USE COVID 19 Waste Masks! How to Re-Use them. Now!

Recycling the waste from the Corona Virus and turning the Masks into new Products!

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The COVID-19 pandemic is generating tons of medical waste ,
Is anybody doing anything with this Waste?
The Face-Mask Seat
“Delta robot”
Safety measures & precautions to work with the COVID 19 waste
From Precious Plastic: What to do with Masks
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COVID 19 Waste- USE COVID 19 Waste Masks! How to Re-Use them. Now!
Environmental activist Gary Stokes collected dozens of discarded masks from a Hong Kong beach in February. (Oceans Asia)

We’ve all seen it. Those masks that lazy people drop on the street. They are everywhere!

The COVID-19 pandemic is unleashing a tidal wave of plastic

June 2020 – …The coronavirus pandemic has brought a dramatic increase in the use of plastic, the main component in masks, gloves, hand sanitizer bottles, protective medical suits, test kits, takeout containers, delivery packaging and other items central to our new, locked-down, hyper-hygienic way of life. …
… A glut of new, throwaway plastic is apparent worldwide, from California, where Gov. Gavin Newsom temporarily lifted a ban on single-use grocery bags over concerns the virus could be transmitted via reusable bags, to Asian cities that struggled to manage their trash even before the pandemic. …
… Medical experts believe reusable materials pose no additional risk, as long as they are routinely sanitized.

The COVID-19 pandemic is generating tons of medical waste 

COVID 19 Waste- USE COVID 19 Waste Masks! How to Re-Use them. Now!

March 2020 – … In Wuhan, where the novel coronavirus first emerged, officials didn’t just need to build new hospitals for the influx of patients; they had to construct a new medical waste plant and deploy 46 mobile waste treatment facilities too. Hospitals there generated six times as much medical waste at the peak of the outbreak as they did before the crisis began. The daily output of medical waste reached 240 metric tons, about the weight of an adult blue whale. …
… People handling health care waste in particular should wear appropriate gear, including boots, aprons, long-sleeved gowns, thick gloves, masks, and goggles or face shields, according to recommendations from the World Health Organization. Luckily, protective efforts so far seem to have paid off. “There is no evidence that direct, unprotected human contact during the handling of health care waste has resulted in the transmission of the COVID-19 virus,” according to a March 19th technical brief from the WHO. As the pandemic grows, so will the waste, and keeping that garbage safe and contained will continue to be a challenge for communities until the crisis is over.

Is anybody doing anything to put this COVID 19 Waste to use?

Brick 2.0

Personal protective equipment PPE Face Mask conversion into ECO BRICKS

1:54 minutes – Meet Binish Desai!

We are happy to announce that now we can Recycle PPE Face masks and convert them into Brick 2.0’s. To collect this waste we have launched a subscription program for private and corporations to get collection boxes. We are also open to collaborations for other countries so please share your interest with us by filling the form on our website.

Nothing is useless in this world ; what can be a waste to you is someone’s asset

Dr. Binish Desai

A Salon for Industrial waste where we convert many kinds of waste into ECO INNOVATIONS 

COVID 19 Waste recycler- USE COVID 19 Waste Masks! How to Re-Use them. Now!

We bring you the story of a 10-year-old boy’s journey and his lessons, his fights against the mentality of everyone around him and his inventions that have revolutionized how we see waste. 

2:47 minutes … Face mask recycling: French firm finds way to re-use Covid waste

French startup makes items with recycled face masks   

August 2020 – … Based in Chatellerault, in western France, the startup originally made plastic objects from textile and quickly adapted to the coronavirus crisis.
“We said to ourselves: it can’t be possible, these masks mustn’t just end up either in the wild or burned,” said Olivier Civil, co-founder of the start-up Plaxtil. “We can recycle them, we can make something out of this material, and we can revalorise all that.

Coronavirus: the Plaxtil company has already recycled
70,000 masks since the end of June   

2020 – While the mask is becoming mandatory in more and more cities in France, the French company Plaxtil has found a solution to recycle it, and thus prevent it from polluting the seas. Since the end of June, 70,000 masks have been recycled, as explained by Olivier Civil, the co-founder of Plaxtil on Europe 1 on Saturday.

upcycles non-recycled textiles

logo- USE COVID 19 Waste Masks! How to Re-Use them. Now!

