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Waste Plastic Business is going to be a Kickstarter winner!
6 Roof and Pavement Tile companies from Plastic Waste;
Precious Plastic – Start a business from plastic waste!
From the Precious Plastic Map:

Research: Plastic recycled From the Inside Out;
UBQ – finding value even in unwanted Trash
…a list at the bottom of posts about WasteRushes…..and more about plastic

Above image: Plastic Jewellery by Denise Julia Reytan

Take advantage of all the plastic lying around every where – a relatively cheap resource – and start a Waste Plastic Upcycle Business.

Does your product idea lend itself to being produced in plastic? Worth an investigation…. Lots of people have successful Upcycled Plastic Businesses. There is PLENTY out there….

Plastic recycling is one of the most thriving businesses that an entrepreneur can start and conserve the environment. For starters, there are thousands of plastic bottles and bags in landfills, etc.  Further, there are a lot of products that can be made from plastics which have a longer life such as plastic chairs. Nevertheless, the success of this idea will depend on what is the demand and price of waste plastics is in your area.

A Greenpeace article has suggested that the U.S. does not have enough Plastic Recycling businesses because the business was in China until recently and not nearly enough local facilities have been set up to process the incredible amount of plastic waste the US produces. Comprehensive U.S. Survey of Plastics Recyclability

That’s where your new business will come in and take advantage of the abundance of waste plastic. In 2020, you will never run out of your main supply of raw material: you may easily obtain a government grant to set your business up! …

Today, more than 94% of Americans can recycle plastic bottles locally, and more than 70% of us can recycle flexible wraps and bags at 18,000 grocery stores across the U.S.

and this Waste Plastic BAG Business is a Kickstarter winner!

GOMI – Portable Charger
That Cleans The Planet

High-Performance Portable Chargers
powered by repurposed batteries
handmade from ‘non-recyclable’ plastic waste

2:30 minutes ….. gomi Portable Chargers – made from waste
As of 6 April, 2020…. over $25,000 pledged of a $4,894 goal
- Waste Plastic Upcycle Businesses - Opportunities, Opportunities!

some pledges already sold out!

Waste Plastic is a Resource!

They created an army to start Precious Plastic V4!
Now they are ready to help you at all levels, all open source, Start a business from plastic waste!

and Learn here how the Precious Plastic community is hard at work developing localy producted and distributed open source solutions to tackle the global pandemic.

Scary? This short video will give you lots and lots of courage!

2 minutes – Precious Plastic Universe: a big bang for plastic recycling

We are Precious Plastic a global community of hundreds of people working towards solutions to plastic pollution.
Knowledge, tools and techniques are shared online, for free.
……So everyone can start (yes, you too!).

This is true Open Source. All their support materials are free for anyone to use. Their Bazar offers machines readymade from Precious Plastic specifications for sale and lots of other things you might need to get started.
Anyone who wants to start up a waste plastic production operation and personally profit from it…can get all the information here. Only open source and lots and lots of advice. They want to see you succeed!

3:02 min – Precious Plastic V2 – Promo

Here is the description of what Precious Plastic has developed from their grant period.

All plastic laying around you is a resource, not waste.
It is a material with great potential, left intact all around the world and if processed correctly, can become something new and valuable. This resource can become a source of income or an educational tool for your community, at the same time making sure it isn’t in the wrong place in our environment.

You will find everything you need to start making Waste Plastic into something else. They have created the tools that make it easy to start a recycling plastic business. Precious Plastic offers you the drawings to make the tools yourself, set up your collection and your workshop. Much of the work they have done in Precious Plastic V4 involves the business end.

The Precious Plastic Academy

information that tells you how to set up your own waste plastic business to produce and sell your products.


+ Business
+ Universe
+Download – starter kits

Great to see you
are interested in
recycling plastic.

