healthy Printing network

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Path to Cradle to Cradle Certified™/2 – the Homework

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picture above: Bauwerk Parkett, Cleverpark Silente parquet

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Path to Cradle to Cradle Certified™/1 How to?

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How do you “Do the Homework”? You start by finding help……

There are two posts, after this one:
2. Work with your Assessor to collect the Data = the Homework
The principles/standards of the Home Work….
Case studies
3. Cost
Private Label Trademark Licensing with C2C Certification
…a list at the bottom of other posts the talk about Cradle to Cradle Certified™

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Still time to Circulate – Network in 2019

Network at a Circular Economy event – 2 events updated 2023

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Waste Plastic Upcycle Businesses – Opportunities, Opportunities!


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Waste Plastic Business is going to be a Kickstarter winner!
6 Roof and Pavement Tile companies from Plastic Waste;
Precious Plastic – Start a business from plastic waste!
From the Precious Plastic Map:

Research: Plastic recycled From the Inside Out;
UBQ – finding value even in unwanted Trash
…a list at the bottom of posts about WasteRushes…..and more about plastic

Above image: Plastic Jewellery by Denise Julia Reytan

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For Hire – Ilan Katz – Environmental Processes Engineering

Ilan Katz is one of the Israeli researchers who developed technology producing water from air – Water for Everyone

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FOR HIRE: Mr. Ilan Katz, Consulting and Environmental Engineering, Entrepreneur Support and Assistance,
Personal: Directions, Education, Experience, Skills, Services, Associations ………..WasteExpo

above image: Ilan Katz as part of the team that developed Israeli ‘Direct Cooling’ Solar Tech Produces Water from Dry Air

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