The World is too small for ….Pox?

Infections that pass from animals to humans are known as zoonotic diseases. Some of these also have the ability to pass from human to human once they make the jump across species.
In that respect, monkeypox has some similarities to Covid-19. But it’s been around a lot longer than the coronavirus behind the recent pandemic.

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How Population Growth and Human Activity
Increase the Risk of Zoonosis
What is monkeypox and why is it spreading? – comprehensive!!
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The World is too small

How Population Growth and Human Activity
Increase the Risk of Zoonosis

Population Growth and Zoonotic Diseases

The coronavirus pandemic highlights how the overuse of Earth’s natural systems poses a risk to human health and well-being.

While it is no surprise that the meeting of human population growth and expanding economies drives environmental degradation, scientists warn that failing to shrink humanity’s ecological footprint also increases the likelihood of new infectious disease outbreaks.

The World is too small for deforestation

Avoiding future pandemics not only requires bolstering public health initiatives, but also reducing human impact on nature. This involves integrating a greater understanding of how human health and ecosystem health are interconnected and interact with social, political, and economic systems.

…The World Health Organization (WHO) notes that more than 200 diseases or infections have jumped to humans from other animals. An estimated 75% of newly emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic. Far more viruses in the animal kingdom have the potential to infect humans; scientists estimate that nearly 1.7 million undiscovered viruses exist in mammals and birds alone.

Infectious disease emergence is closely linked to global population growth. Animal-to-human viral spillovers are increasing because the growing human population is encroaching on animal habitats and disrupting ecosystems. Adding more people to a finite planet increases the likelihood of animal-human interaction. This risk has been exacerbated by the rapid and continued growth of the human population over the past two centuries. For example, it took thousands of years for human numbers to reach 1 billion and just 200 year more to reach 7 billion (see Figure 1) .

The World is too small

If Covid has taught us anything it’s that the world is small and you need a coordinated effort to respond to diseases because diseases don’t know boundaries

Madeline Barron

“We also need collaboration and capacity building in all countries so that they’re equipped to respond to these events – it definitely shouldn’t just be about protecting the Western world.”

Sagan Friant

What is monkeypox
and why is it spreading?

A very comprehensive report By Richard Hollingham,
2 August 2022, from the BBC

The virus that causes monkeypox was first discovered at the end of the 1950s, but there are signs it has undergone changes in the past three to four years that have enabled it to pass between humans more easily.

The article talks about:

  • Where did monkeypox come from?
  • How does monkeypox spread?
  • How dangerous is monkeypox?
  • Is monkeypox evolving?
  • Why is monkeypox now a global health emergency?
  • How effective are the vaccines?

The World is too small

1:00 minute – The next wave – How to beat future pandemics
Jul 6, 2020 – “A new report from UNEP and ILRI describes how the novel coronavirus is part of a growing trend of zoonotic diseases that have jumped from animals into the human population. The drivers of this trend – including climate change and an increased demand for meat – are on the rise. To stop future pandemics we must work together to adopt a “One Health” approach that brings together medical, veterinary, and environmental expertise.

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