CIRCULAR FASHION – 3 Who Fulfill The Goal!

T-Shirts, Jeans and Sneakers and WALLA: You Are Circular / GREEN !

ReMill your t-shirt <> Lease your jeans <> Shoe Circle Program

Remember when Black Fridays were good Bargains?

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Feature image: Photo by Anomaly on Unsplash

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Time to – Ray of Hope* Finalist

The more companies that search for their business solutions in Nature, the closer we will all get to harmony with planet Earth!
Optical Colors

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Biomimicry is the practice of copying Nature
Ray of Hope Prize Program Finalist –
Congratulations to the Ray of Hope Prize 2020 Winner ECOncrete!
Look at these ideas! From Alexandre Magnin
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above image: Rachel Ford James, from flicker

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What about the Bees? Back to Biodiversty. Urgent!

Lots of simple things to do for Green Recovery

Bees, The Most Important Beings On planet Earth

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Why Are Bees Important?
1. Protect Bee habitat
2. For Bee Emergencies
3. Create a Bee Bath
4. Build homes for Bees
5. Plant a Bee-friendly garden of flowers and Trees
6. Support Beekeepers
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Another 14+ Green Companies To Work For – Job Vacancies

Yes! Green Recovery >> job opportunities NOW – #11/12

updated: 1.2.2023

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Vacancies in Green, Yellow & Blue companies: Germany, Australia, Global Rivers!, 27 Countries, North America, South America and Europe, USA-NASA, Canada, Austria, Denmark, Nevada, Virgina, California, Isle of Wight, Japan, China, UK, Global, lsrael, Minnesota, India
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Above image: 6 areas of work in the Battery Life Cycle: For a long time [here in Germany], the opinion was that we would not be able to cope with more than 4% renewable energy. But look where we are now. In 2019, the share of renewable energy in overall power consumption was almost 40 percent. And, so far, this has worked with substantially the same infrastructure. CAREERS at Daimler JOB SEARCH Currently 960 jobs listed ♥  worldwide

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17+ More Green Companies To Work For

Yes! Green Recovery more job opportunities, – #10/12

updated: 30.6.2021

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Vacancies in Green, Yellow & Blue companies: USA, Canada, UK, EU, Asia Pacific, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Indiana, Germany, Austria, Poland, Chicago & St. Louis,  Global, Berlin, New York City, San Fransisco, Tel Aviv, Dallas, Sweden/Israel, Australia
…More Job Vacancies in other posts listed at the bottom.

Above image:

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INKs All squshy and new

INK for the thriving Circular Print & Packaging industry
Retailers are looking for Sustainable Circular Print & Package Suppliers

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Project Gigaton  [ gig-uh-tuhn ] – Walmart,
circular economy Ink businesses,
Older Ink companies find their way,
Inks with Cradle to Cradle certification, from the printer’s point of view, And then there is Algae Ink™ ,
BUSINESSES are working together, for Digital Printing, DIY Refill Kit / Bulk Ink
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Circular Trends in PRINTING & PACKAGING

Circular Trend Leaders in building a Sustainable Industry

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Some growth forecasts for Printing and Packaging,
The Healthy Printing network

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Every Print Shop can “Go ECO”! NOW!

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NO ONE can use the excuse that there are “no alternatives”,
How does a Small Business local Print Shop “Go Eco”?,
Is yours a Screen Printing Shop?,
Are you trying to decide what changes to make to “Go ECO”?,
Your first time considering Offset?
How about starting with a used machine?
What do you do with any Build-up of “waste”?
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Mycelium in Industry, cont.;

Construction, Packaging, Textile, Furniture, +

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