The New Waste to Money Farmer’s Almanac

Farmers are already self-employed.
BUT are you also as self-reliant as you can be?
The clear understanding, that we have to transition away from fossil fuels, and that we humans have to find cleaner forms of energy for our energy obsessive world, can lead to more self-reliance on your property.
Have you taken monetary advantage of all the Waste you have?
I ask permission to point out some things about the Value of Waste. And let me discuss some of the reasons why I ask.

Waste to Money Farmer’s Almanac

Waste to Money Farmer- The New Waste to Money Farmer's Almanac < The Value of Waste's Almanac - rural Anaerobic digestion

Using the Value of Waste

  • Make electric power or BioFuel with Waste:
    Are you making electric power for BioFuel from the organic Waste on your land? If you don’t want to set up your own Anaerobic Digester, maybe your neighbors would like to co-op with you:
    Anaerobic Digestion In Full Swing – #1 Waste To Energy?,
    CNG, LNG, RNG Fuelling Stations – #2 Waste To Energy,
    growing corn?: Cellulosic Ethanol – One Of Many DSM Sustainability Projects
    Here is money to make and important work to be done, because making BioFuel or BioGas is made of the same things as natural gas: 1/2 Methane and 1/2 CO2 and keeps the Greenhouse gases from going into our sky. Your “renewable natural gas (RNG)” would be cleaner than natural gas, renewable and can be sold the RNG market place.
    So using organic WASTE and other agriculture byproducts, to make BioGas, is very important for reducing the Methane and CO2 in our atmosphere. See Below
  • Electric power independence:
    Are you out in the middle of nowhere? Do you have any problems connecting to the National Main Grid line near you? Are your electric power needs as stable and independent of blackouts as those for in-the-middle-of-nowhere Africans? Here is savings and self-reliance.
    MicroGrids – The Surprising Electric Gate To Clean Energy
- The New Waste to Money Farmer's Almanac < The Value of Waste
GREEN Clean Up that includes Glass  Odesa- The New Waste to Money Farmer's Almanac < The Value of Waste

Landscape of Methane Abatement Finance

July 6, 2022 – Sharp and rapid reductions in methane emissions this decade are essential to limiting global warming to 1.5°C. While carbon dioxide has a longer lasting effect, Methane has 80 times the warming power of CO2 in the first 20 years after emissions reach the atmosphere, meaning methane is setting the pace for near-term global warming. Reducing human-caused methane emissions by 30% this decade from 2020 levels, as set out in the Global Methane Pledge, would avert at least 0.2°C in global warming by 2050 (CCAC and UNEP, 2021). …
At least a ten-fold increase in methane abatement finance is necessary to meet the estimated more than USD 110 billion needed from private and public sources annually.
This work focuses on existing and established abatement solutions in three broad sectors: fossil fuels, waste (solid waste and wastewater), and AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY, AND OTHER LAND USE (AFOLU)…..
…Our findings show that current investment in targeted methane abatement is not enough to limit global warming to 1.5°C and that the limited existing investment flows are not being directed to the geographies or sectors of highest abatement potential….
Methane abatement finance has one of the highest ratios of global warming benefit per dollar of capital invested. The world cannot avoid the worst impacts of climate change without sufficient finance flows towards methane abatement. Both public and private actors have an essential role to play in closing the methane abatement finance gap.

Landscape of Methane Abatement Finance 2023
November 30, 2023 – Worldwide: The largest recipient sector of methane abatement finance in 2021/2022 was AFOLU with (USD 7.5 billion), followed by WASTE (USD 6.1 billion), and fossil fuels (USD 10.6 million):
>>AFOLU attracted 55% of flows (USD 7.5bn), driven by sharp rise in manure-to-energy activities. As the largest contributor of anthropogenic emissions, at 147 Mt/year, AFOLU’s annual needs outstrip current flows 2.2-fold.
>>The waste sector accounted for 45% of finance (USD 6.1bn), driven mainly by wastewater management and solid-waste to energy investment. This marked a drop of over USD 1 billion from 2019/20 and significantly behind the USD 20.4 billion needed per year until 2030.

Debt was the predominant financial instrument for methane abatement finance globally, with a share of USD 7.9bn or 57%. Equity contributed with USD 5.5 bn or 40%. This mix is encouraging as it highlights a relative diversity of instruments. 

Grants, while only a small share at USD 0.3 bn or 2%, have potential to be the most catalytic instrument type. The effective deployment of scarce grant and concessional resources offers much promise to accelerate methane abatement finance. 

Why waste this favorable investment time for
the money-making & savings opportunities
in Methane abatement finance also in Agriculture.

Waste to Money Farmer’s Almanac

The Future of the Farming industry is going to be Explosive…. Prosperous…. Remarkable

Farmers are already self-employed and have the freedom to make their own decisions.
There was a time when those that moved to the cities muttered about the dirt there, having to aways take orders, standards being abandoned. They became envious that America always needs their farmers.  Those that left the countryside did so, not because they’re lazy, but because the jobs just weren’t there.

Modern Industry
The city offered diversification. It was the time of “technology” of things getting faster and faster. Commercial industry catering more and more to the consumer; to the point where things were getting sold in smaller and smaller personal sized proportions. The era of bigger and bigger piles of Waste.

The Steady Citizens
Rural Americans have long seen themselves as more industrious, more patriotic, more steadfast and maybe even morally superior to the denizens of big cities. Now times are changing. The sense of dignity that was lost with the lack of rural jobs is slowly, but ever surely, turning around. It starts with the remote jobs. This allows the population to think of cleaner and more attractive environs; moving to where ever they want and still work, in technology.

The new Climate Change problems that are thickest in cities, can be better solved in less congested areas. Renewable energy like Solar and Wind are not necessarily centered in cities. And there is more to Renewable clean energy than just solar and wind. There is the much denser energy of Waves; a technology that is still in it’s infancy. There is also the very big possibility to make our piles of garbage disappear by using the energy from ALL of our Waste to make gases that are renewable and cleaner, besides Electricity. It is these latest innovations from engineers and scientists that are making all this possible

We CAN Deal With The #1 Mistake: Fossil Fuel – Today
These Climate motivated innovations from engineers and scientists are bringing increased economy, jobs and prosperity back to Rural America and Rural Worldwide. It is as if the man-induced use from the oil&gas industries made a few wealthy in the countryside but reduced the wealth of the rural population, but fossil fuels have been found to be killing planet Earth.

The Most Compelling Issue, Right Now! – -Climate or Waste?
One of the most important innovations the engineers and scientists are working on is getting the value out of our manmade waste everywhere. Along with Solar and Wind, harvesting waste and using it has been found to lead to the greatest economic opportunities increasing jobs and income for rural populations. Using and finding the Value in our Waste is cleaning our skies. Much of this is based on the new dangers and opportunities to come from Methane gas; a big problem. Agriculture processes and other jobs in rural areas can help incredibly to solve the Methane problem and many of the other Climate changing problems in very big ways………………….

pointing to Waste And Eco Worries we can Fix!- The New Waste to Money Farmer's Almanac < The Value of Waste

Just look at the number of ideas in these posts on Waste to Energy

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Other approaches to waste to energy:
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