We CAN deal with the #1 Mistake: fossil fuel – Today



This is so simple!

fuel from OLD BIOMASS: Fossil Fuel is a MISTAKE!
It has been a MISTAKE for years!!

For some time now, it has been possible to

in this post

charts above can be found at: https://www.statista.com/

Obviously, Fossil Fuels were never meant to be used as energy on the surface of planet Earth.  They are not clean enough.

Deal with the #1 Mistake

As you may know, this blog is meant to be encouraging. It is about faith, confidence, and trust that we can build back our atmosphere.

The time has come! There are enough solutions!
…. We Can! We Can Stop fossil fuels and not suffer. This is about all the reasons for the citizens of the world to stop the Mistake! …..with confidence!

Just Stop oil, Deal with the #1 Mistake- We CAN deal with the #1 Mistake: fossil fuel - Today


The technology to fix the Mistake is already here! Making cleaner fuel !


How many of us ordinary people have asked:
What are we really dealing with here?
How many people know what the difference is between
fossil fuel versus Biofuel?

it all comes back to BIO-MASS
ancient: drilled up from the ground – DIRTY
or new: fresh, processed into fuel today

pointing to renewables- We CAN deal with the #1 Mistake: fossil fuel - Today
gasoline versus Ethanol, Deal with the #1 Mistake- We CAN deal with the #1 Mistake: fossil fuel - Today
look at the date! – already in 2007

Ethanol has the highest octane rating of any fuel and keeps today’s high-compression engines running smoothly. Each gallon of corn ethanol today delivers as much as 67% more energy than is used to produce it.

Deal with the #1 Mistake

You think I am kidding you?
The technology is here and expanding!
We just have to invest in it!

Types of BioFuel

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) publishes data on four major categories of biofuels that qualify for use in the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Program:

* Ethanol—an alcohol fuel that is blended with petroleum gasoline
* Biodiesel & Renewable diesel—a biofuel that is usually blended with petroleum diesel for consumption and accounts for the second-largest shares of U.S. biofuel production
* Other biofuels—include renewable heating oil, renewable jet fuel, renewable naphtha, renewable gasoline, and other emerging biofuels that are in various stages of development and commercialization.
* From Industrial and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) = Waste to Fuel
* Refuse derived fuel (RDF) and Solid recovered fuel (SRF) The Industrial and MSW is mainly a combination of Biomass and plastics. The main use of SRF is in cement production with a 20% reduction in emissions. Other uses of SRF are for instance in power production and combined heat/power plants.

With CNG, drive with confidence that you are polluting less and less.

Let’s look at another Bio-produced-fuel that is used in transportation across the USA Today: Waste produced Natural Gas (NG) in various forms: RenewableNG, LiquidNG, CNG = CompressedNG. It is all Natural Gas = It is Methane!

Landfills are full of Natural Gas……………………

4 minutes – WM Skyline Renewable Natural Gas Facility
Natural gas vehicles fueled with RNG offer many environmental benefits by reducing NOx emissions by as much as 97%, diesel particulate matter by as much as 94% and carbon dioxide equivalent emissions by as much as 80%, compared to the diesel vehicles they replace. The use of RNG also encourages improved management of existing waste streams, which can lead to water and air quality benefits beyond the production of RNG.
landfill gas, Deal with the #1 Mistake- We CAN deal with the #1 Mistake: fossil fuel - Today
Landfill gas is Natural Gas (NG) = Methane

Waste to Fuel? At what price?

Fuel prices, including renewables- We CAN deal with the #1 Mistake: fossil fuel - Today

So use Biofuels to make Electricity!
Electricity is by far the cheapest and least polluting way to drive, but Biofuel, itself, can be a good option.
NG/Methane seeping out of every landfill on the surface of planet Earth = CNG = Methane – BUT CLEANER.

TODAY, CNG – when used as a transportation fuel emits 20% or less CO2 than fossil Fuels.
A reduction of more than 25,000 tonnes of CO2 per year for city buses.

January 2023 – From the US Dept. of Energy
As you can see in the chart below, CNG has, over time, is priced lower than gasoline!

Fuel prices, Renewable fuels- We CAN deal with the #1 Mistake: fossil fuel - Today
Look at the green line at the bottom. That is CNG! The CNG price has stayed lower than all the other fuels most of the time! https://afdc.energy.gov/fuels/prices.html

………and there will be more, much more! Read about it here! and here! and here!

