WBCSD’s Guide to move to Circular – Circular Economy Practitioner Guide

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Online tool with case studies to consider the changes necessary in the circular economy, 70 strategies, 40 examples, 90 resources, 6 functions

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The Circular Economy Practitioner Guide offers lots of insight into over 70 strategies, 40 examples, 90 resources. These are tools that a company can use to study and consider the changes necessary to go into the circular economy.  It’s a living catalogue to include examples, strategies and tools in the circular economy concept.

The circular economy moves away from the traditional “take-make-waste” economic model to one that is circular-regenerative by design. When we retain as much value as possible from products and its parts, we are holding on to resources. We create a system that promotes longer product life, sharing and resource recovery.

By applying circular economy ideas, companies can design out waste. They can increase resource productivity and maintain the use of natural resources that are already in the commercial stream.

The Circular Economy Practitioner Guide is designed to help you accelerate your transition towards the circular economy.

Circular Economy Practitioner Guide

Strategies and examples divided into 6 functions
Try the filters available on this site.  Exploration in detail can lead to very useful information.    example: what questions to ask when buying supplies.

  • Design
  • Buy
  • Make
  • Sell
  • Dispose/Recover
  • Finance

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