We’ve made this section of videos, tutorials and content to share the most crucial things we’ve learned over the last years about transforming plastic waste into valuable products. We will teach you about the basics of plastic and how to become an important member in the Precious Plastic community, and much more.

Once you’ve gone through everything, you’ll be ready to start your own recycling workspace/business, anywhere in the world! Feel free to use whatever you need.
Good luck!
-The folks from Precious Plastic

The World Community with a Map of places to meet & help each other which includes Workspaces, Machine builders, and people who want to get started.

Machines Build the Machines to recycle plastic waste Or find someone to build it for you, or find a ready built machine in Precious Plastics Bazar.

1:06 minutes – This is a plastic injection workspace to make small precise objects

Precious Plastic was started by Dave Hakkens for his graduation project in 2013. Over the years a bunch of talented people joined him. They are finding the solutions.  They have been doing this 6+ years already….

52 seconds Little plastic-extrusion I made for my plastic project.. Made of brass, and heating from an old toaster.. Works pretty great!

From the Precious Plastic Map:

Plastiki Rafiki – A school club in Kenya where they use the Precious Plastics open source information to earn a living by recycling plastic through creative manufacturing techniques and product design

- Waste Plastic Upcycle Businesses - Opportunities, Opportunities!

Cleaning up Diani Beach A collaboration between Kwale Plastics Plus, the Nomad Marine Education Centre and Plastiki Rafiki – the Diani workshop creates products using recycled  plastic collected during weekly beach clean ups.

36 seconds Plastiki Rafiki Animation – Making new products with waste plastic in Kenya
- Waste Plastic Upcycle Businesses - Opportunities, Opportunities!

a Plastiki Rafiki paddleboard. Made out of 100% recycled beach plastic and discarded flip flops. Big thanks to Anna and Sonia for the photos!

Collect & Protect We collect discarded plastic throughout Kenya. However, rather than getting it from dumpsites, which would be the easiest, we try and focus on rubbish collection from natural areas.
Sort & Shred We sort the plastic into different categories depending on the polymer.
Design & Create We design and create unique products using a range of plastic molding techniques as well as subtractive manufacturing processes. 
Open Source Plastic Recycling We have benefited a lot from the open source plastic recycling community, in particular precious plastic. Their open source designs for a shredder, injection machine, compression and extrusion machine have allowed us to build these machines at a low cost, using 100% locally available materials and components.
JOIN THE NETWORK Support grassroots plastic recycling in Kenya by becoming a member of the Plastiki Rafiki Network! Join a network of organizations who are working together to build a more sustainable world by showing the value of discarded plastic.
And supplying waste plastic to Plastiki rafiki is
Kwale Plastics Plus Collectors

Producing things from “plastic waste” is NOW. There is plenty of supply! It is Urgent, because it is not only the fish who are breathing in plastic particles. It is All of us on planet Earth who are breathing in plastic.
However, to really stop the piles and beaches and oceans and AIR full of plastic, industry has to move from Linear to Circular:

Plastic Gets a Do-Over: Breakthrough Discovery Recycles Plastic From the Inside Out, closing the Loop.

May 2019 Even the most recyclable plastic, PET – or poly(ethylene terephthalate) – is only recycled at a rate of 20-30%. The rest typically goes to incinerators or landfills, where the carbon-rich material takes centuries to decompose.
Now a team of researchers at the Molecular Foundry has designed a recyclable plastic that, like a Lego play-set, can be disassembled into its constituent parts at the molecular level. Then is can be re-assembled into a different shape, texture, and color again and again. And there is no loss of performance or quality. The new material, called poly(diketoenamine), or PDK, was reported in the journal Nature Chemistry.

taking it to circular!

“Most plastics were never made to be recycled,” said lead author Peter Christensen, a postdoctoral researcher at Berkeley Lab’s Molecular Foundry. “But we have discovered a new way to assemble plastics that takes recycling into consideration from a molecular perspective.”

