Wipes – Human Behavior & False Advertising – a Crisis!

It is the solution that matters. Do you have one?

The Person who can Solve this Problem – could save the world!*

WE are the Dominant Risk To Our Survival

In this post:
If you can influence Humans…..,
False advertising & Human Laziness,
It is not just the clogged sewers.
All because of false Advertising
People have tried for years to solve this problem,
Change our behavior as fast as we can.
…Remember more posts listed at the bottom about
the UX of eco-ethical APPs and water-sanitation-toilets

*If you can influence Humans on planet Earth to
stop this problem with your solution,
then your solution may help in other ways
to influence the behavior of Humans.

I wish I could offer a reward. The reward would be your own! That you had found the words that could finally influence Human behavior!

As we know: The Dominant Risk To Our Survival Is Ourselves

Here is a problem that can not be solved by new machinery or putting another product on the market….
But HOW to Influence planet Earth’s Human population?

How one little thing can set off a chain of problematic events.
Find the most effective way to Influence the Human population to change behavior and we are on our way to cooling planet Earth!

flushed wipes blockage- Wipes – Human Behavior & False Advertising – a Crisis! < Do you have a Solution?

flushed wipes- Wipes – Human Behavior & False Advertising – a Crisis! < Do you have a Solution?

Can you solve this?
If you could get the population of the water-toilet world to stop throwing wipes of any kind into their toilets…

………you could stop one of the most perfect examples of:

False advertising & Human Laziness

No Doubt the problem has gotten much worse during 2020.
Humans have to learn to care about what they do.

Is your community suffering from this…..? Mine is. In fact my city and I have spent over ILS 1400 during the last 4 years paying for the roto-rooter to come and clean out the sewer at my home after overflowing into my apartment! But I do not flush wipes!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the problem is always the same!
Falsely advertised – [un-]flushable wipes!

Flushable wipes cause backups at local sewage plants

San Fransisco Examiner – July 2013
… “We call it the three P’s: poop, paper and pee,” said agency spokesman Tyrone Jue, standing in front of a steel bar covered in soiled rags that had been removed from flushed sewage. “And when we say paper, we mean toilet paper. Everything else should go in the trash.”
Many products carrying the label flushable are simply misleading, Jue said.

Don’t Flush Wet Wipes!
Use Them, But Don’t Flush Them!

Go ahead and use these wipes if you like, but do not flush them down the toilet. Regardless of what the label says, they can damage your plumbing system, and you may need to end up calling a plumber.

Keep wipes out of the pipes!

Please let your family and friends know to never flush ANY wet wipes down the toilet, but instead dispose of them in the rubbish.
Like water utilities around the world, we are having an increasing issue with wet wipes in our wastewater system. London, New York and all Australian water utilities are facing the same problem.

It is not just the clogged sewers.

It is also the malfunction of waste-water-treatment systems that already require massive infrastructure using a lot of energy and machinery that the wipes clog up, requiring expensive replacement of equipment. All because some people insist upon flushing wipes down their toilets? NOT FAIR.
To deal with the flush toilets, we invented waste-water treatment plants:

  • We pump water from nature, using energy to pipe it through a city (using lots of infrastructure and energy for pressure) into our toilets in our homes.
  • Then we flush it down the drain (after it gets dirty again) and pipe this dirty water, that includes tons of chemicals and some people’s wipes to a waste-water treatment plant (more infrastructure using a lot of energy) to treat and clean the water and then put it back into nature.  The wipes are causing this expensive system to waste more money, replacing equipment that has been broken by some people’s wipes.
water treatment plant- Wipes – Human Behavior & False Advertising – a Crisis! < Do you have a Solution?

30 seconds – Don’t Flush Wipes Down the Toilet

All because of false Advertising

This settlement is closed!: A number of class action lawsuits were filed over Charmin Freshmates “flushable” wipes. According to the complaints, the wipe maker, Procter & Gamble, falsely advertised that the product could be flushed down the toilet. However, consumers complained that the wipes clogged up and otherwise negatively affected plumbing and septic systems.  

Clogging the System: The Feud Over Flushable Wipes

December 2019, Canada – …Darko Joksimovic, an associate professor of civil engineering then collects the soggy material and drops it into something called a slosh box. This clear tank agitates a gallon of water at a gentle 18 revolutions per minute for 30 minutes. When that’s done, Joksimovic rinses the wipe over a sieve with inch-wide holes for a minute. The material left on the sieve’s surface gets baked in an oven, and then weighed.
If 95 percent of the material slips away through the holes, Joksimovic will rate it as flushable.

This particular test is on a private-label wipe from a Canadian drug store chain. Only 13 percent of the wipe, which is labeled flushable and designed to be used in the bathroom instead of toilet paper, dispersed after this one-hour test. “It fails,” he says. “Everyone claims their products are flushable. What we are doing is testing these claims.” …

False flush: Company fined $700k
that is behind White King ‘flushable wipes’

false wipes advertising- Wipes – Human Behavior & False Advertising – a Crisis! < Do you have a Solution?

April 2018, Australia – We all know that toilets are for flushing the three P’s only: pee, poo, and (toilet) paper. Anything else can pose a pricey problem for your plumbing and the planet.

But that hasn’t stopped some manufacturers of wet wipes confusing the message with claims their products, too, can simply be flushed away. One of those companies was slapped with a significant penalty on Thursday by the Federal Court for misleading advertising.

50 seconds – Don’t Flush Wipes in the Toilet

People have tried for years to solve this problem

…. but nothing seems to work………

don- Wipes – Human Behavior & False Advertising – a Crisis! < Do you have a Solution?'t flush wipes
don- Wipes – Human Behavior & False Advertising – a Crisis! < Do you have a Solution?'t flush wipes
don- Wipes – Human Behavior & False Advertising – a Crisis! < Do you have a Solution?'t flush wipes

Who has the Solution for this Problem?????

15 seconds – Do Not Flush Any type of Wipes!

Change Human behavior as fast as we can.

children in class- Wipes – Human Behavior & False Advertising – a Crisis! < Do you have a Solution?

The best place to start is with our children. The first thing children could learn in school is about planet Earth’s Closed-Loop system.

Poop is an important part of it.……..

1:56 minutes – Ecosystems for Kids | Science Lesson for Grades 3-5 | Mini-Clip

Children will then begin to ask their Parents, what they are doing…………………

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