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Take Note: The green areas; center of the North Pole are only -0.5o C
It is not COLD there, just COOL! The middle of Greenland is COLD -11.7o C

The NYTimes’ question & answer article about Climate Change.

“In 2022 we asked readers what they wanted to know about climate change. Their responses helped guide this resource, which was written and edited by the climate desk at The New York Times.” I can’t give you a better link than this:

The NYTimes may have the long answers, but I am going to tell you what I think. You don’t have to believe me! Browse the questions & answers below: I have put the headings in a different order based on my perspective.

The Big FAQ!: Solutions and geopolitics

  • Who is most responsible for climate change? We are. Humans are the only species on planet Earth that goes beyond the cycle of things….they produce more than just basic waste. How Humans Took Over the Planet: The exponential rise of the human population has transformed Earth. Dense forests became farmland, cities rose and sprawled, fossil fuels that formed over millions of years were burned in a few decades, rapidly heating the planet.
  • What are the most critical steps to take soon? Deal with our Waste! Our Waste is the cause! If we take value from our Waste and deal with it in a cyclical way, the climate will clean up!
  • Can you give me some good news, please? Look at what people are doing with Garbage Dumps, if we all do it, we clean up a lot and we make cleaner electricity and fuel!
  • How did climate change become so political if the science is clear? We are humans and we all think differently.
  • What can be done about the biodiversity crisis? Deal with our Waste, and everything will clean up and we will learn to leave space for all creatures on planet Earth.
  • Are offsets legitimate? Look, Carbon Dioxide is an industry in itself that is used by many companies. Concentrate on the price of carbon dioxide in industry and use it as the price of Carbon Offsets and things will clear up.
  • How will the Inflation Reduction Act address climate change, and how quickly? It does address it and it is already making a difference.
  • What is the Paris Agreement? The Paris COP, was humans with all their different priorities, trying to solve the problem.
  • What is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change? Same thing.
  • What is COP? Each COP is all these humans trying to agree on what needs to be done. They are just not looking at the situation the right way – in my opinion.
  • About Earth Day: Isn’t every day an earth day? Yes, every day is an earth day, and an OverShoot day! They tell you how much of the wealth of planet Earth is being taken and then wasted.

The Big FAQ! : What can I do? What can YOU do?

  • What can the average person do about climate change? If every average Human starts to go with the value of Waste. We can take value from our Waste and the Climate Cleans Up! , we will all be OK!
  • Are we doomed? Not if everyone gets on the “band wagon” and starts to energized and take Waste seriously!
  • How should I think about my diet? Use a healthy one, healthy for your body! Every body is different.
  • What about non-dairy milks like almond milk? Use them if you like them!
  • Should I have kids? No! There are too many of the human species on planet Earth. This is one of the problems we need to consider.
  • How bad is the plastic problem and what can be done about it? The plastic problem is terrible and you can start helping by being sensitive with what you do with plastic.
  • Should I bother recycling? Because this is a finite planet. There is only so much to be mined from it. We have to constantly “reuse what we have already taken”.
  • Does composting help? Yes!
  • Should I give up my gas stove? Only if you can afford an alternative.
  • How do I explain climate change to my kid? They know more about it and what needs to be done that YOU do. Ask them!
  • What can I do about climate anxiety? Deal with your waste. Invest in the technologies that use the Waste to Make Energy and anxiety will disappear!
  • How can I identify or rebut bad information when I see it? IF the information does not help you deal with Waste it is wrong!

The Big FAQ! : Technology

  • What is the climate impact of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology? A pain in the neck. No impact to the climate at all.
  • How green are electric cars? Green enough that if you use one, you are using less fossil fuel.
  • Which electric car is best? This is changing all the time. Do not get hung up on the best. Just buy one!
  • What about electric-car batteries? Batteries will continue to improve for a long time.
  • What are the key technologies to tackle climate change? Are they ready? Yes, they are ready. All the technologies that capture electricity are key; Garbage Dump Gas to Electricity and Fuel, Solar, Vertical wind turbines, Wave power, and more as these new technologies are developed.
  • What should I know about geo-engineering? Are you really interested in taking more from below the surface of planet Earth?
  • Will nuclear fusion save us? In my opinion, this technology has made more problems than solutions. Every time there is a change in this, everyone has to talk about it forever before moving. We should give it up!

So it is bad, but do not become paralyzed by it. Let’s get to work, it will be energizing, fun and probably profitable!

50 Seconds – Sea Surface Temperatures 2022 – Part 2 – time lapse animation
This time lapse animation for the entire year of 2022 shows sea surface temperatures for various locations.
* east australian current * pacific equatorial currents * global oceans

The Big FAQ! : The science

  • How do we know climate change is really happening? Ha, Ha, Ha
  • How do we know humans are to blame for climate change? Don’t you know already?
  • How is climate change affecting biodiversity? All the plants and animals, including us, that are dying.
  • What are tipping points, and why should we care? We have reached the tipping points. Climate refugees have been trying to find where they can get work or grow crops for almost 10 years now. Because they could no longer do so at home.
  • Do volcanoes affect climate change? No, volcanoes are affected by climate change.
  • What’s happening to the oceans? Plastic!
  • How does ranching and animal agriculture affect climate change? Humans are turning ranching and farming into more industrial type mass production …too big, without thinking what they are doing.
  • What are El Niño and La Niña? They are climate patterns in the Pacific Ocean that can affect weather worldwide.
  • What are climate “models” and are they any good? Stop talking about them. Just Do it!
  • Is there a connection between climate change and earthquakes? If there is, it is climate change heat that is affecting the elastic strain energy between tectonic plates in the surface of planet Earth.

The Big FAQ! : Extreme weather

  • Are heat waves getting worse? Yes
  • Is climate change causing more droughts? Yes
  • Are wildfires getting worse? Yes
  • How do you measure air quality? How hard it is to breath.
  • What about hurricanes? There are more of them.
  • Are winters getting weirder? Yes
  • Is flooding getting worse? Yes
  • Has climate change affected rainfall? Yes
  • Does climate change affect tornadoes? Yes, the climate heating up is affecting anything to do with weather!

If you want my detailed answer to any of these questions, send me a request on my contact form, by copy-pasting the question and my answer in the form.

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