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Waste to Wealth Solutions

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Already 1563+ Solutions found by the Solar Impulse Foundation

2:30 min – 1000+ Solutions – to the climate crisis – Let’s Go Beyond

Now it’s Your Turn to be Pioneers and Use them!  
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THE GUIDE to 1563+ solutions
345 of 1563+ are Waste/Pollution Solutions as of Today

Here are 18 of them………..

Waste in Water Solutions

JELLYFISHBOT – France – IADYS develops innovative technologies in robotics and AI, dedicated to marine environment protection.

1:40 min – Jellyfishbot helps clean waste from the surface of the water

Trea-Tech – Switzerland – Capturing the Value of wastewater

3:22 min – Trea-Tech the Value in waste-water – disposal for a sustainable future
Trea-Tech transforms conventional waste-water treatment plants into truly circular economy factories. We eliminate waste and convert it into a renewable source of energy, fertilisers and clean water.

Epic Cleantec USA – Epic’s OneWater system can safely recycle up to 95% of a building’s wastewater and recover grey-water, heat, and fertile soils.

1:57 min – Epic Cleantec – Onsite water reuse systems collect, treat and reuse a high-rise building’s wastewater


2:36 min – New Interceptor Solutions To Clean More Rivers | The Ocean Cleanup

Separating Solutions for Recycling

Intelligent Organic Waste Recycling Robot – Canada – Prevent equipment damage and maintenance, hire presort robots

30 seconds – Robot Sorting Tetrapak Cartons in Australia
Extraction of tetrapak

HolyGrail 2.0 – 170 cross-value chain members

a big Waste to Wealth Solutions for recycling- The Waste to Wealth Solutions Video Theater >> 18 StartUps

HolyGrail has been a full-value chain pre-competitive collaboration project investigating how tagging of packaging can have a drastically positive impact on more accurate sorting and high-quality recycling.

1 min – Procter & Gamble | Digital Watermarks Initiative HolyGrail 2.0

Bin-e Waste Management System Poland – AI-based smart waste bin that recognizes, sorts and compresses the waste automatically.

3:17 min – Bin-e – the smartest waste bin worldwide
pronounce: beeny…. full description

Waste to Wealth Solutions

Municipal / Town Solid Waste Collection

Unico solutions – France – Web software helps waste collectors digitize their field operations and their entire collection logistics.

1:25 min – UNICO’s UNI’TECH web platform presentation – English version

Wasteloop (Patent Alpenluft) – Switzerland – waste collection and disposal system offering substantial energy savings of 80% due to the “at drop-off site” compressing

49 seconds – Wasteloop collection and Disposal system at the Swiss Logistics Award 2016

Municipal / Town Solid Waste to Gas Solutions

FastOx Gasification – Sierra Energy USA – Sierra Energy’s FastOx® gasification technology converts virtually – any waste – into clean, renewable energy and fuels –
without burning.

2:30 min – FastOx® Gasification — The Future of disposing of Municipal Waste and making ENERGY

WAGABOX® France – Producing Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from Landfill Gas (LFG) , a renewable substitute for fossil-based natural gas.

2:03 min – Landfill Gas Upgrading : WAGABOX by WAGA ENERGY
Innovative wasted gas energy recovery from landfill gas. WAGABOX is a technology breakthrough to produce pure biomethane from landfill gas at a competitive cost compared with fossil fuels. Biomethane quality is compliant with gas grid specifications. Biomethane can be injected in the gas grid to substitute fossil-natural gas, used as vehicle fuel, or to make electricity.

The Patented Plagazi Process Sweden – Converting non-recyclable waste via plasma gasification to green hydrogen

1:55 min – The Patented Plagazi Process
another Gasification process – Waste to Hydrogen

Waste to Wealth Solutions

OR Municipal Solid Waste to Plastic

UBQ™ thermoplastic material Israel – UBQ™ is a plastic substitute made from unrecyclable household waste, including all organics, chicken bones, pizza boxes, dirty baby diapers and mixed plastics – everything.

1:27 min – Winner of 2022 SXSW Innovation Awards – UBQ Materials & Plastics App

Saving Food from the Waste pile

Too Good To Go Denmark – B2C – Business to Consumer app platform that fights food waste by connecting customers with suppliers that have unsold, surplus food. Over 14 Million users as of 2022, in 16+ countries.

1:11 min – Too Good To Go – Join our food waste prevention revolution!
Get Surprise Bags of surplus prepared food at a great price.

Waste to Wealth Solutions

How Individual Materials are Recycled

Li-Cycle Technology Canada – an economical, safe, and eco-friendly process that can recycle up to 95% of the materials in all types of lithium-ion batteries

1:25 min – Li Cycle’s Global Impact
pronounced: Ly-cycle,

MUD Jeans The Netherlands – MUD Jeans recycles old jeans into new jeans.

1:55 min – The Recycle Tour of MUD Jeans – Sustainable Fashion
Closing the Circle in the Fashion Industry

ECOSTERYL Belgium – decontaminating and recycling all sorts of infectious medical waste by using only electricity, into granules for the plastics industry

1:33 min – AMB Ecosteryl | Medical Waste Solution

SharkDispersions Denmark – Shark Dispersions are created from the glue in damaged laminated glass, which traditionally has been sent to landfills. A very strong 100% post-consumer recycled glue – Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) is separated from the glass and turned into a new product called Shark Dispersions. This is accomplished without having to find new raw materials from the planet and with many new uses. The glass itself is recycled separately.

The Carpet firm Tapibel uses Shark Solutions’ PVB under the name Ecofuse.

2:07 min – Tapibel’s – Ecofuse
At Tapibel – Belium – we are constantly looking for sustainable alternatives and innovations to make the planet and our carpets greener. One of the ways we do this is by using recycled PVB in our carpets. This makes them latex-free and more durable. We call these applications of recycled PVB – Ecofuse.

Most of these SIF- Label ideas come from Europe. But I think the only reason is that The Solar Impulse Foundation is in Switzerland.

There must be thousands of you with new ideas and technologies in the rest of the world.

Innovators! Get yourselves on this list! The ones included must be considered cleaning and profitable solutions. This is a list that investors and companies looking for solutions are reviewing!
Access to markets:

Waste to Wealth Solutions need investors- The Waste to Wealth Solutions Video Theater >> 18 StartUps

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Waste to Wealth Solutions
A number of the companies mentioned above
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