We Need To USE THE CO2! …..For Industry – Big Market!

10 of the Big CO2 users in the Market!
Some suffer from Shortages!

Bring down the CO2 and USE IT on the surface of planet Earth!
There is a big market for CO2 as FeedStock for many, many, many industries!!!

SHORT – R. Buckminster Fuller

Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to disperse because we have been ignorant of their value.

Pollution CO2 is nothing but the a resources we are not harvesting.

We allow them IT to disperse because we have been ignorant of their ITS value.

in this post:

We Need To USE THE CO2!

Put the CO2 to Use

2:47 minutes – Why CO2 matters for climate change – BBC News

September 2019 – New opportunities to use carbon dioxide (CO2) in the development of products and services are capturing the attention of governments, industry and the investment community interested in mitigating climate change. This analysis considers the near-term market potential for five key categories of CO2-derived products and services: fuels, chemicals, building materials from minerals, building materials from waste, and CO2 use to enhance the yields of biological processes. All five categories could individually be scaled-up to a market size of at least 10 MtCO2/yr – almost as much as the current CO2 demand for food and beverages

Carbon Dioxide is really very very vital to life on planet Earth!

We Need To USE THE CO2!

Lets Use it! Not bury it!

1:17 minutes – CO2 Uses and Where to Start
Oct 5, 2020 – If you think that CO2, the gas that’s the leading cause for global warming, can be turned into a valuable feedstock, then you’re right. This video will educate you on the various uses of CO2, the industries that benefit from it, why it’s important to cut emissions, how to reduce carbon footprints, and how our company, Eureka Oxygen, plays its part.

Too much CO2 in the atmosphere is “pollution”-“Waste”-“Climate Change”.

BUT, this is another example that WASTE IS WEALTH.

If you think CO2 is a valuable feedstock for industry, then you are right! ….10’s of essential Industries rely on CO2.

We Need To USE THE CO2!

So Lets get Started .
What are the major uses for CO2?

What is dry Ice – Frozen CO2

2:45 minutes – What is dry Ice – Frozen CO2
Dry ice is frozen CO2 and it is a regular part of the atmosphere of earth. It is that same gas that we exhale at the time of breathing, and that plants use during photosynthesis. This gas is stored during various industrial processes and recycled for the making of dry ice. It is beneficial particularly in freezing and keeping things frozen for a long time.
57 seconds – Use Dry Ice to store Food & Drink
Adding dry ice to your cooler is an ideal way keep food and drink chilled for up to 72 hours. Dry ice doesn’t melt like wet ice, instead it sublimates (or evaporates) as a gas.

>>>Frozen & other Food Production – A key component in controlled atmosphere storage of fruit and vegetables, carbon dioxide is used in concentrations along with oxygen and nitrogen to regulate the temperature and humidity of food products during storage and transportation. It is also used to extend the shelf life of dairy and baked products by deterring mould in baked goods and some cheeses – The companies that supply the CO2 should get it from CARBON CAPTURE from our atmosphere.

57 seconds – Connect the Dots: CO2 shortage impacting grocery stores
Why could a shortage of carbon dioxide affect our food supply?
8 minutes – How to use our CO2 KIT by Farmscape Homes Video #3
Pinto Beans being preserved in a jar with CO2
Mar 4, 2023

>>>Food Preservation even at home – Gases can help prevent discoloration and provides an added barrier against spoilage of fresh food. The process of using gasses to naturally preserve foods is called MAP, Modified Atmosphere Processing. The type of gas and or mixture depends on the food that needs to be preserved. MAP involves changing the atmosphere inside a container that the food is packaged in….Carbon Dioxide is most commonly used to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria and is used to achieve the longer shelf life. – The companies that supply the CO2 should get it from CARBON CAPTURE from our atmosphere.

CO2 extends French Fries’ Shelf life

33 seconds of 1:48 minutes – Farther Farms Fries to Table (featuring Radio Social’s Steve Eakins)
New technologies like ours must help ensure a stable and robust food system that meets consumer needs without compromising nutrition, environment, or supply chains.
using C02 to extend the shelf life of food- We Need To USE THE CO2! .....For Industry - Big Market!