Plastic Research- Waste Plastic Upcycle Businesses - Opportunities, Opportunities!
Unlike conventional plastics, the monomers of PDK plastic could be recovered and freed from any compounded additives simply by dunking the material in a highly acidic solution. (Credit: Peter Christensen et al./Berkeley Lab)
Plastic Research lab- Waste Plastic Upcycle Businesses - Opportunities, Opportunities!

The Molecular Foundry is a USA Department of Energy-funded nanoscience research facility. They provide users from around the world with access to cutting-edge expertise and instrumentation in a collaborative, multidisciplinary environment.

“any household waste”
>>> turned into bio-based materials?

Garbage is a blight. No body wants to import somebody else’s waste anymore. Recycling only works so far. They have enough of their own to burn. The World Bank estimates that global municipal solid waste will grow from 2.01 billion tons a year to 5 billion tonnes by 2050. This is the Residual Waste that will pile up, because no one knows what to do with it.

Climate News
From: Reuters
………………..Published:  16 May, 2019
Philippines withdraws top diplomats from Canada over trash row
MANILA – The Philippines is withdrawing top diplomats from Canada after Ottawa missed a deadline to take back 69 shipping containers full of trash. This is the latest move in a long-running row stoked by threats from Manila’s outspoken president.

What if there was a system that could take value even from unwanted Trash?

Waste to Plastic Production- Waste Plastic Upcycle Businesses - Opportunities, Opportunities!

All garbage? “With the food residue too,” boasts co-founder and CEO Jack ‘Tato’ Bigio, of UBQ. The company has reached 33 employees and is working on converting trashy-trash into: bricks, pavement, and plastic pellets to manufacture – lots. UBQ Materials, are upcycled, bio-based thermoplastic composites which are sustainable, recyclable, and competitively priced.

Waste to Plastic Production- Waste Plastic Upcycle Businesses - Opportunities, Opportunities!
Advanced Waste Conversion with UBQ
Waste to Plastic Production- Waste Plastic Upcycle Businesses - Opportunities, Opportunities!
UBQ converts municipal rubbish into thermoplastic pellets for the plastics industry.

Trash goes to a Recycling center. All the highly valuable materials that can be recycled, like certain plastics, paper, cardboard, and metals are extracted for sale. What is left over, known as ‘Residual Waste’, including organics, dirty plastics, paper, cardboard, and diapers are then delivered to a UBQ facility. They are not disposed of in a landfill dump or burned in an incinerator.

This could close this one circle for us all!

Waste to Plastic Production- Waste Plastic Upcycle Businesses - Opportunities, Opportunities!
It doesn’t look like the holy grail of trash processing, but it could be: a brick made of unsorted garbage. | Photo Credit: UBQUBQ

Using a patented conversion process, UBQ turns unsorted garbage into thermoplastic pellets for plastic manufacture. Existing manufacturers can use the pellets without retrofitting, says Mr. Bigio.

Waste to Plastic Production- Waste Plastic Upcycle Businesses - Opportunities, Opportunities!
Can you believe that this bin is made out of chicken bones, pizza leftovers, carton and paper, diapers, yogurt containers, and other household trash?! Not just on hashtag EarthDay, but every day, we envision a world where waste is never wasted.

Manufacturers can use this new material to make things like: panels and pipes by extrusion. Or companies can use the pellets to make bins, pallets, boxes and flower pots by injection molding. These are products made from the more finely chopped trash. Road materials and bricks are being developed from coarser trash.

The only input into both processes: garbage.

The only output: thermoplastic UBQ material and water vapour that escapes from the drying garbage itself.

Still too slow for the “temperature ticking time-bomb”. But the human mind that caused the problem, is finding solutions. Where can this take you? Let me assist if I can. Can you use any of this information? Do you know someone who could use it?

3:45 mninutes – UBQ – Israeli Company Turns Coronavirus Masks and MORE Into Recyclable Thermoplastic

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