UKRAINE! REBUILD GREEN! – Powerful Opportunity for us all!

So many in the world are scared to disrupt their business to go GREEN. The Ukraine has been totally disrupted and has this powerful opportunity to show the world that “GREEN WORKS”.

For Ukrainians! Switch here to Ukrainian language!- or English?

With a “Symbol of Hope” from Nature….

Ukraine is already involved in the GREEN movement !
>> So important to work on this as you clean up after each Strike.

(The first post is here: Ukraine Can Win The Race To Net Zero!) The second post with reminders for the Ukraine is HERE. “This post” is the last in this series and offers more reminders.

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Ukraine Has A GREEN Dream! Rebuild Improved, and Circular!

So what Now? Continue to cleanup the rubble!
All the broken Flat Window Glass to collect and recycle.
Special collecting issues. Especially worthy!
Can be Recycled endlessly and Many Other Uses!
Every little bit counts !

For Ukrainians! Switch here to Ukrainian language!- or English?

Ukraine is progressing in the Circular Economy movement!
Sustainability, Circular Economy, closing-the-loop
>> So many are already working on the New Green Ukraine!

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Critical Minerals & Rare Elements! ….. COLOSSAL WASTE RUSH

WOW! …the Critical Minerals & Rare Elements industry is already beginning to replace earth mines with “Urban Mining”.
See how fast “Industry” works to solve their own problems!?!
It has only been a few years!

Look here what recyclers have to work with!
This Year

The point herein is that every country, worldwide, needs their own Urban Mining = e-waste recycling. Below are examples of who is doing it and where your country can get help setting up your own operations.

In an earlier post, that says more about the reasons for this new WasteRush, here.

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Circular Mining
The Demand
The Suppliers – Technology
Rare earth elements await in Coal Mining Waste
The Suppliers – Collection+
Recycling “USED Renewables”
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Urban Mining ! – More important than ever

= Capture Critical Minerals & Elements in recycling

I say the future needs to be Urban Mining = Total Materials Recycling.
Waste is not only Wealth. Waste is our Warranty of Resources.
Clean Energy Demand for Critical Minerals is set to skyrocket!
They call it Urban Mining = Recycling Materials
Huge amounts of Critical Minerals in our Waste!

Who is collecting and recycling e-waste? Another post about these companies, HERE!

In this post:
What do you want to know first?
The Demand
The Supply
The Work needed to Supply the Demand
More Urban Mining ! versus Raw Material Mining?
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