UKRAINE! REBUILD GREEN! – Powerful Opportunity for us all!



Car Retrofit Technology

Transition One
Turn your gas car into an electric car – replace the engine.

We are realizing our dream. Transition-One develops retrofit kits for aging vehicles.

1:18 minutes – Car Retrofit Technology – Transition One – #1000solutions
UKRAINE! REBUILD GREEN!   with retrofit EV cars- UKRAINE! REBUILD GREEN! - Powerful Opportunity for us all! - Page 2

Solar EV = SEV

1:36 minutes – Sono Solar – Curved Solar Cells Instead of Paint I Sono Motors


The car that charges itself – with the Sun

Assembling the Vehicles for Series Validation
1 June 2022 – We are n the middle of one of the most exciting mile stones in vehicle development: the production of the series-validation vehicles
They failed to raise enough money. They are working on it.

The Lightyear 0

But there is another company working on a Solar Car: a 4 Passenger EV That Can Run on the Sun from the company: Lightyear 0ne They are in production !!!!!

1:07 minutes – Production of Lightyear 0 has started — Impact has started

Charge EV’s as you drive!
ElectReon wireless charging for electric vehicles on the road
No need to stop for charging!

1:43 minutes ELECTREON Dynamic wireless charging How it works
52 seonds – Transforming roads into charging assets with inductive EV charging tech
| The Gotland Project 2021


Solar and charging Electricity are on a race to see which will be the most popular, but it looks like it will depend on the type of vehicle………….

 EV public transportation- UKRAINE! REBUILD GREEN! - Powerful Opportunity for us all! - Page 2

Munich’s First Solar Bus Technology Will Hit the Road to Reduce Emissions and Pollution  

Saving fuel, slashing emissions, and cutting pollution are just some of the benefits of installing solar panels on public transportation buses—and the city of Munich is buying a ticket to the future by doing just that.

2:38 minutes – Solar Bus | Sono Motors

Founded by a trio of German friends in 2016, Sono Motors went public in 2021, selling their Sion solar-paneled car, which is also a home energy storage system.

Now, in partnership with the Munich Transport Company (MVG), a novel solar bus trailer will soon hit the roads, carrying passengers in daily operation using Sono’s solar integration system, for cars, trucks and Buses.


E-Trucking- UKRAINE! REBUILD GREEN! - Powerful Opportunity for us all! - Page 2
Hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric trucks will be especially suitable for long distances and heavy, energy-demanding assignments.

Volvo Trucks showcases new zero-emissions truck
“We have sold around 1,000 units of our heavy electric trucks and more than 2,600 of our electric trucks in total. We expect volumes to increase significantly in the next few years. By 2030, at least 50 percent of the trucks we sell globally should be electric,” says Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks division.



Trucks and buses keep the world moving, but they must evolve to meet the demands of a steadily changing world. At Daimler Truck North America, we are poised to transform the movement of freight and people by leading the charge to electric commercial vehicles while delivering the world’s best customer experience for fleets and drivers alike. At Daimler Truck North America, we are part of a truly global enterprise with more than a century of proven success, and we have a steadfast dedication to industry-leading innovation.

1:37 minutes – Anna and the eActros | Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Real Trucks. 100% Electric.….The Freightliner eMobility team is proud to produce the first medium-duty Freightliner electric truck—the eM2—a 100% battery electric box truck entering production in 2022, with zero emissions.


Ukraine has been working at it!
Factories that have been destroyed can find their
circular technology advancements
and after a RE-THINK can rebuild
for Ukraine’s Net ZERO Win!
The world is ready to invest in Ukraine!

Waste; Our Assurance of future Resources
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Municiple Waste
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Printing Industry
Eco-Printing & Packaging EQUIPMENT

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