The “Relief” of phasing out Fossil Fuel! …Now!

“Fix it action” is possible, Now!
The posts* below, offer real actions we can take, Today.

Maybe we should really start calling them “mistakes” for they surely are!

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The “Relief” of just doing it!

1:45 minutes – Webster: Reduce Fossil Fuel Dependency -Mar 31, 2022 – Pa. state Rep. Joe Webster is working to reduce the state’s dependency on fossil fuels as a national security measure.

Seems like Governance has been moving on this issue.

The @EPA is launching the Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights, truly elevating environmental justice to the highest levels of the agency. Our mission is to protect human health and the environment.

ESG and my posts on phasing out fossil fuel…..

1:18 minutes – What is ESG?
Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are an increasing concern to businesses.

Maybe I chose the wrong TiTLE for these 3 posts, but the content is very important and I offer them again. Each post talks about actions that have been taken to phase out Fossil fuel, Today, based on the 3 principals of ESG. There is really a lot we can do NOW. So many different actions. We each can find something agreeable to start doing.

Take a look, maybe you will be as encouraged as I am!

I start with Governance, because in the last week, there has been some very significant action!

*Finally In The Mood To Phase Out Fossil Fuel? – Governance

It looks like population actions are getting stronger. – Solutions through the law

*Finally In The Mood To Phase Out Fossil Fuel? – People-Civic

But actions for planet Earth have also accelerated…… – Grass Roots Efforts

*Finally In The Mood To Phase Out Fossil Fuel? – Environment

———— Human Cleverness

3 minutes – July 2021 – Insights from Larry Fink on the Future of Sustainable Investing – ESG

This winter will be the first real test if developed Countries can live with less Fossil Fuel. Geez, I hope it works!
The countries that have suffered the most from these things should be cheering EU on and encouraging them to keep up the effort this winter.

The “Relief” of just doing it!

Admitting Mistakes, Taking Responsibility and fixing it.

The Fossil Fuel industry has to accept the mistake and fix it.

  • “What can we learn from this mistake?”
  • Accepting mistakes and taking responsibilities isn’t easy, but it must be done because if you don’t, you’ll be a fool and you’ll never be able to live with yourself, Correct it in a snap before it turns into a catastrophe.
  • Mistakes are inevitable in Human life. It’s what we do when we mess up, that defines us as Humans.

It looks like we have found a way to get Fossil Fuel companies to stop:
For 150 years we Humans were making a big mistake. But now we know: We made a mistake, but we’re taking responsibility, and we are going to make it right!
The Fossil Fuel companies need to learn their lesson, even after all these years!

The "Relief" from fossil fuel executives- The "Relief" of phasing out Fossil Fuel! ...Now!
Avi Katz Cartoon – The Fossil Fuel Executive

On a piece of paper write 100 times:

  • We are responsible for our future and we can’t use mistakes as an excuse to not work for a better tomorrow. Embrace our mistake and see what we can learn from it.
  • We are responsible for our future, the future of our children and this world. We have to take the initiative and fix our mistake!
  • We should not hesitate to face our mistakes. Whether it’s an experiment or an important business deal, if it is broken you have to fix it no matter what you feel or think about the present.
  • There’s no shame in making mistakes, what you should be ashamed of, is doing nothing about it.
  • Like the wise men say, “mistakes are tools we use to get to a better place.”
  • You can learn to accept your mistakes, and you can learn to correct them.
  • I am wrong, now I know, that I have not seen the whole picture.
  • I am to blame, I must change my ways, I can’t change my past, but I can change my future, so I ask, how I can fix this mistake?
  • It’s not about who’s wrong or right, but about what you do, let go of the past and keep on fixing the mistakes.
  • If we must make a mistake, we must be sure to make it fast, and correct it in a snap before it turns into a catastrophe. This mistake is taking too long to fix.

What do people in South Africa, China and Brazil have in common? In all these countries, people attach above-average importance to shifting away from fossil fuels in favor of climate-friendly and sustainable energy. This is the result of a study conducted by Ipsos for the World Economic Forum. More than 22,000 people in 30 countries were surveyed – 84 percent of which are in favor of phasing out the burning of gas, coal and oil.