The money it has taken to get fossil fuel out of the ground. EXPENSE

Think of coal mines – it is not easy on machines or men – EXPENSE. Oil and natural gas lie deep below the earth’s surface, making the drilling process very complex – EXPENSE.

But the oil&gas companies knew years ago that this was a Mistake:
1970 – Exxon Scientists told their bosses that the planet was Warming Up.

oil execs, Deal with the #1 Mistake- We CAN deal with the #1 Mistake: fossil fuel - Today

………. those lazy bums keep drilling! and who pays for it?
….every combustion engine car & truck owner, everyone who gets their electricity from a coal powered electricity plant, every home owner that still heats with fossil fuels, etc! Paid for, with the compliments of the citizens of the world.


WASTING MONEY Denying the Mistake:

Deal with the #1 Mistake

Admit that Fossil Fuel is a Mistake!

The Fossil Fuel Non-ProliferationTreaty has well and truly shifted from just an idea into a policy proposal already with significant diplomatic backing that is growing every week. The European Parliament formally called on countries to develop a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

EU flags, Deal with the #1 Mistake- We CAN deal with the #1 Mistake: fossil fuel - Today

Europe is set to ban Russian oil products, the latest strike on the Kremlin war chest

US wants to fix the Mistake- We CAN deal with the #1 Mistake: fossil fuel - Today

July 2022
54% of Americans are either “extremely” or “very” sure global warming is happening.
Far fewer (7%) are “extremely” or “very” sure global warming is not happening.

1:45 minutes – Webster: Reduce Fossil Fuel Dependency -Mar 31, 2022 – Pa. state Rep. Joe Webster is working to reduce the state’s dependency on fossil fuels as a national security measure.

It is important to convince Americans to admit that fossil Fuel is a Mistake. They are still the biggest producers.

Deal with the #1 Mistake

The Money fixing The Mistake:

Why Growth Can Be Green – February 2023 – …carbon dioxide emissions per capita in Britain, where the Industrial Revolution began. The early phases of industrialization were indeed associated with a huge rise in emissions. ………..

But more recently emissions in the UK have fallen back to the levels of the ’50s — the 1850s:

Deal with the #1 Mistake, FIXED!- We CAN deal with the #1 Mistake: fossil fuel - Today

The Shift to Renewable Energy Is Speeding Up. Here’s How.

First, according to the International Energy Agency, an estimated $1.4 trillion poured into “clean energy” projects in 2022, a category that includes solar farms, batteries and electric vehicle charging stations. That’s more than ever before, and more than the money that poured into new oil and gas projects.
Second, BloombergNEF, described in a report published last week. Investments in low-carbon energy “reached parity” with capital aimed at expanding fossil fuels….
And third, the oil giant BP said this week that it expected the war in Ukraine would push countries to ramp up renewable energy projects for the sake of energy security, …….

Planet Earth will Revert Back as soon as
the temperature goes down

  • We have seen it happen in the aftermath of the pandemic!
  • AL Gore said at COP27 “The scientists tell us temperatures will stop going up with a lag time of as little as three to five years. If we stay at true Net Zero, half of all of the man-made CO2 will fall out of the atmosphere in as little as 25 to 30 years.

Deal with the #1 Mistake

Work without using The Mistake:

We CAN deal with the #1 Mistake.
Humans know how to fix Mistakes.

To fossil fuel CEOs:

This Cease and Desist Notice is to demand that you immediately stop opening any new oil, gas, or coal extraction sites, and stop blocking the clean energy transition we all so urgently need.

climate activists, Deal with the #1 Mistake- We CAN deal with the #1 Mistake: fossil fuel - Today
Vanessa Nakate of Uganda, Greta Thunberg of Sweden, Helena Gualinga of Ecuador, and Luisa Neubauer of Germany

Biomass fuel is an equalizer.
ALL Humans make waste…waste is everywhere. Biomass fuel from Biomass waste can be made everywhere….
equally in all nations world wide.
There are few inequalities, today, more fundamental than energy inequality.

Island is drowning, Deal with the #1 Mistake- We CAN deal with the #1 Mistake: fossil fuel - Today
Tuvalu Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Kofe, standing in the rising seas threatening his island nation. 

Let us FIX the #1 Mistake
Do the Job!

Support use and invest in the new BioFuel Technologies.

and Please consider endorsing:  https://fossilfueltreaty.org/

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We CAN Deal With The #1 Mistake: Fossil Fuel – Today

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