Building Food Resilience Through Supercritical Fluids
At Farther Farms, we commercialized a better way to process foods using carbon dioxide instead of traditional techniques like steam or hot water. This allows us to create products with novel attributes that never need to be frozen. Our high-quality, shelf-stable foods reduce reliance on cold storage infrastructure, expanding food accessibility, and improving long-term supply chain sustainability.

How to use CO2 fire extinguisher

1:09 minutes – Fire Safety Training – How to use a CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Fire Extinguisher

Carbon Dioxide in Greenhouses

17.04.2023 – Plug-n-play DAC: Ukraine-based startup
Carbominer piloted its transportable machine
with an international industrial partner

KYIV, UKRAINE – The Carbominer’s team has completed a pilot of a 1.2t Direct Air Capture (DAC) machine. The pilot’s goal was to serve as “proof-of-concept” for Carbominer’s DAC technology, measure its key performance indicators, and obtain a third-party validation report.

The results of this two-week pilot have shown that Carbominer’s DAC technology works, providing little water usage and higher than expected CO2 purity (99.5%). The full pilot report was delivered at the end of February.

Direct Air Capture of CO2 combined with durable storage creates a carbon removal process and is a proven means for companies to reach their net-zero goals. Carbominer is one of a few companies in the field to offer transportable DAC modules for local CO2 capture.

Capture the excess CO2 from the air above your factory and USE IT!

2:20 minutes – Carbominer’s Direct Air Capture Tech – Providing Green CO₂ for Indoor Farms
Apr 26, 2023 Carbominer has developed new modular DAC technology to capture CO₂ from the open air at the place of use. Carbominer empowers indoor growers to move to sustainable operations. With green, fossil-free CO₂ from the open air, farmers can effectively promote crop yield in their greenhouse or vertical farm. Carbominer’s offering to Indoor Agriculture: https://carbominer.com/co2-for-greenhouse/

Companies that supply the gases should get the CO2 from CARBON CAPTURE from the atmosphere! >>>>
Like Carbonminer! Indoor agriculture

Medical & Health Care uses

1:42 minutes – Is Carbon dioxide used in Laparoscopic Surgery? WHY?Know The Truth-Dr.Nanda Rajneesh|Doctors’ Circle
As you know Laparoscopic Surgery is done in a closed space putting a small port and a camera and we work with our instruments to move, what happens is normally al or abdomen is collapsed so I have to get more space. So this the reason we have to inflate some gas. So we have to use a gas which is more safe. If I use oxygen there is a chance that is flammable. It can cause fire. So we use Carbon dioxide because it is non inflammable gas and it is well tolerated. We operate and we can deflate and take it out of the body and ir doesn’t irritate the peritoneum or the abdominal tissues and organs.

>>>Medical – Healthcare is among the industries most reliant on supplies of CO2, with the colourless and odourless gas deployed during surgery to provide better visibility for surgeons of a surgical area by stabilising body cavities. – Get your supply of CO2 from CARBON CAPTURE from out of the atmosphere.

Beverage Industry – Largest User

The Beverage Industry Is The Largest User in The Carbon Dioxide Market

January, 2021 – …The global carbon dioxide market reached a value of nearly $9.68 billion in 2020, having increased at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.94% since 2015. The market is expected to reach $11.26 billion by 2025, and $12.70 billion by 2030.

CO2 manufacturing companies are focusing on “carbon capture” and utilization. Carbon dioxide manufacturers have traditionally drawn in CO2 from burning fossil fuels. They use this CO2 for the production of sodium bicarbonate which can be used in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. The chemicals used to manufacture CO2 are considered expensive or economically risky, but now due to improved carbon capture technology, it is becoming widely considered and used among CO2 producing companies.

1:29 minutes – Brewing companies come up with conservation solutions amid CO2 SHORTAGE

Soda Production – CO2 is used in the soft drink and beverage industry to create carbonated, fizzy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. – DAC – Direct Air Capture machines are already being used in this industry!

CO2 Laser Market

How CO2 Laser Cutters work ……………………..

6:55 minutes – How CO2 Laser Cutters work and …Why you might want to build one!
I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick video on the basics of CO2 Laser Cutters. I briefly cover the topics. What is a Laser Cutter; How does it work; What types of material can it cut; Why you want to DIY Build your own; What’s happening in the next video.