How did the 500 oil/gas lobbyists to COP 26 threaten these countries, so that they forgot their population and land that has been destroyed by the climate change?

2:56 minutes – World leader’s climate change deal, but ‘deep disappointment’ over fossil fuel compromise

Greta Thunberg said, “I don’t know about you, but I sure am not comfortable with having some of the world’s biggest villains influencing & dictating the fate of the world.”

The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

This idea is gaining REAL momentum!
May be the way to really phase them out at COP 27!

1:44 minutes – Introducing the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty
the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

Kolkata becomes largest city in South Asia
to call for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

14 September 2022 – Today, Kolkata endorsed the global call for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty to equitably phase out fossil fuels and support a just energy transition. It joins Paris, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Lima, Nepalese municipalities Dhulikhel and Itahari, and more than 60 global cities to become the largest city to support a global intiative to phase out oil, gas and coal production, responsible for more than 80% of CO2 emissions in the last decade.

The first Nation to Endorse
a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty at the UN

30 seconds – Vanuatu calls for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty at the UN General Assembly

Governments, please
phase out fossil fuel at COP 27
Please consider
a The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

3:11 minutes – Less Than 50 Days to Go | Official Address from COP27 President Designate & Egypt FM Sameh Shoukry

Think about the fact, that if fossil fuel were completely cut today, by next year, we could begin to see that “Loss and Damage” and “Adaptation” were shrinking. OR…………………

The “Relief” of just doing it!

………………OR do we allow oil, gas and coal to hold this world of Humans, Hostage?

When there are already ways to stop them?

The "Relief" to say no- The "Relief" of phasing out Fossil Fuel! ...Now!

Just look at all the solutions to clean energy!

posts on Cleaner Renewable Gases – Fuel or Electricity
Anaerobic Digestion In Full Swing – #1 Waste To Energy?
CNG, LNG, RNG Fuelling Stations – #2 Waste To Energy
#3 Municipal Solid Waste – MSW To BioFuel? Yes!

Landfill Gas (LFG) – Fuel or Electricity – Capture Methane
ALL Islands: Just Go Zero – NOW! – Like Tilos
Look To Garbage Dump Sites For The Energy We Need! Sure Fire!
Landfill Gas Projects Worldwide – – – Clean Up The Air, Now!
SMALL Landfills – Capture The Methane And Make Energy, Too.
The Most Compelling Issue, Right Now! – -Climate Or Waste?
Why We Need To Capture Landfill Gas – – -Right Now!
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INVESTING in LFG – Capturing the Methane!
Cleaner Energy Investments! Time To Invest In Your Landfill!
CH4 Investments Urgent! Today! Landfill Gas (LFG)

what needs to be cleaned up
Too Much Methane !
Why We Need To Capture Landfill Gas – – -Right Now!
The Greenhouse Gases List …..A Re-Review
The “Relief” Of Phasing Out Fossil Fuel! …Now!
Finally In The Mood To Phase Out Fossil Fuel? Environment
Finally In The Mood To Phase Out Fossil Fuel? People-Civic
Finally In The Mood To Phase Out Fossil Fuel? – Governance
We CAN Deal With The #1 Mistake: Fossil Fuel – Today

cleaning up the mess
Fossil Fuel Is Ancient Waste. But, There’s Plenty Of Waste Now!
Can We, Are We Pulling In The Excess CO₂ ?
Fuel From Air? – Capture CO₂
Carbon Dioxide – Who Else Has Ideas To Pull It DOWN And OUT?
We Need To USE THE CO2! …..For Industry – Big Market!

Urban Mining for clean energy
Urban Mining ! – More Important Than Ever
Critical Minerals & Rare Elements! ….. COLOSSAL WASTE RUSH

Other approaches to waste to energy:
Useful Green WASTE Business Ideas That Scale To Any Size
Harvesting Waste Ideas. Waste Rushes? NOW!
Climate Retrofits On Land Or At Sea
Shipping’s Carbon Footprint And Your Small Business >> Your Vote
Industrial Zone – Closed-Loop Networking
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We Need To USE THE CO2! …..For Industry – Big Market!

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