University College London – 4 day course and more…..

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Talent Bank,
Conducting a Life Cycle Assessment: from Theory to Practical Application – course in 2 parts-2 days each, ALSO other Online courses
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…a list at the bottom of the other EMF Pioneer Universities.

University College London is among the first 7 universities to partner with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) as a Pioneer University. There are now over 60 universities on all continents associated with EMF.

University College London- University College London - 4 day course and more.....

Talent Bank at University College London

Recruit UCL graduates. UCL Talent Bank is a targeted shortlisting service to help you find qualified students, efficiently.

There is also a dedicated Engineering Talent Bank service with our Engineering Faculty, who would like to hear from employers from across all engineering fields.  For this please contact: [email protected]

- University College London - 4 day course and more.....

Cutting-edge short and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses

Conducting a Life Cycle Assessment: from Theory to Practical Application
Type of Course:  CPD
Attendance: course of study in 2 Parts, each Part – 2 days

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a rapidly evolving tool used to determine impact of products or systems on the environment; over a range of atmosphere and resource issues.  Applying this method to evaluate is complex and difficult.  Changing the theory into a real, transparent and useable practice can be very challenging. This short course will give you an introduction to LCA methods and how to apply them in real-life situations. The second part includes LCA to assess environmental dimension of circular economy.

Next available course: 4 November, 2019

EMF Pioneer University -‎ University College London

The LCA – CPD course was developed by UCL in collaboration with Ellen MacArthur Foundation‘s education team.

UCL’s home for cutting-edge short courses and CPD – for career advancement and personal or professional development.
Continue your learning – search our A-Z of short courses.

University College London- University College London - 4 day course and more.....

UCL’s Bartlett and Faculty of Engineering have joined forces to create “Here East” studying new ideas for pressing world issues or one can immerse oneself in a subject without committing to three or more years.

1:10 min

The Bartlett has moved up the QS World Rankings by Subject to reach the number one spot for Architecture / Built Environment.  With a score of 98/100 overall (up from 97.1 last year), The Bartlett has overtaken MIT (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology), – last year’s global number 1.

If your business is focused on the city, the Engineering Talent Bank service mentioned above would be a good place to find man power.

To accelerate the ideas of a Circular Economy, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) has developed connections world wide. The Pioneer Universities are one of these connections. They include:
University of Bradford
Cranfield University
Delft University of Technology
University College London
Arizona State University
University of São Paulo
University of Exeter
and other posts about EMF:
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