10’s Of Waste And Eco Worries we can Fix! Right Now!

My Mission:
This information blog is aimed at Everyone in the world, including small businesses and inventors to encourage all of us to join the Circular Economy and harmonize with planet Earth. My not-for-profit blog
researches how “all Waste has Value”.    

Waste Is Wealth! 
Trash Is Cash!
Muck Is Money!
Emissions are EUROs!

Even the IPCC says we have the technologies to clean up the mess! TODAY!

Let’s take action and FIND
the Value in our WASTE!

We can take value from our Waste
Clean up the Climate Today!

pointing to Waste And Eco Worries we can Fix!- 10's Of Waste And Eco Worries we can Fix! Right Now!

Lots of ways to Fix
Our Climate Worries!

Waste can help us if we take action.
Waste can help us with lots!

Take a look at some of the links in this list. …These are things I have already researched.

  1. Captured CO2 can be used as feed stock in thousands of industries.
  2. Waste Methane can be used to produce Fuel and Electricity Today, as RNG = Renewable Natural Gas.
  3. Waste Plastic, can be recycled into new products.
  4. If we learn the value of our Waste, we will keep it out of our Natural environment. Many are already doing that !
  5. Waste Electronics are loaded with critical materials needed in clean energy products. We can recycle from e-waste.
  6. Waste food can feed people or make fuel and grow more food!
  7. Junk Yards can be emptied of old machines for re-manufacturing.
  8. Waste Clothes can be disassembled and remilled to make new.
  9. While you are looking for a new career, in the meantime take a “Waste Job” a rapidly growing job market with lots of skills.
  10. Wasting our biodiversity will stop, when we use our Waste Wisely.
  11. Your Buy is Your Vote to return to a GREEN world. Choose Wisely.
  12. There is so much garbage that can make gas on the surface of our planet that maybe we do not need to use anymore fossil fuel. Natural Gas (which is a fossil fuel) is being made in every Garbage Dump / Landfill where there are people in the world – NOW on the surface of the planet!
    Landfill Gas (LFG) is seeping out of every one of those Dumps and it is made of the exact same gases as Natural Gas – which means that it is 1/2 Methane and needs to be captured and use to make fuel or Electricity. If we capture all the Landfill Gas (LFG) (which is also called Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)) maybe we don’t need any more fossil fuel at all!

Fix all these Waste problems and you fix the Climate problems and move us forward to the clean, cool weather we had in the past – a Circular Economy, Industry, Environment.

I do not know what will spark you to action.  I believe it helps to look at lots of angles of this Waste issue to find the vision that will trigger a big disruption in the way “industrial countries” have built this system and turn it around! There are so many Waste And Eco Worries We can Fix.

emoji thinking about it- 10's Of Waste And Eco Worries we can Fix! Right Now!

Climate Change is about Waste!

I want people to be energized
by the solutions that exist, Today.

Not paralyzed by the pollution.

Find a USE for your Trash.
We all have different kinds of trash!

I am Volunteering
to search on the worldwideweb
to help you find the information
you need to deal with your Trash.

“This is a Call to POSITIVE ACTION
– find answers for your Waste.”

What keeps coming up in your mind? May I try to help you with some of this?

I am pretty good at finding information on the internet and I have the time to do it.

Do YOU want to discuss it?
What do you want to talk about?

Contact me here ! Tell me what concerns YOU.  I can certainly help you look for solutions.  

We can take value from our Waste
and the Climate Cleans Up!

for example:
The companies that are producing CO2
on the surface of planet Earth
should stop “producing” it and insteadcapture” it from the atmosphere, 
to supply to their customers that use CO2!

In the last few years, there have been “shortages” of CO2 in industry, which is rather ridiculous under the present circumstances.
Waste And Eco Worries We can Fix

You could Take a look….

CHECK YOUR INTEREST – Look at the TAG list from this blog and if you don’t find what you are looking for ask me to look for it!