TerraCycle offers PPE collection

AUG 2020  – TRENTON, New Jersey – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has proven indispensable in the wake of COVID-19 but this surge has led to littered PPE flooding streets and marine habitats. To address this unintended public health crisis of potentially hazardous litter, TerraCycle Regulated Waste has launched an easy-to-use recycling solution for single-use gloves and masks through their line of EasyPak Containers. …
… They offer the following EasyPak containers:
>Disposable Gloves EasyPak Box – to recycle vinyl, nitrile and latex gloves.
>Disposable Masks EasyPak Box – to recycle surgical and industrial face masks.
When full, the boxes are returned to TerraCycle Regulated Waste for processing and the collected waste will be cleaned, melted and remolded to make new products.


Take care of the health and safety of your loved ones and leave the recycling to us! Save an automatic 10% every time you shop for select personal protective equipment (PPE) boxes. Discount applied at checkout.

COVID 19 Waste recycling- USE COVID 19 Waste Masks! How to Re-Use them. Now!

About Zero Waste Box™

From coffee capsules to plastic cutlery, to the entire contents of your bathroom, the Zero Waste Box system is the turnkey, all-inclusive recycling solution for hundreds of typically non-recycled items.

Learn more about how the system works here.

1:09 minutes … How We Recycle: Zero Waste Box™

The Face-Mask Seat

- USE COVID 19 Waste Masks! How to Re-Use them. Now!

The face-mask seat: a South Korean student’s attempt to recycle in COVID times

- USE COVID 19 Waste Masks! How to Re-Use them. Now!

UIWANG, South Korea (Reuters) – How many disposable masks does it take to make a stool? Kim Ha-neul knows it takes 1,500.
“Plastic is recyclable, so why don’t we recycle face masks, which are made of plastic?” the 23-year-old said.
In June, Kim set up a mask collection box at his school, the Kaywon University of Art and Design in Uiwang city, south of Seoul. He has since gathered 10,000 used masks, and has received more than a tonne of defective ones from a factory as well.

“Delta (variant) robot”

Indonesian village turns unwanted trash into COVID helper

TEMBOK GEDE, Indonesia, Aug 11 (Reuters) – A homemade robot designed by Indonesian villagers and scientists for fun has found a new use during the pandemic – bringing food, and hopefully a smile, to self-isolating residents who have contracted COVID-19.

An eclectic assembly of household items like pots, pans and an old television monitor, it is now named the “Delta robot” in a nod to the highly contagious variant of the coronavirus that has ripped through Indonesia. …

1:04 minutes – COVID-19: ‘Delta’ robot in Indonesia delivers food to villagers under self-isolation

If these guys have found a way, there is room for lots more people to clean up the COVID 19 mess. Maybe there are enough of you out there to clean it up, so by the time the corona virus is under control, the COVID 19 waste will disappear from our streets around the world……….

For those of you that have ideas, here are some guides to safety measures and precautions that need to be taken:

COVID 19 Guide for Waste Operations >>> to Medical waste recycling from all of

The National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) is the leading voice of the North American waste and recycling industry on advocacy, education and safety. The industry provides essential services that benefit our local communities and businesses by assisting our customers in achieving their environmental and sustainability aspirations.

Generally, management of waste and recycling that is suspected or known to contain or be contaminated with COVID-19 does not require special precautions beyond those already used to protect workers from the hazards they encounter during their routine job tasks in solid waste. …

Medical Waste Disposal – The Definitive Guide 2020

Updated: Jun 2024

As a Medical Doctor (MD) and expert in medical waste disposal, I created this “Definitive Guide” to answer all your questions about: drop-off (near you), top companies, containers, costs, treatment methods, regulation, facility, and problems.

The Definitive Guide to Medical Waste Disposal in 2024

From Precious Plastic:

4:30 minutes – How to RECYCLE FACEMASKS

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