CO2 Laser Market: Global CO2 Laser Market Will significantly Grow At CAGR of 6.5 % By Forecast Period (2022-2027). CO2 lasers, most often known as gas lasers, are the most commonly used lasers.

We Need To USE THE CO2!

Refrigeration & Heating with CO2

Why CO2 is the Most Promising Refrigerant in the Cooling Industry

Why Use CO2 as a Refrigerant?
As a natural refrigerant, CO2 has many advantages over other substances, such as: 

  • Low kinematic viscosity
  • Low dynamic viscosity
  • Small pressure ratio (about 2.5 ~ 3.0)
  • Small volume
  • Large refrigerating capacity
  • High thermal conductivity
  • High heat capacity at constant pressure
  • Low surface tension
  • Environment protective
  • Easy to buy
  • Physical stability and safety
4:09 minutes – The Middle East’s first CO2 supermarket reveals energy reduction of 30%
Nov 9, 2018 Al Salam military supermarket in Amman, Jordan, is the region’s first to trial an advanced refrigeration system that uses carbon dioxide (CO2) as a refrigerant.

The project is showcasing the feasibility of non-hydrofluorocarbon-based technology in high ambient temperature environments, as part of the global commitment to phase out hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) through the Montreal protocol. It is being implemented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) with the support of the Ministry of Environment of Jordan, and is funded by the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC). More information at: https://www.ccacoalition.org/en/news/climate-friendly-supermarket-refrigeration-installed-jordan

Very low price – CO2

1:08 minutes – Very low price

Refrigerant prices depend on many factors. However, it is very likely that over the next few years the price of CO2 will remain much lower than that of synthetic refrigerants. From CAREL’ s campaign for the World Refrigeration Day 2020. https://www.carel.com/2020-world-refrigeration-day

CO2 Heat Pump Eco Cute

4 minute – CO2 Heat Pump Eco Cute

CO2 heat pump air heater
The first heat pump air heater in the world to provide high-temperature heating, up to a maximum of 120℃(248℉) , using CO2 as a refrigerant.
This is a revolutionary heat pump that can supply hot air needed for drying and heating with overwhelming energy and cost savings, while also contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions….Hot air is supplied without the use of combustion devices such as burners and boilers.

We Need To USE THE CO2!

Other Key Industries using CO2

CO2 to Fuel

1:27 minutes – Capturing Carbon: A Canadian company is producing fuel from ambient carbon dioxide
Carbon Engineering

introducing E-Jet® fossil-free jet fuel
made from electrified CO2

1:06 minutes – Twelve’s First Batch of E-Jet® Fuel from Carbon Dioxide
Through Partnership with the U.S. Air Force and Twelve.co

CO2 to Plastic

Carbon dioxide-based polymers: Turning carbon emissions into plastic

March 2020 – ..As more effective conversion processes continue to emerge, the interest in using COfor the production of chemicals and polymers increases. Polymers, including plastics such as low-density polyethylene and polypropylene, are one of the most widely used materials, and their main ingredients are traditionally obtained from petroleum, itself a finite resource. Furthermore, oil refinement – a necessary process for obtaining the principal compounds for polymers – is highly energy-intense, and thus, greatly contributes to COemissions.

4 minutes – Making plastics from CO2 🌎
Mar 22, 2022 – A team of researchers, led by UA’s Dr. James Eagan, are studying sustainability with a focus on where plastic comes from and where it ends up. Learn about their research making plastics from carbon dioxide (CO2), leading to a new, biodegradable plastic.

We Need To USE THE CO2!

Lost Interview – Buckminster Fuller

1 minute from 2:51 minutes – Lost Interview – Buckminster Fuller – from 1979

“I was able to say, 10 years ago [1969], ….it is now clearly in evidence from an engineering and design viewpoint. That we are not using only proven technology, using only metals that have already been mined and not re-circulating. Within a ten-year design revolution, we can have all of humanity living at a higher standard of living [than] anybody has ever known. And this would be completely sustainable because during that 10-years we can phase out all further use of fossil fuels and atomic energy [with new technology and engineering]. We can live entirely on our own energy income. …. It’s all going to depend on a new young world coming through. ….. R. Buckminster Fuller, 1979

We Need To USE THE CO2!

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We Need To USE THE CO2! …..For Industry – Big Market!

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