Waste is Wealth! Trash is Cash! Muck is Money!

Small Business Owner!
Is it difficult for you to discover how you can get on-board the Circular Economy?

A clear picture of how important “waste” is, is a good place to start.

2019, was a buyers’ market in waste management and recycling. It is easy to understand why this article by Mr. Henry Grabar, is entitled:

Recycling Isn’t About the Planet. It’s About Profit.

I have pulled some items from the article to give you a taste. But if you have the time, go to Slate Magazine online and read the whole article.

Mr. Grabar’s story is about the USA, but, of course, the whole world is involved. Waste supply chains are going to become much more important to the things we produce and use – the circular part from a business point of view: Technical Supply Chain Loops

“Back in 2011, if you wanted to recycle a plastic Coke bottle, it was a great time to do it. That spring, every plastic soda bottle was worth about x8 what it was just 2½ years earlier, and x4 what it would be five years later.
Your 2011-era empty Coke bottle was not only worth a lot because of high oil prices—it was worth a lot because Pakistan had suffered devastating monsoons in the summer of 2010. Flooding in the Indus River was one of the events that sent cotton, in April 2011, to its highest price since records began in 1870. Jeans were going to be more expensive, Levi’s announced. And so, it turned out, was recycled PET plastic, because polyester fibers made from used plastic bottles were a cost-effective replacement for cotton. Cotton was up; plastic was up; recycled PET prices went up. The scramble was on for old bottles. Which you, American reader, the world’s leading consumer of soda and bottled water, have plenty of.”

“Is American recycling still functioning after all the exports to China, etc. dried up? ““Functioning may be a little optimistic,”” says Analiese Smith, who runs the recycling program in Waukesha County outside Milwaukee. ““But we’re keeping the lights on.””

“Let’s get one thing out of the way: Recycling isn’t going anywhere. It’s an ancient practice. (200 years ago, the Chinese still had a thriving market in human manure.) It is motivated by profit. It’s also much bigger than your bottles. There are grease buyers and ship strippers and copper wire thieves. The single greatest recycled material in the United States, by weight, is ferrous scrap—primarily iron and steel from old cars. No one exports more ferrous scrap than the US. (The three biggest buyers are Turkey, Mexico, and Taiwan.)”

“For a while, making “pure” bales/shipments did not seem necessary in the US. Beginning in the late ’90s, U.S. waste haulers DECIDED, to go back to the old ways and called this old idea “single-stream recycling”. (everything all mixed together) Contamination rates rose. Did single-stream recycling produce a lower-quality good? Indisputably!! There’s a reason it is NOT practiced anywhere else in the world” or is it? It is one of the reasons that China got out of the game.

“The American domestic recycling industry has a few choices to make, while we wait for prices to recover. Cities can quit single-stream recycling and make residents sort things themselves, again. That’s what Brookhaven, Long Island, did and switched back to “multi-stream” in November. This is after its trash collector broke a contract because it couldn’t sell what it was picking up. “There is no market for single-stream. Just no market,” the town supervisor told Newsday.”

“Ecomelida, a Chinese recycler, is opening a plastics and paper recycling facility in the state of South Carolina. The plant will turn empty bottles into pellets that will be shipped, of all places, to China, where they’ll be used to make coat hangers and fake plants … which might, eventually, get sold back to you.”

Think of that carbon footprint!

Take a look !!!!!

As I wait to get your questions and requests, I have investigated a few things:

  1. The PANDEMIC has been a Horrific Disruptive – Economic Opportunity!
  2. RECOVERY JOBS! Everyone is talking about it. A Green Recovery – Look for – Green Recovery – Jobs & Money – Where? ….. I am going through all my posts to check for Green Jobs & Money toward the recovery. …. Already 4 posts showing vacancies!
  3. Ocean Cleanup is looking for Operators: This is jobs & businesses – NOW. Local partners to operate the Interceptors™ that will extract the waste from rivers and bring it to land. The operators will work together with responsible waste handlers to sort debris and recycle plastic. >>> Jamaica – Furthering along Ocean Cleanup’s efforts to tackle the world’s 1000 most polluting rivers, the Benioff Ocean Initiative has awarded The Ocean Cleanup $1 million (USD) to deploy an Interceptor in Kingston Harbour, Jamaica in a multi-year project. look here: https://wasterush.info/cleanup-4/
  4. Streamline Eco-Ethical action for the Consumer: Businesses can help accelerate the consumer Vote/Buy for our planet the strategy and APPs to help the consumer Vote/Buy!
  5. CO2 Capture: How possible is it?
  6. Too Much Methane!, but if we could control it, the Waste to Energy technology is already in place! …. a number of posts!
  7. Every Print Shop Can “Go ECO”! NOW! – The First industry to achieve total Circular! Ink, Paper, Packaging, Textile, Plastic, Equipment all Circular!
  8. Mycelium in Industry: the roots of mushrooms; how important they are
  9. The Path to Cradle to Cradle Certified™ – The Best customer assurance!
  10. Water-Sanitation-Toilets: very serious consequences to our planet Lots to do!
  11. Circular Economy issues when Financing a small business
  12. Africa: Please Stay Harmonised with planet Earth
  13. for Hire: listings of people who want to help
  14. Ask WasteRush; Answers to your requests and questions
  15. Tools and Guidance: Online tools, Do-it-Yourself Tools, EMF training and learning platforms
  16. Carbon Footprints: What are they and how do we deal with them

(look at the bottom of each post. there are lots of links to more information…)

This video is 49:08 minutes, already 12 years old.  But it gives you the background of the men who know how to discover the laws that govern planet Earth, learn to use them and live synergistically within them. Take a look at, at least, the first 14 minutes.

49:08 minutes… If you really really want to get into this closed-loop idea, take at least 14:00 minutes of your time to watch the start of this video……!