(look at the bottom of each post. There are lots of links to more information…)

Waste And Eco Worries we can Fix

The pandemic is over, but the Climate Crisis is not….let’s talk. …….I’d be thrilled to assist you, too in finding Waste And Eco Worries We can Fix:

Hi, Thx a lot for your information. I will try go contact indonesia. Thank you so much. Regards,

15 November, 2019 – Katerine Teoh, Malaysia

Dear Lesley, Thank you for the Launch link. They seem nice, wrote them a letter. Will inform you. Have a good day

13 December, 2019 – Attila Keresztessy, Budapest, Hungary

hi! Thank you for your fast reply and the info!  Love your dedication to your site and the blog 🙂 Cheers  

8 January, 2020 – Lorien Duch, Belgium

Dear Ms Woodfin, Thank you so much for your email and yes you have stated my surname correctly! I appreciate your taking the time out to do this and to understand my requirements in greater detail.  Have a nice day! Regards,

20 March, 2020 – Balaji Rajagopalan, India

Super helpful thanks Lesley and no I didn’t see that NZ reference Best Regards,

16 December, 2020 – Patrick Bryson, australia | uk | usa

Hi there, Thanks for the quick response. We also thought it would be very contradictory to their mission and vision for them to cancel out the whole mycelium market because they patented the process. If you come across any more information, feel free to reach out. We’ll be in touch! Warm regards!

Apr 30, 2022 – Kobe Wastiels, Belgium

Waste And Eco Worries we can Fix

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This blog was set up to encourage and help small businesses, and really FOR EVERYONE. BECAUSE WE ALL HAVE WASTE and we need to learn to value it and use it. The posts that I have published so far, may give light to some of the new opportunities in closed-loop thinking for all of us. “Waste” and how it relates to the whole question of climate change and resource reclamation is IT. We can take value from our Waste and the Climate Cleans Up!

I am retired. This is my next career. I have the time, interest, energy, technical network and background to help look for the kinds of information you might need to get started on your journey. OR you have come up against a snag/problem you need to solve. All you have to do is ask me. The best that can happen is that you will get answers that help you move forward.

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  • 3. I run a pawn shop in my town and I get all these appliances that could use a little re-manufacturing. Do you know where I could get the information to set up a re-manufacturing operation?
  • 4. I have an idea for …….  I would like to find organizations that may be interested in helping me with a project like mine; advice, support and funding?
  • 5. Mycelium/Mushrooms – what would be a good business from mushrooms in my city/country?
  • 6. Do you know how I can contact the people who are collecting the plastic in the Ocean Cleanup?
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After almost 50 years of concern and dealing* with different aspects of these environmental issues, my 20 years of searching the internet and 15 years of working for an industrial B2B multinational company deeply involved with industrial production, I think I can at least try. My last boss had me do this kind of work all the time. I am retired and this is what I want to do with my time!

faq???… How did you get involved in all of this WASTE stuff?

It all started in the 70’s, when my husband started reading the Whole Earth Catalog. Do you know that it was President R. Nixon who set up the EPA in the USA in 1970?

* About 45 years ago in the small outer-NY state town that I lived in, I and my friends set up something called the “Junk Exchange”.  Back then there was no internet, no computers. We decided to invite people to one place and set up something that looked like the Stock Exchange.  If you listed one thing that you wanted to give away….you could look over the other items listed and arrange to contact the owner of anything that was listed on the Junk Exchange.  No monetary value was given to anything. Our intent was to find new homes for things people would have thrown in the landfill / Garbage Dump. Those of us that put the concept together were very impressed and grateful to see that over 100 people showed up at our first event.

faq???… More about me?

The WASTERUSH – like the GoldRush, but Bigger.
A world where all WASTE has VALUE, even the very very most rubbish of the rubbish. We already have many of the technologies, ideas to make BUSINESS with WASTE.
me-Hi there! I am an ordinary citizen of planet Earth. 
me-I am retired, here on my next career. This website is my effort to help get planet Earth working “well” again “cool” again.
me-I live in Israel, but just an ordinary citizen….only fanatic about planet Earth.  I live in a municipally connected Arab and Jewish town. 2 towns made into 1.  It is very quiet and mostly peaceful here in northern Israel. Believe it or not. Feel free to ask about it. [email protected]
My blog-.https://wasterush.info/ is a not-at-all-for-profit, only information and offering assistance to find information. The “Value of WASTE” is my main focus.

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