Why We Need To Capture Landfill Gas – – -Right Now!

The Methane!

The Waste in our Landfills makes Gas. It is Called Landfill Gas (LFG)
That Gas is 1/2 Methane.
If that Methane is captured it can be used to make Electricity!
If it is not contained and captured the Methane seeps up into our sky.

Above Image: Infrared cameras can see Methane seeping into the sky. The naked eye can not.

Capture Landfill Gas its Methane

Capture Landfill Gas that’s in our Trash.
You can use it to make Electricity and Fuel!

Un-recyclable Trash is a Valuable Energy Resource. 
So let’s capture the Methane in our landfills and cut down on the stuff that goes into our sky!

Methane from Waste, Capture Landfill Gas - The Most Compelling Issue, Right Now! - -Climate or Waste?- Why We Need To Capture Landfill Gas - - -Right Now!

Do you want to see a big
drop in temperatures?

Have you heard?

Have you heard?
At COP28, the GlobalMethanePledge.org said that most Methane must stop
entering our atmosphere fast. By 2030!

Have you heard?
The World wants to cut Waste Methane:

1 min. of 1:38 min. – Durwood Zaelke speaks on a mandatory global methane agreement
President of the Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development

As everyone today has recognized, this is the single biggest and fastest way to turn down the heat!  Methane is the “blow torch” that is pushing us from global warming to Global boiling!  Want to slow down warming?  “Turn off the blow torch”!  Everybody here today, from John Kerry to Xie Zhenhua to Ajay Banga and all the others, knew exactly what they were saying about methane!  Why it was important and what they planned to do.  Next step.  Got to move from voluntary to mandatory!  We need to see this as the foundation for a Mandatory Global Methane agreement, that we should start early next year.


December 2023 – In this update, the Biden-Harris Administration announces that U.S. federal agencies have taken nearly 100 additional actions this year to dramatically reduce methane emissions under the U.S. Methane Emissions Reduction Action Plan….
As a complement to the EPA’s updated landfill regulations, EPA’s voluntary Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP) supports development of landfill gas energy projects by providing technical support at regulated landfills and helping smaller, unregulated landfills collect and direct methane gas into the renewable gas (RNG) energy marketplace. This support includes connecting landfill owners and operators with LMOP Partners experienced in project development, providing technical tools and resources to facilitate project development.
The Biden-Harris Administration is putting a new emphasis on LMOP as a key part of an overall strategy to achieve a gas capture and flare rate for all landfills—including both unregulated smaller landfills and landfills subject to regulatory collection and combustion—of 70% nationally….

At COP28 the GlobalMethanePledge.org says:

Waste Sector of Methane  Capture Landfill Gas - The Most Compelling Issue, Right Now! - -Climate or Waste?- Why We Need To Capture Landfill Gas - - -Right Now!

The waste sector accounts for 20% of all man-made methane emissions. This is something that WE ALL can do something about on our own or as a community.
BUT I say it might be as much as 33% !
Just think …Everywhere humans live there is Waste piling up.

At COP28 the GlobalMethanePledge.org said the following
about the Waste sector

  • The waste sector accounts for 20% of all anthropogenic (=man-made) methane emissions. Methane is created when organic waste decomposes in landfills and large open dumps, as well as wastewater. To be consistent with IPCC 1.5 °C scenarios, methane emissions from the waste sector should be reduced by approximately 30-35% below 2020 levels by 2030 and nearly 55% by 2050.
  • …..Waste reduction, through circular economy approaches and applying the waste hierarchy, are key to address waste issues and their detrimental impacts on human and ecosystem health as well as our climate.
  • As much as 60% of waste-sector targeted methane activities have either negative or low cost [to implement]. The greatest potential is in improved treatment and disposal of solid waste. [Containing, Capturing and Using Landfill Gas can produce electricity and fuel.] Organic waste can produce biogas and biomethane through anaerobic digestion, and the remaining digestate can be used as fertiliser. …These are mature and not costly technologies and approaches that not only reduce methane emissions, but also replace fossil fuels in energy generation and/or in fertilizers.
  • All countries need to make methane abatement an integral part of their transition toward sustainable waste management and circular economies and ensure that appropriate consideration is given to methane in key international initiatives and platforms such as the “Waste to Zero, The Global Initiative for Waste Decarbonization” that will be launched at COP28

Capture Landfill Gas!
Unused Waste causes Climate Warming.
All we have to do is use Waste Methane to make Electricity.

- Why We Need To Capture Landfill Gas - - -Right Now!
Native peoples of Mexico – Indigenous Government Council

In order to gain momentum on this urgent issue
about using Waste to clean up the climate,
it is necessary that
the entire socio-economic “quartet” collaborate:

  • Legislators (politicians, authorities) – must intervene where the market fails and set rules that stimulate climate friendly solutions and punish environmental degradation.
  • Producers (companies and the public sector) – need to take responsibility for the greenhouse gases emissions caused by their products and services and switch to environmental friendly solutions. Furthermore, they need to influence their stakeholders (suppliers, customers, partners, etc.) to follow suit.
  • Consumers (You and I) – need to reduce our greenhouse gases footprint through lifestyle changes. To demand climate friendly solutions by buying sustainable products.
    What you “buy”, is your “Vote”.
  • Investors (Those who have money for progress) – need to switch all investing to the great many and existing environmental technological solutions that will clean up the mess and create millions and millions of jobs around the world!

Capture Landfill Gas and
use the Value of our Waste to Fix the Climate.

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