So, what could you do?
Are you a shoe store that could collect used shoes and find a company that is collecting them to recycle, if not up-cycle the materials?

Nike has been doing it for 26+ years……….

In 1993, employee Steve Potter started shredding old Nikes and turning them into reusable materials. From this vision Reuse-A-Shoe was born; a sneaker recycling program that collects end of life footwear from consumers and transforms them into Nike Grind, a suite of high-performance materials made from recycled footwear and manufacturing scrap.

and if you have questions about how you and the Circular Economy are going to work together, Feel free to Contact meTell me what I can search for YOU.   Lesley

What I want to do here

Are you suffering from some kind of “eco-anxiety“?

“We told them to study HISTORY. Then we se their future on FIRE.”

Having a hard time deciding if you can do something to reverse climate change?
Did you join your teenage kids at a climate protest – recently?

“the greatest
Threat to our
planet is the belief
that someone else
will save it.”

I want to help, if I can….

Instead of suffering from eco-anxiety, I am searching out the stuff that is working to fix it!
There is a lot!

Re-defining Value – The Manufacturing Re-volution. Re-manufacturing,
Re-furbishment, Re-pair and Direct Re-use in the Circular Economy

This UN report, says the adoption of “value-retention processes” could slow down our digging up new raw material by 80-99% and cut greenhouse gas emissions by 79 to 99%.

“We are using the planet’s resources at a faster rate than the planet can replenish them. ” Erik Solheim, Head of UN Environment said. “The report shows us how we can maintain economic growth and preserve our environment by
changing our habits at the industrial level.”

Muck re-clamation, Waste Separation, Trash Trade, Emissions Capture……all have value…….someone needs what you don’t want – “value-retention process” – it will keep the economy moving and reduce the amount of new material we dig up.

And it works that way! It is working that way! The Circular Economy works. It is a Waste Rush and a Waste Re-think! The Big Boys have started!

waste to resources

Do you “take care” of any waste at the end of your production line?

DON’T DUMP your waste! 
Say NO to Linear: Take, Make, Waste

SELL your waste !!  
>>Go Circular – close-the-loop:  Harvest, Make, Harvest again

We need to start planning the “value-retention process” into the life-cycle of everything we use, our products, our production systems, and our business plans. Even the financial guys want this.

Charlie Chaplin in “The Gold Rush”

This is difficult, may cause disruption, mind boggling for many and requires a

It’s really very exciting!
A positive eye opener, when you see your own way forward!

No matter how small the issue or how large, I would be happy to try and help you find what you need or need to know…..so you can feel that you have joined the Circular Economy.
Feel Free to contact me! Let us learn together!

We are not going to be able to operate our Spaceship Earth successfully nor for much longer unless we see it as a whole spaceship and our fate as common. It has to be everybody or nobody.

R. Buckminster Fuller

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faq??? What the heck is this blog about?

This blog was set up to encourage and help small and medium size businesses join the Circular Economy, the “waste rush”.  The posts that I have published so far, may give light to some of the new opportunities in closed-loop industrial and commercial thinking. “Waste” and how it relates to the whole question of climate change and resource reclamation.

I am retired. This is my next career. I have the time, interest, energy, technical network and background to help look for the kinds of information you might need to get startedor you have come up against a snag/problem you need to solve. All you have to do is ask me. The best that can happen is that you will get answers to serious questions.

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The content of my blog is “open Resource”,  open – to encourage – to collaborate. If I can solve small but real problems for you….why not ask me.

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faq??? If you want us to ask questions, what kind of questions can I ask?

Almost anything. Ask something like:

1. I don’t have time to put my “industry under the microscope to see what changes are creeping in”. Could you look for me?

2. Give me an example in my industry of “Don’t Dump, Sell my (name a waste).

3. I have a pawn shop in my town and I get all these appliances that could use a little re-manufacturing. If I set up a re-manufacturing operation for used appliances. Do you know where I could get the information to set up such an operation?

4. I have an idea for …….  I have tried it and it works well.  Then I tried it with 10 different families and fixed some of the bugs.  I would like to find organizations that may be interested in helping me with a project like mine; advice, support and funding?

5. Mycelium/Mushrooms – a good business from mushrooms in my city/country?

6. Do you know how I can contact the people who are collecting the plastic in the Ocean Cleanup?

>>>or, ask questions about:
*What’s the biggest Environmental problem you want to solve? *What’s the biggest Circular Economy challenge you are trying to overcome, right now?

faq??? If I ask a question, is my request confidential?

YES! COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL! I have no intention of broadcasting you information. If I find someone who can help you, it will be your responsibility to make contact with that person.

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I have lots of experience searching the web and I have my technical network of experienced persons in engineering, etc. with whom to search.
After almost 50 years of concern and dealing* with different aspects of these environmental issues, my 20 years of searching the internet and 15 years of working for an industrial B2B multinational company deeply involved with industrial production, I think I can at least try. My last boss had me do this kind of work all the time. I am retired and this is what I want to do as my next career!

It all started in the 70’s, when my husband started reading the Whole Earth Catalog. Do you know that it was President R. Nixon who set up the EPA in the USA in 1970?

Whole Earth Catalog - full of faq

* About 45 years ago in the small outer-NY state town that I lived in, I set up something called the “Junk Exchange”.  Back then there was no internet, no computers. We decided to invite people to one place and set up something that looked like the Stock Exchange.  If you listed one thing that you wanted to give away….you could look over the other items listed and arrange to contact the owner of anything that was listed on the Junk Exchange.  No monetary value was given to anything. Our intent was to find new homes for things people would have thrown in the landfill. Those of us that put the concept together were very impressed and grateful to see that over 100 people showed up at our first event.

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