Practical, Efficient way to Heal Ocean Habitat

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The more companies that look for their business solutions in Nature, the closer we will all come to harmony with planet Earth!

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Biomimicry is the practice of copying Nature
Ray of Hope Prize Program Winner – ECOncrete
ECOncrete is also in the Solar Impulse 1000 solutions
Other ideas to Heal Ocean Habitat
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above image: econcrete’s ecomat

Biomimicry is the practice of
learning from and using
Nature’s Solutions
to solve human problems.

The Ray of Hope Prize celebrates Nature-Inspired Solutions in Business.

“Biomimicry is no longer just a new way to see and value nature, it is also our path to survival.”

Janine Benyus, co-founder of the Biomimicry Institute Practical, Efficient way to Heal Ocean Habitat < <

Congratulations! 2020 Winner of the Ray of Hope Prize ECOncrete!

ECOncrete® Wins $100,000
Ray of Hope Prize®

Critical Need:

Time to Ask Nature #3- Practical, Efficient way to Heal Ocean Habitat < <

Restore Ocean Eco-systems
Accelerated human coastal development is inflicting severe stress on natural ecosystems. Combined with growing threats of sea level rise and increased extreme weather events, coastlines worldwide require sensitive human development*, retrofitting and understanding of Natures way of maintaining them.

Biomimicry in Practice:

Time to Ask Nature #3- Practical, Efficient way to Heal Ocean Habitat < <

Just as on land, marine habitats and life forms, natural processes that benefit coastal ecosystems are already in place. The ECOncrete team has studied them in great depth, the existing forms, textures and chemical properties of beach rock formations, rocky reefs, tide pools, mangrove roots, and ecosystem engineering species like oysters, corals and tube worms. Their approach is to find ways to mimic these processes.

3:50 minutes – ECOncrete – This is how we save the ocean! Nas daily video


Time to Ask Nature #3- Practical, Efficient way to Heal Ocean Habitat < <

ECOncrete’s patented technology is based on 3 science-based elements that work in synergy to mimic nature and create habitats for native marine organisms:
>>Special concrete composition,
>>Ocean surface texture
>>Mimicking ocean 3D design
The bio-enhancing admix and designs induce a layer of biogenic buildup that makes the concrete stronger and more durable in a process called “Bioprotection”. This technology can be used to create different structures like seawalls, breakwaters, bridge foundations and urban waterfronts.

logo- Practical, Efficient way to Heal Ocean Habitat < <

Services: ECOncrete® ‘s experts will provide services from A to Z, maximizing your projects’ biological productivity, ecological efficiency, and structural performance

We work hand in hand with developers, authorities, contractors, landscape architects, engineers and ecologists dealing with both structural and ecological challenges associated with urban and coastal development projects, from initial planning stages, through design, product selection, construction supervision, and up to project monitoring.

By integrating *“environmentally sensitive” technologies into the planning, design, and construction of urban, coastal, and marine human infrastructure, we are able to harness natural processes for ecological enhancement, thus bridging the gap between development and sustainability

Biomimicry in Practice
Time to Ask Nature #3

1000+ Solutions to change the World

logo- Practical, Efficient way to Heal Ocean Habitat < <

ECOncrete is also a member of another campaign of sustainable solution companies!

We did it! The Solar Impulse Foundation has identified 1000+ profitable solutions to the environmental crisis. Now, let’s go beyond!

Other things to think about in terms of healing and sustainably using our coasts and oceans.

I Say, “Heal The Land With Vetiver” – “By that time it was clear that vetiver was acting as much more than an erosion trap; it was a “nurse plant” that was preventing the muddy silt to run off into the stream, protecting other native species and thereby giving these devastated watersheds a chance to heal themselves.

Jobs! With The Ocean Cleanup INTERCEPTOR™ Business!, +1000+ ECO Jobs! – The Interceptor™ is The Ocean Cleanup’s answer to stop river plastic waste from entering the oceans.

reduce fossil fuel spills:

Wave Power Is Very Very “Energy Dense”! Wave power is quite simply massive. Solar power needs sunny weather and wind needs wind. But the ocean is always moving and the density of the wave energy available to harvest is far greater. 

Climate Retrofits On Land Or At Sea – There are guys out there working on using wave power from salvaged ships to generate electricity. They have big ideas. I suggest trying smaller ideas!

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Practical, Efficient Way To Heal Ocean Habitat
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Time to Ask Nature #3
Tap into Nature anywhere.

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