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Employers – 20,000 reasons to target the University of Exeter!
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Exeter and the EMF have launched the Centre for Circular Economy ,
CALMARE – Center for Alternative Materials
a “personal admissions service for our ONLINE students”
….a list at the bottom of the other EMF Pioneer Universities

Exeter is among the first 7 universities to partner with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) as a Pioneer University. There are now over 60 universities on all continents associated with EMF.

- The University of Exeter – Online < and materials testing...

Employers – 20,000 reasons to target the University of Exeter!
Whether you recruit one graduate or you recruit thousands every year, we would like to work with you. Our Employment Services team can offer you a variety of activities.  We are always ready to discuss your requirements. 

Another research BREAK THROUGH!!!!!…… University of Exeter

3:35 minutes – The future of efficient solar energy

>>> Cheaper and More Efficient Solar Cells

Scientists use ‘funnel-vision’ to pioneer cheap and efficient solar energy, Adolfo De Sanctis, the lead author of the paper said: “The idea is similar to pouring a liquid into a container, as we all know it is much more efficient if we use a funnel. However, such charge funnels cannot be realised with conventional semiconductors and only the recent discovery of atomically thin materials has enabled this discovery.”

BREAK THROUGH – Hydrogen !!!!!
>>> A Carbon Free Fuel – Already on Trains & Busses

Photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting to produce solar fuel (Hydrogen)
The PEC concept to produce solar fuel is to mimic the natural photosynthesis using man made materials. The bottle-neck in being able to use this concept in a practical way has been the difficulty.  It is important to identify stable low-cost semiconductors that meet the thermodynamic and kinetic criteria for photoelectrolysis.

2:03 minutes – Asif Ali Tahir: Nanomaterials and thin film solar as a sustainable source of Hydrogen fuel

This is Biomimicry in Action >>>     Plants split water in photosynthesis

Exeter and the EMF have launched the Centre for Circular Economy:

University of Exeter and EMF- The University of Exeter – Online < and materials testing...

a Flexible programme of courses, research and events that will change as the Circular Economy’s disruptive concerns take shape .
Research: opportunities across all sectors, to reshape established, still linear, practices, in the world’s industries, societies and economies
Events: June 2018, the first international symposium dedicated solely to the circular economy: Circular Economy Disruptions – Past, Present & Future

University of Exeter’s CE Masterclass

At the Exeter Centre for Circular Economy, we offer a 6-week online “CE Masterclass” for business managers.  It is for those who want to learn more about the Circular Economy and how to put this system into practice as fast as possible, in the workplace.

This Masterclass is, also, offered to all CE100 members from the EMF.

The concept of a Circular Economy (CE) is of global concern, both within and outside of the workplace.  But how are we as business leaders, expected to take the next step and make the concept central to our business?  And at the same time, how can we continue to add value and use the potential that new ideas, such as this, have to offer?

  • The Masterclass participants receive support from an academic team.  The team presents, through webinars and interactive materials, the practical ideas and real-life examples of a circular economy within the business environment. 
  • Using private interactive connections, participants also share ideas and experiences with other business people worldwide.  This way they can explore what “circular” could mean for their business and develop concrete plans for progress.

University of Exeter’s CALMARE >>>

University of Exeter student project- The University of Exeter – Online < and materials testing...
Solidwool has created a composite product – the Hembury Chair – From wool clip to wool chair, it takes the wool from one sheep to make a chair.

Centre for ALternative MAterials and REmanufacturing Technologies 
We work on projects of all sizes from short term consulting projects, carrying out short reviews, or material testing, to long term collaborative projects, which include grant funded projects, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), PhD programmes and contract research.  We support businesses in South West UK; over 160 in just the first 2 years.

CALMARE works with businesses on a wide range of materials, but has a particular expertise in composite materials and plastics (thermosets and thermoplastics) with special focus on recycling and remanufacturing of waste materials.  Our research includes in-line spectroscopy for polythene recycling and the production of a new composite panel using recycled polymers.

1:14 minutes – Metamaterials, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Engineering and Business School activities:
Not cradle-to-grave, rather cradle-to-cradle.  What are the benefits and the consequences? How accessible are circular business models for small, medium and micro-enterprises? How do labour conditions, social justice and biodiversity fit in? And how does the notion of circular economy differ, if at all, from sustainability? These are among many questions we continue to explore on a day to day basis in all our courses and research.

University of Exeter

To accelerate the ideas of a Circular Economy, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) has developed connections world wide. The Pioneer Universities are one of these connections. They include:
University of Bradford
Cranfield University
Delft University of Technology
University College London
Arizona State University
University of São Paulo
University of Exeter
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